Why Do People Want To Be Beautiful?

want to be beautiful

Why do people want to be beautiful?

The desire to be beautiful continues to be a strong driving force in the world today. Throughout history, it is clear that beauty has always been important. The art of all ages celebrates that “ideal beauty”.

What does “being beautiful” mean?

want to be beautifulThe definition of “beautiful” has continuously shifted between cultures and eras.

In the past, beauty was considered to be culturally determined. Different people with unlike life experiences and cultures acquired different standards of beauty.

However, in recent years, researchers have challenged this assumption.

First, they noted that people, regardless of their culture or region largely agree on the faces they consider beautiful and which ones are not. Secondly, preference, in terms of beauty emerges early in life even before cultural standards of what is deemed to be beautiful are assimilated. Therefore, from the perspective of science, beauty is rather a biological adaptation.

Indeed, beauty is a very individually viewed perspective, each person find certain features more attractive than others. However, everyone agrees that a healthy look – symmetrical proportions, clear skin, shining eyes, nice smile with good teeth, healthy hair and nails, is generally considered pleasant and beautiful.

Why do we care about our look?

For as long as we have lived, we have always believed that the easiest and most effective way to gain immediate approval is by being beautiful. And since humans, regardless of gender, are naturally visual creatures, this comes as no surprise. Unlike other animals that mostly identify their counterparts by their smell, people see others first.

why-do-we-want-to-be-beautiful-StyliIn fact, researches show that the brain takes only 30 seconds to form a judgment of someone they just met. It calculates someone’s value in terms of social standing, age and how approachable they look.

It is the first criteria people use when selecting a mate, which as it turns out, is the highest concern for most people.

Socially, how you look matters a great deal too. In fact, the urge to fit in is a trait that spreads across all walks of life. Being socially accepted is important for any animal to reproduce. Humans, although civilized carry this same desire stemmed deep in their animal instinct.

Appearance is arguably one of the most important parts of making a first impression. And as we all know, first impression can virtually make or break any relationship, be it professional or romantic.

How you look is sometimes critical to your success and happiness. Caring about how you look enables you to realize a new comfortable level of success and self-sufficiency.

The visual impact you have is a part of your brand and what other people perceive you to be. Sometimes, even how you dress, for example, may represent who you are.

People want to be beautiful because of the power it gives them. The more attractive you are, the more powerful you are. Beautiful people tend to create a sense of pleasure. They are judged more positively than less attractive people; as well as attributed to a whole range of positive qualities.

What does being beautiful gives us in life?


First of all, when you look good, you feel good.

Another reason why everyone wants to look beautiful because the world tends to reward beauty. It is a known fact that those who are fortunate to be born beautiful have the edge over others in their public dealings.

Also, people tend to help attractive people who are in need, give them a job and generally the benefit of the doubt compared to less attractive people.

For example, if approached by someone on the street asking you for a favor with missing teeth, a scuffed face, and who smells, would you be as likely to hold a conversation with them as you would with a beautiful man or woman?

The advantages of being beautiful are a cross-culture phenomenon.

Here are some of the benefits of being beautiful: 

It is easier for beautiful people to find mates. People across the world seek beautiful partners as mates as it signals good health, youth, and reproductive fitness. Beautiful people are viewed as being healthier compared to someone who is considered “not beautiful”.

Beautiful people are perceived more intelligent. According to researchers from the University of New Mexico, intelligence is positively linked to beauty.

being beautiful helps at workBeautiful people are persuasive. They can use their good looks to command attention and get ahead, especially in a job interview or when asking for a promotion. They develop some key personal qualities like intelligence or strong social skills, making them more active and effective communicators. When compared to less attractive speakers, attractive speakers are more fluent in how they talk.

• Beautiful people are likely to drive in higher sales. The study of more than 300 Dutch advertising agencies noted that firms with good-looking executives had higher revenues. Companies with more attractive workers have the competitive advantage when it comes to client interactions resulting in higher overall productivity and sales.

why-do-we-want-to-be-beautiful-Styli-01• Beautiful people are perceived as more likable and trustworthy. Typically, beautiful people are treated better by others. A study from Harvard University showed that wearing makeup helps to boost a woman’s attractiveness, and in return, boos people’s perception of the subject’s competence, attractiveness, trustworthiness, and likability.


Why do people want to be beautiful? The answer may vary from individual to individual across the world regarding why it is they want to be beautiful.

One of the major theories is that people want to look beautiful to fit in. Although a general statement on the surface, everyone has their idea of “beauty.” Different social groups have different styles, motivations, and fashion when it comes to fitting in.

want to be beautifulTo sum up, this strong inner desire to be beautiful roots back to our need to reproduce as a species and convincing our mates that we are the best choice for them. The other reason is the willingness to fit into society the individual wants to belong to.

We want to be beautiful, not only because it will help us attract extra attention, but also because it puts us on an easier path of life.

Take the time to groom your physical appearance; it will go a long way in making you feel good and more confident about yourself. 


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