Sunscreen mistakes

Sunscreen mistakes most people make

It may seem like you are following all the rules while tanning on the sun, using sunscreen creams and sprays. However, you still may get a sunburn. If this happens, you most likely have chosen the wrong sun protection option or you might be using it incorrectly.

There are several tips from experts, that tell us how to choose and use sunscreens correctly, so the tan would be perfectly even and skin would stay healthy and young.

Sunscreen mistake #1: CHOOSING a WRONG SUNSCREEN

When you choose a sunscreen, it is very important to know your phototype. There are four groups of sunscreens designed for different phototypes: basic / low (SPF 6–10), medium (SPF 15–25), high (SPF 30–50), and very high (SPF 50+).

What level of protection does your skin need? In fact, everything is simple: brunettes with dark skin suit basic protection products, brown-haired women with olive skin require medium levels of protection, and girls of the “Scandinavian” type (blondes and red-haired) – high and very high.

Sunscreen mistake #2: NOT USING SPF WHILE IN SHADE

This is probably the most common misconception of sunbathers, which leads to the most terrible sunburn.

Especially if you are sitting under umbrella under intense sun rays. No umbrella or shade from the trees will fully protect you from the sun rays. So you still need SPF cream when you are sitting in the shade.


All beauty products have a shelf life, and sunscreens are not exception. If the product has expired or stored incorrectly, SPF won’t work. In fact, the SPF creams and sprays you started using last summer may not work this season. You have to check the expiration dates first. Also, like most cosmetic products, sunscreens do not like high temperatures and direct sunlight. Whereas, usually we take our SPF products with us to the beach, where they may be exposed to heat and go bad quicker.

Sunscreen mistake #4: GOING for THE CHEAPEST

Trying to buy just the cheapest sun protector out there is one of the common mistakes people make. Of course, you do not have to spend a fortune for your cosmetics. However, there is usually a reason shy the price of a product adds up. Some of the cheapest versions of sunscreen products may sacrifice the quality for the affordability.

However, even the most expensive sunscreen will not save you from a sunburn if you use it incorrectly.

To protect the skin, put a thick layer of cream or spray and do not forget to reapply it every two hours. You will be surprised, but if you use it properly, you will finish you standard sunscreen package in 2–3 days. Not very economical, but what can you do?!

Sunscreen mistake #5: SUNBATHING in WATER WITHOUT SPFSunscreen mistakes

It doesn’t matter what phototype you have, if you prefer to sunbathe on the water (for example, swimming on a mattress) or standing in water.

Many people do not apply sunscreen if their body is fully in water. However, this is one of the big sunscreen mistakes.

When you are sunbathing in water, be sure that you use products with a high degree of protection, because due to the reflective properties of water the skin burns much faster. Give preference to waterproof products, but still reapply them after each contact with water.


Sometimes people use a separate sunscreen for their face, and it is good. However, they put the cream on the nose, cheeks, forehead and completely forget about their ears, lips and area around the eyes, for example. But these “small” areas sunburn much faster than legs or hands!

Thus, put sunscreen to all open parts of the body. And one more thing: DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR HAIR. So hair spray with SPF is a must have in your vacation cosmetic bag.

While getting ready for the beach season, do not forget about your health and especially pay more attention to your skin and hair. Choose the right sunscreens, try not to do the sunscreen mistakes listed above, and you will get healthy-looking beautiful tan!

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