How to Rest Properly

how to rest properly

How to rest properly

People oftentimes overlook the need to rest because they have a “too big workload” throughout the day. However, when we are tired, the decision making process of our brain becomes slow. As a result, our productivity may decrease, which in turn could cause health problems due to fatigue.

Without proper rest, the mind is unable to concentrate, focus, and make sane decisions. You need to have the capacity to pay attention and have enough energy to carry on with your day to day activities. You can achieve that by having enough rest.

Thus, it is essential to take a proper rest on a regular basis to boost performance. In this article we will look through simple, yet effective ways to rest properly.

How to Rest Properly – Exercising

For as much as it may sound counter-intuitive, exercising makes you relax as it boosts mental health and ability to sleep. Exercising is beneficial to the individuals struggling with insomnia. Going for a walk or jogging is enough to make your mind relax.

Moreover, both walking and jogging improve blood circulation, trigger more oxygen into the brain, and lower the stress hormone. You do not have to dedicate a specific time for walking, since you can make it a part of your daily routine. For example, you may walk home from work or walk to the grocery store and back. You can also stroll at your work whenever you do not have to sit.

However, you should avoid heavy exercise like weight lifting after a long and busy day. Because, high energy consuming exercises may lead to more exhaustion hence causing insomnia. Additionally, exercising within six hours of going to bed may interfere with your sleep.


Adopt a Bedtime Routine

It is essential to come up with a bedtime routine and stick to it. Make a habit of doing relaxation techniques like meditating or reading a book before going to bed.

Meditating helps you to cope with mental issues. Regular practice of meditation eases anxiety, promotes physical and psychological healing and ensures relaxation that leads to proper rest.

If you are not a reader, you can listen to slow music as you do meditate and do breathing exercise to limit the activity of the mind and avoid overthinking.

Avoid smoking, taking caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, and eating heavy meals in the evening as it may cause insomnia.

how to rest properly

How to Rest Properly – Sleeping

Good sleep has many benefits for our health. Thus, it is essential to set a specific sleeping time every day. That way, the body will be conditioned to automatic retiring at that particular time without having to force it.

You should learn to listen and obey the signals your body sends when it needs rest. Lack of sleep increases emotional problems like depression, mood swings, loss of memory and difficulty in focusing on tasks. Because of insomnia, coping with regular schedules becomes overwhelming and unbearable. Consequently. you may need to take a power nap for about twenty minutes during your free time in the day.

Sleeping in and staying up late messes with your sleep cycle and may make feel tired and lazy throughout the day. Thus, it is important to have a good sleep every day. If you are having problems with sleeping, you should take a look at simple tips that help you fall asleep faster.

how to rest properly

How to Rest Properly – Freshen Up

Taking a bath by the end of the day is one of the keys to proper rest. It eases the muscles and relaxes the skin. A warm bath relieves anxiety, stimulates the production of melatonin. Additionally, it increases the temperature of the body, which helps you sleep better.

You can repay yourself after a long day by soaking in a warm bath with relaxing essential oils and sea salt for aromatherapy and body detoxification. Ice baths can make you feel physical rejuvenation, reduce inflammation. Moreover, you can recover from strains and injuries resulting from exercising, which make it part of athletic life.

Consider getting a quick massage after taking a bath whenever possible as it eases tension in the muscles.

how to rest properly


The primary goal of resting is to detach yourself from the business of the day. Hence, it is significant to make good use of your intermediate breaks to breathe deeply, relax the body and calm the mind.

Appreciate the ability of nature to affect your body and soul by listening to natural sounds like the wind, waters and chirping birds. You can also decorate your indoors with pictures of nature and plant trees and flowers in your yard.

Resting also gives you a chance to concentrate on yourself after a whole day of getting things done and worrying about the needs of others, therefore, take advantage of it and focus on what matters.

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