Where is Money Gone?! Quick Tips on Controlling Your Expenses

Tips on controlling your expenses

Tips on controlling your expenses and start saving money

Like any other behavior, those associated with your finances are valid. Begin with a positive attitude centered on money. Your attitude is shaped by those who raised you after which it is further influenced by your peers and those that meet your admiration.

No one aspires to survive from hand to mouth neither do they want to bury themselves under consumer debt. Some of the behaviors learned during your upbringing and exposure can contribute to such challenging lifestyles.

You must understand how the choices you make directly affect your financial situation. The effect of your choices will either benefit you or your family or detract you from your aspirations towards financial growth.

Here are some of the behaviors that make us spend money without real purpose and which we need to avoid to control our expenses better. 

Elevating your lifestyle with an increase in earnings

Lifestyle inflation is what helps people earn six-figure salaries that affect their paychecks. This forces them to spend exactly what is earned. Human wants are insatiable, meaning an increase in income, people naturally tend to spend more to reflect their new income bracket. 

Tips on controlling your expenses

Despite such societal expectations, it would be financially prudent to budget for a one-time spending treat after which you continue living as if no major change occurred. That way the extra funds will go into paying off debts, boosting your retirement savings, or adding onto your savings account balance.

Upgrading to a new handbag feels great, but there is no better feeling than having sound long-term financial stability.

Spending money you do not have

It’s no surprise that many people bogged with financial problems keep burying themselves into debt by spending money they do not have. This careless attitude is a major impediment to having sound finances given it is hard to shake off when used to it. It is hard for most people to admit that they are in a financial hole, however, doing so is the first step to pulling yourself out.

If you need guidance on how to rescue your drowning financial situation, seek the assistance of professionals. With the right credit counseling, consumers will be educated on the options that will see them get out of debt.

Stop depending on credit cards and stick to cash

Many studies have shown that people spend more when paying with a credit card than when using cash for purchases. Credit cards are designed for you to be able to pay for things easier. There are convenient to use and you do not have to actually “count” the money. However, if you overspend using credit cards, the interest, fees can make your life a nightmare.

Furthermore, self-made billionaire Mark Cuban said that many people fail to become rich, because they use credit cards. In his words, credit cards are the worst investment you can make, because of the interest rate you pay if you carry a balance. Having a credit card of course can help you to build your credit score, however, you should use it responsibly.

Also, control your emotional triggers.  In most cases, money spending habits are connected with the psychological and emotional triggers that drive us. Some people just buy things when they are upset, hoping that these things will make them “happier” temporarily. Others try to catch up with their peers and certain lifestyle. If you remove these triggers and the temptations, the inch to overspend diminishes.

Try to keep yourself in check and and improve your financial habits.

Falling into an unpredictable financial pattern

Just like diets, strict budgets lead to binge spending only sabotaging your financial goals. Those who engage in extreme frugality will find effective ways of paying their debt quickly.

To achieve this you must balance restricted spending by looking for free or cheap ways to entertain both you and your family. Doing so helps get past the challenging moments that you would have been spending money to entertain yourself. A good example would be forfeiting a few weekend beers to pay your student loan installment.

Assuming little does not count

Anyone who feels cash strapped by debt might assume minor expenses have no major bearing on their overall financial problems. In reality, this is never the case. A survey done by the Northwestern Mutual 2017 Planning and Progress Study, points out that 25 percent of consumers nationwide came out as frivolous spenders.

Purchasing fast foods and other items from dollar stores have an innocuous effect. Most of these items add up with time. If your debt hinders you from saving among your other lifestyle goals, you will have to seriously consider paying it off. This might require making sacrifices while doing away with unnecessary expenses.

Track your expenses. Small purchases can add up, therefore, tracking your expenses may help is one of the best tips on controlling your expenses. It is the key to budgeting success. Once you know where your money is going, you are in a better position to make better buying decisions. This includes recognizing areas where you can cut back in.

Also, when you go to the grocery store or the mall, for example, it is better if you only carry the amount of money you may need for the items you planned to buy. If you are not sure about buying something with a card, you do not have to bring it. This way, you will avoid the temptation to buy anything spontaneously.

Hanging onto unaffordable expenses

Saving moneyAnother hindrance to sound financial growth is the failure to recognize large expenses that are necessary for eliminating large expenses.

This might involve trading a brand new car for a less flashy option that cuts down on your insurance and car payments. It may also require downsizing your home or moving away to a city that is more affordable.

Making future assumptions

Another point on the list of tips on controlling your expenses is to be careful making future assumptions.

Many assume that they will make more money in the future as they age and gain experience. Unfortunately, this is nothing more but an assumption that is not guaranteed either cast in stone.

Delaying saving or investing as you wait for a certain income bracket is a poor choice of strategy. What remains important to your future is how you will end up earning your money in a smart way. Responsible spending and saving habits can help you throughout your life, regardless of your income or age.

Allowing fear to dictate your finances

Effective financial management can be very intimidating when you are unsure how things will work out in the future. Avoiding your financial reality is never a good way to run your life. Unless you get it under control, money will control you.

Tips on controlling your expenses. Final thoughts 

Tips on controlling your expenses

One of the best tips on controlling your expenses is learning more about money.

Financial education can help you make sound choices that increase your path to financial stability.

There are several places today that one receive insightful tips to better control money. Many of online budgeting courses can provide you with the skills and tools you need to take control of your money both practically and emotionally. The ultimate aim is to achieve financial independence.

There are some books that can help you to get financial independence and a rich free life. For example: The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins. Or The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast and Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams by Jen Smith. Great reads!

Well, it certainly takes time and commitment to reform your spending habits and stop overspending eventually. Nobody can completely change their habits overnight. However, once you start budgeting wisely and avoid overspending, your life will definitely become more pleasant.

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