Why Do We Need to Protect and Save Trees?

protect and save trees

Why do we need to protect and save trees?

The purpose of this article is to outline the necessity to save trees and the benefits we have because of the trees. It is believed that after going through the importance and benefits of having trees around, you will be motivated to save trees. So, without further ado, here are some of the benefits of trees in the environment.

Benefits of Having Trees Around

Source of Oxygen

You already know that without oxygen, no human being will be alive. Trees and other plants are the main supply of oxygen in the environment. They take in CO2 and give out the oxygen that humans breathe in.

For instance, an acre of mature trees can supply enough oxygen for about 18 people. Reduction in the number of trees around means a reduction in the amount of oxygen in supply. That is pretty straightforward.

Contribute to Making the Air Clean

You must have observed that any environment that is filled with numerous trees is always filled with clean air. It is because trees absorb toxic gases and all nasty odors, leaving the atmosphere with clean air.

Trees absorb gases like ozone, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxides. Remember that these poisonous gases have adverse effects on human health. So, trees help to keep people around healthy.

Absorb Carbon Dioxide CO2

CO2 is one of the most toxic gases around and its presence is inevitable because of all the gas-powered engines everywhere. In this regard, trees help a lot by absorbing the gas to give out oxygen.

Cool the Atmosphere and Save Water

No matter how hot the weather is, it is always cool in the woods because of the presence of numerous trees. Homes that have many trees around them are also very cool. This is because trees help to cool the surrounding by shielding it from direct rays from the sun.

This is exactly how trees cool homes and reduce their energy consumption during summer. In short, trees also boost energy efficiency in homes. As they shield the surrounding from sun rays, they also hinder or reduce the evaporation concomitant to sun rays. So, lawns and fields remain moist.

Provide Foods and Mark the Seasons

A lot of trees like the Mango tree provides fruits for humans, birds, and wildlife generally. Besides, some birds drink sap from trees.

Trees also mark the season. Whether it is winter, summer, spring, or fall, the condition of the trees around tells it all.

Provide Health Benefits

Extracts from the trunks and barks of a lot of trees are medicinal in nature. Some essential oils are actually gotten from the back of trees.

5 Ways You Can Protect and Save Trees 

As a matter of fact, the benefits of trees are infinite but the few outlined above should give enough reason to help save trees. Having gone through the importance of trees, here are 5 ways you can save nature by protecting trees.

1. Educate Children to Avoid Felling Trees

educate children about importance of trees

The biggest reason for the high rate of tree felling is that the younger generations were not sensitized enough to the importance of trees when they were children.

So, you need to reverse the trend by sensitizing kids around to the importance of trees and why they should abstain from tree felling.

Since children are highly impressionable, the values and virtue you inculcate in them today will grow with them.

2. Engage in Tree Planting

engage children in tree planting

Making tree planting a habit and encouraging your kids to do the same may be one of great ways to protect and save trees. It is rather unfortunate that tree felling cannot be eliminated completely but it can be reduced.

You may not be able to do much to discourage tree felling but you can plant trees that may act as replacement for the felled ones.


3. Reduce Paper Consumption in Your Company

you can save trees - Reduce paper consumption in your company
Photo by Bignai

A lot of companies are going paperless to save cost and save the environment. You should follow suit by automating your business processes. Paper is one of the biggest reasons trees are felled often. When the demand for papers reduce tremendously, suppliers of papers will not be too eager to manufacture more and less trees will be felled. It all starts with you.

4. Use Tree Guards

make tree guard to protect young trunks
Photo by rck_953

Unfortunately, some trees get destroyed by animals before they become strong. This is why you can protect the trunks of immature trees with the use of tree guards so that they can all grow into big trees and provide the benefits that other trees provide.

5. Join Organizations That Protect Trees

There are several organizations that discourage tree felling. Some of these organizations are Green America and Trees for the Future. You can join them and be an active member to promote their causes. This is because you may not be able to do much in protecting trees single-handedly.

organizations that protect trees
Photo by Geralt

While there may be other ways to protect and save trees in your community, the few ones outlined above will yield great results if well applied. If we make those little things everyday, we do make a difference in the world ❤️

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