Why do women gain weight after 40?

women gain weight after 40

Why do women gain weight after 40?

You’ve probably already noticed that most people start gaining weight after their 40s. In fact, women face this problem more often than men. However, have you ever thought about why women gain weight after 40? We’re going to discuss this phenomenon here. Keep on reading to find out!

Why do women gain weight after 40? – Hormonal changes

As we age, our organism goes through hormonal changes. Indeed, after 40, the level of estrogen decreases. Thus, women’s organisms enter perimenopausal stage.

The organism preserves fat to keep the hormonal balance. Moreover, the level of estrogen decreases as well. So approximately from the age of 45 most women notice changes in their periods. Hormonal changes influence the weight of course. Thus, entering perimenopausal age plays rope in gaining weight.

Why do women gain weight after 40? – Less muscle mass

Surprisingly, muscle mass in our bodies lowers with time. This process is known as sarcopenia and it is almost unavoidable. When you are about 30, process of sarcopenia commences. Closer to 40, loss of muscle mass quickens. In fact, muscle mass is the one which burns huge amount of calories.

Accordingly, when the body loses muscle mass, it starts reserving fat instead. Consequently, you gain weight. Sometimes you might not notice any changes in your weight. Though, it’s noticeable in a long term perspective. Thus, it’s possible to gain in average 3 kilograms a years.

Why do women gain weight after 40? – Slow metabolism

women gain weight
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As we grow older, metabolism becomes slower. Thus, food is absorbed more slowly, the body begins to age. When metabolism is slow, you burn calories much slower, your body accumulates unwanted fat.

In addition, lack of physical activity is also crusial. It’s a well known rule: if you consume more calories than your body burns, then you gain weight. This rule has stronger negative effect after 40s.

Besides, many of us have poor eating habits. Instead of having small portion meals 5-6 times a day, we miss the mealtime. Because of endless rush, some do not start their day with breakfast. Instead of consuming more water and fruits, some of us have sandwiches and donuts at workplace.

What to do in order not to gain weight after 40?

Healthy eating

First of all, it’s necessary to change your eating habits. Do not have snacks.

Have a meal 5-6 times a day in small portions. The best way of determining the right portion for yourself is this method. Join your palms together to make a “bowl”. How much food will fit in this bowl of palms makes up your portion.

Why exactly this amount? Because the size of the bowl made up of your palms is the approximate size of your stomach. By measuring each portion like this you can avoid overeating.

Strength exercises

As we mentioned earlier, the muscle mass consumes the considerable part of calories. In order to slow down the process of sarcopenia, you need to start working on your muscles.

Thus, it’s never too late to perform special workout with weights. For the beginning, do such workout twice a week. Moreover, for better result consume foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates. (See: Importance of Protein- How to Start Eating More Protein Without Much Effort)


In order to get rid of belly and stop retaining fat, you need to speed up metabolism. Do you have sedentary lifestyle? Then introduce new habits. For example, instead of driving a car, have a walk or ride a cycle. Try to be more physically active while at work. (See: Best Exercises for Office Workers ). In addition, experts recommend to spend about 30 minutes for brisk walk 3-4 times a week in order to speed up metabolism.

Get enough sleep

Unsurprisingly, there are so many advantages of having enough sleep. Though, did you know that lack of sleep increases your appetite? Moreover, sleepy organism requires more sweet. While sleeping, you enable your body to repair and retain muscles. Besides, the process of aging decreases likewise. Therefore having enough sleep is also very important. 


The tips above will help you maintain a healthy weight no matter what age you are. These tips will also help you to lose excessive weight if you are 40 or older. Moreover, you will give the opportunity for your body to feel and look younger and better. Besides, you’ll help yourself to decrease the likelihood of such health issues as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

Do not forget that lifestyle has a noticeable impact on the way you look. Therefore, by changing your habits today, you improve yourself for tomorrow!

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