Styling Tips: Best Colors for My Skin Tone

Best colors for my skin

Best colors for my skin tone

There are so many options to pick from, nowadays, when it comes to choosing a right color to wear. However, the best colors for you are the ones that can compliment your natural skin tone, making you look more gorgeous.

Some colors can make you look fresh and youthful looking, and even bring out the best of your natural features. That is why we should look for colors that best flatter your skin tone.

determine undertone

Determine Your Skin Tone

The skin color maybe anywhere from very fair to deep dark.

Your skin tone is generally based on your genetic makeup. In short, our cells produce melanin to protect us from harmful UV rays. If you come from the region that has a lot of sun throughout the year, your body naturally produce more melanin. The more melanin in epidermis(the outer layer of skin) we have, the darker our skin looks.

Depending on how much time you spend in unprotected sun exposure, your skin tone may slightly change. However, your skin undertone never changes. Therefore it is important to know your undertone while choosing the right color of clothing or cosmetics.

Your skin undertone can be either cool, warm or neutral.

How to Determine your Skin Undertone

  1. Look at the veins on your wrist.

If your veins look blue or purple, that means that you have a cool skin tone. Whereas, if your veins appear green or a greenish blue, you have a warm skin tone. However, if it is difficult to say if your veins are green or blue, then you most likely have neutral skin tone.

2. Look at your jewelry. 

Yellow, rose gold jewelry usually looks better on warm skin tones, while silver, white gold and platinum flatters cool skin tones.

3. Look at your tan.

People with warm undertone tan faster and get darker in the sun. In contrast, people with cool undertone burn faster and later their skin peels off.

4. Matching fabric color test.

Take a cool colored piece of fabric, for example, a blue-red or violet shirt, and look at the mirror holding it next to your face. It is important that you have good natural light performing this test. If these cool colors brighten up your face and compliment it, that means you have cool skin undertone.

  • If, after trying all the four methods above, you are still not sure, you probably have a neutral skin undertone. And if you have neutral skin undertone, it is good, because you have far more options to choose from.

Predominantly, warmer colors like yellow, orange, red, etc., look better on people with warm skin undertone. Whereas, cooler cooler like blue, violet, green, etc., compliment cool skin undertones.

What colors are best for my skin tone?

Fair Skin

Best colors for my skinBest colors for fair skin 

If you have fair skin with cool undertone, than neutral and pastel colors, gray, or jewel tones will look good on you.

If you have fair skin with warm undertone, then try lavender, blush, soft yellow, ivory or mint green. These colors will complement you natural tone.

Worst colors for fair skin

If you have fair skin, especially very pale-looking fair skin, you should avoid using some colors in your wardrobe. These include colors that are too dark or too light. For instance, instead of plain white go for light camel or sand colors. And also, try to stay away from too bright or neon colors. Black can make your skin look even more lighter or pale sometimes.

Best Hair Colors for Fair Skin: blonde, gold, honey, red, light brown, and butterscotch.

Medium or Olive Skin

Best colors for my skinBest colors for medium or olive skin 

If you have medium or olive skin, than bright and deeper colors, and jewel tones will make your skin standout. Try to choose colors that are either darker or lighter than your natural skin tone to accentuate your skin.

For medium or olive skin with cool undertone, deep navy and royal blue work really well. Emerald green or amethyst colors will also compliment your skin.

If you have medium or olive skin with warm undertone, then bright reds, like cherry and rose, can really make your skin glow. Burgundy and softer reds with hints of brown will work as well.

Worst colors for medium or olive skin

Try to avoid colors that are the exact shade of your skin. Perhaps, it is wiser to avoid much of beige, pastel brown or caramel colors if you have medium or olive skin tone.

Best Hair Colors for Medium or Olive Skin: chocolate brown, dark brown, golden brown.

Dark Skin 

Best colors for dark skin 

Best colors for my skinThe best thing about darker skin tones is that they work well with a lot of colors.

Since the skin already has color, there is no danger of looking washed out. This is the reason why it is easier for a darker skinned person to play around with a wider range of colors.

For dark skin with cool undertone, best colors to wear are jewel tones, ruby, royal blue, yellow, white and blush. These colors add most charm to you.

If you have dark skin with warm undertone, then yellow, ruby, white, plum and jewel tones will make your skin look very nice.

People with deeper skin tone can also experiment with different variations of white color.

The truth is, you can play around with as many colors as you like when you have a darker complexion. However, make sure that the whole look is coordinated and well put together. The colors in your whole outfit should match and compliment each other.

Worst colors for dark skin

Try to avoid colors that are the exact shade of your skin. Some shades of brown, for example will look like they are bleeding into the skin.

Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin: jet black, dark brown, espresso are the best; or honey blond for people with warm undertone.

What colors go well with grey hair? 

good for gray hairStylists agree that a pewter gray, silver, mint green, navy, light and bright blue are the best choices for people with gray hair.

Naturally, gray hair has cool tone, that is why cool colors will work really well here. Rich green and purple look very nice with gray hair as well. And sapphire color looks exceptionally good with white or gray hair.


Colors matter a lot while choosing your clothing or make-up. You want to look your best, and choose the right colors which will compliment your natural self.

However, always remember, you are your own style icon, and only you pick the best colors that make you feel beautiful and confident. Take all the advice and style tips in this article, however, in the end, listen to yourself and go with what feels best for you.

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