8 Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Today we have a great variety of products on the market shelves, but, unfortunately, we still can not combine them properly. As you know our body is a complex system, so in order to digest one group of products, it has to start several complex processes. However, some food combinations may disrupt well-coordinated work of stomach and it usually leads to gastritis and feeling of heaviness.

8 Food Combinations You Should Avoid: 

1. Meat and potato

“Potato is a vegetable, so we can combine it with animal protein.”-these thoughts usually come to people’s minds. However, it is not even close to reality. The reason is that in order to digest these products our body requires two different types of digestive enzymes. As a result, food is digesting slowly and you start feeling heaviness in your stomach.

2. Tomatoes and cucumbers

The ingredients of classic salad are actually completely incompatible. In fact, cucumbers belong to alkaline products and tomatoes to the sour one. Thus, when our stomach is trying to digest cucumbers it secrets the acid and tomatoes begin to ferment. That is why a large portion of favorite salad may lead to stomach bloating and other unpleasant consequences.

3. Coffee and alcohol

You had a great night out with you friends and after having a couple of drinks, you decided to run to the nearest coffee shop to wake yourself up? The truth is that it is not the best decision. As you know, alcohol intoxication persists in our body for several days, so caffeine just masks the effect of alcohol. For example, a cup of americano gives your body energy for 6 hours, but this entire time organism is dehydrated and it leads to sleep problems and heart diseases.

4. Burgers and beer

A standard “boyfriend” set is the most harmful combination of products. Fat cutlet and alcohol damages the liver. While our organism is trying to neutralize the effect of toxins, fats from the burger are stored in the body. Thus, you can feel heaviness and bloating afterwards.

5. Pineapple and yogurt

Combination of tropical fruit with yogurt may sound like a good idea for your breakfast at first. However, it is actually quite harmful for your health. The reason is that pineapple contains bromelain. It is enzyme mixture which is quite healthy, but if you combine it with dairy products it can cause intoxication.

6. Wine and dessert

You’ve decided to pumper yourself at the end of work week and buy a glass of wine with a tasty dessert. Unfortunately, such weakness will not be unnoticed by your body. Wine stimulates insulin production and accelerates sugar absorption; as a result, it leads to an increase of body fat.

7. Bacon and eggsFood Combinations You Should Avoid

This popular breakfast is containing two high protein sources. So, it takes a lot of time to digest it. As a result, you have bloating and heaviness in your stomach. To avoid this, eat your meals in courses- keeping light proteins first and meat later and never wait more than 10 minutes between each course.

8. Food and drinking water/juice

Actually, it is one of the unhealthiest food combinations. Water reduces the effectiveness of stomach acids by diluting it. So it is harder for our body to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is better to drink water 10 minutes before meal and it will keep you from overeating.

In conclusion, the combinations of above-mentioned products impact negatively on your digestion, so you can face stomachaches, bloating and feeling of heaviness. Due to this it is better to avoid eating these products together and find a new approach for cooking old  favorite dishes.

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