10 Effective Beauty Rituals from Around the World

Effective beauty rituals
Venetian painter -Lorenzo Lotto. Venus and Cupid, 1520s. (The Met, Gallery 638)

10 effective beauty rituals from around the world

Beauty has different meanings to people across the world. What they can all agree with, though, is that people want to remain beautiful forever.

Many people engage in the most outrageous regimen just to maintain, enhance or look more beautiful. Beauty does not last forever as time is the biggest enemy of beauty. For this reason, it must be cultivated by any means possible. Some level of beauty is inborn, but for other people who are not lucky in that, have to enhance themselves to look beautiful.

These are some of the effective beauty rituals performed around the world.

1) Snail Slime

effective beauty ritualsIn Korea, snail secretions are used as moisturizers. This treatment is so popular that other parts of the world are adopting it. The snail gel makes the skin soft and hydrates it.

Women go to the Spa to have this treatment done. The snails are left to crawl all around your face as they secrete the mucus. If you do not have time or opportunity to visit spa, you can also buy beauty products which contain snail slime.

2) Rice Water Lotion

effective beauty ritualsIn Japan, many people use rice water as a body and face lotion. Rice is the staple food here, so most homes have access to this rice water.

It softens and moisturizes the skin. Women here, use it regularly. They wet their faces with the water from the rice and then rinse it off with warm water. Leaving their skin feeling wonderful. Moreover, some people use rice water for hair treatments.

3) Geisha Facial

effective beauty ritualsGeisha Facial is very popular in Japan. This kind of facial mask is made from the feces of nightingales. The poo is collected and dried. Finally, it is applied on the face as a mask. Apparently, guanine in bird feces helps to improve skin complexion.

Furthermore, some people believe that if bird poops on you, it will bring you luck and money. These people may want to try this treatment for the double effect.

4) Fish Pedicure

effective beauty ritualsThe treatment is done in Turkey, Mexico and some other places. It includes putting your feet in a tank containing little fish.

This fish nibble on the dead skin on your feet leaving them soft and smooth. This pedicure has become so popular that other countries started doing it including salons in the US.

5) Kohl Eyeliner

effective beauty ritualsPracticed in Egypt, this eyeliner is black and thick. Both men and women used this eyeliner.

It helped to protect the eyes from the damage caused by the sun’s glare and it had antibacterial properties. Black eyeliner brings beauty by making the eyes pop, drawing attention to your beautiful eyes.

6) Neck Rings

effective beauty ritualsThis practice is debatable if it is truly a beauty ritual or not, but it is. Long necks are a measure of beauty in Burma.

Women start wearing brass rings around their necks from a tender age. As they grow older, they add more rings with each year. The rings alter the length of the neck by increasing it.

7) Mud Baths

Found in Napa Valley, these mud baths are made by combining ashy soil with warm water. The minerals in the water and the bubbling springs help to soften the skin and exfoliate it.effective beauty ritualsThere are many face and body mud masks in the market today. Especially famous one is the mud from the Dead Sea. According to some researches, it helps with eczema and psoriasis symptoms, and also, relieves minor muscle and joint pains.

8) Turmeric Pods

turmeric powderIn India, soon to be brides use turmeric powder as a routine beauty regimen before the big day. This powder makes the skin soft, radiant and full of life. It is also used as a treatment for women who have acne or those that just want to purify their skin.

Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. Therefore, it is no wonder that it has a positive impact on human body overall; and is widely used as a beauty treatment throughout the world.

9) Mineral Infused Pink Salt

pink salt seaWomen in Peru regularly bath with pink salt since it has rich minerals. It helps in exfoliating and has very rich vitamins that are good for the skin.

Regular baths with pink salt also help to get rid of the dead skin leaving the skin glowing.

10) Nilotica Shea Butter

shea butterRegular use of Shea butter by the Ugandan women leaves their skin moisturized, nourished and also silky smooth. Despite them being exposed to the sun and spending long hours in the sun, their skin remains in good condition.

These days many people all over the world use Shea butter regularly. It is the main ingredient in many beauty products nowadays.

Effective beauty rituals from around the world

effective beauty ritualsCertainly, the meaning of beauty can be quite elusive. Many regions, people and cultures have different meanings of beauty. Therefore, they engage in different rituals to enhance what they believe is true beauty.

What one country portrays as beauty is contrary to what other country views as beauty. However, some of these rituals can be practiced by anyone who wants to add more or maintain their beauty. The results can be instant or can take time, but it maybe certainly worthy to try.

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