9 Strange Weight Loss Methods

Strange weight loss methods 

Strange weight loss methods 

Did you know that not only sport and diets can help you to lose extra weight? Science has its own facts and methods that can help you too. This article will state you about how romantic dinners can influence the figure and what’s is the secret of Johnny Depp.

Strange weight loss method #1:  Use blue glasses. 

Strange weight loss methods - blue glassesScientists state that blue color reduces appetite: lighting, wallpaper, dishes or glasses like Johnny Depp’s- all this helps to fill up faster. A small clarification: this trick to reduce weight affects only the male body.

However, there is a way that helps reduce appetite for both men and women — choose plates that are close in color to your tablecloth. The researchers believe that the dishes, which merge with the table, disorient and cause people to fear that the food will fall outside the plate, so the portions become smaller.

Strange weight loss method #2:  Walk around fast food restaurants.

Strange weight loss methods - smell fast food

The study showed that the smell of food causes the desire to eat the dish, which is similar to it in taste and energy value. But this effect only works the first two minutes, and then the feeling of hunger is dulled and the body prefers more healthy food.
For example, researchers conducted an experiment, in which people were given a sniff of 2 types of products: cookies and strawberries, pizza and apples.
For the first 30 seconds, people preferred cookies and pizza, but those who were able to hold out longer than 2 minutes, no longer considered harmful food attractive and chose the second option.

Strange weight loss method #3: Eat like a French woman. 

French women have three secrets that help them stay slim:
wear a belt or tape on the waist (you can also wear it under clothing) before dinner. It will remind you about overeating;
wear tight clothes before dinner;
have dinner with a man. It turns out that the company affects the appetite, and women eat less in the presence of the opposite sex.
Unfortunately, this method does not work with men – they, on the contrary, are prone to overeating, when there is a beautiful lady nearby.

Strange weight loss method #4: Chew a gum. 

One of the studies found that chewing a gum after dinner reduces the desire to eat at night. You need to chew a gum for 45 minutes after dinner.

Strange weight loss method #5: Buy wrapped candy. 

Buy wrapped candy
It is hard to believe that sweets can help in reducing weight. However, scientists say: people eat up to 30% less sweets in individual packaging than without it.
Removing the wrapper requires effort, which reduces the desire to eat too much.

Strange weight loss methods #6:  Light a vanilla candle after a meal. 

Scientists advise people, who can’t miss the desert, to light a scented candle or inhale the aroma of the essential oil after each meal. The smell of vanilla controls the appetite and reduces the desire to eat something sweet.

Strange weight loss methods #7:  Watch horror or comedy show.

horror movies and comedies help lose weight
Scientists claim that regular viewing of culinary shows contributes to weight gain. While comedies and horrors, on the contrary, burn calories.
For example, 10 minutes of laughter can lose you up to 40 kcal. It can also improve the condition of the cardiovascular system.
What’s more, if you watch movies that scary you and make goosebumps on your skin, then you can lose up to 200 calories. Which is equivalent to 30 minutes of walking.

Strange weight loss methods #8: Make regular romantic dinners.

Dim lights, background jazz music and beautiful table setting – all these small pleasures benefit our figure. Studies confirm that such an environment make people get far fewer calories than usual.

Strange weight loss method #9:  Eat before sleep.

Strange weight loss methods 
The studies have showed that eating at night is possible and even necessary.
However, your night food should contain protein and should not be more 150 calories. This type of snack will improve your metabolism and won’t harm your body.

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