Eyebrow Tinting – What You Need to Know About It

Eyebrow tinting, recommendations about tinting eyebrows
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It’s official – brows are the beauty focus of the day, and big, defined brows are this season’s must-have look. This is great for people with naturally full brows, of course, but for people with fine, fair, or otherwise thin brows it can be hard to know what to do. Eyebrow tinting is on the rise as a safe solution to all your eyebrow woes!

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

As the name suggests, eyebrow tinting is the process of colouring your eyebrow hair for greater definition and even the illusion of thickness while matching your hair colour.

Why You Should Consider Eyebrow Tinting

Of course, thick brows are in vogue right now but many people don’t explain why this is so. Thick, full brows provide a strong arch and frame the face well to give symmetry and structure that makes you look better even without makeup, for a start. Furthermore, thick, luscious brows make us appear more youthful in the same way that thick, shiny hair does. Finally, tinting your eyebrows to match your hair when you dye it increases the natural appearance of your new colour.

So, all in all, tinting your eyebrows gives you fuller-looking brows which frame your face, make you look younger, and give the appearance of natural beauty and symmetry.

These are good reasons to give it a try in our book.

What You Need to Know About Eyebrow Tinting Treatments

First and foremost, you should check what regulations are in place concerning such treatments where you live. For example, tinting eyebrows and eyelashes are not something salons in New York are allowed to do (though we’re sure one or two do).

Eyebrow Tinting Treatments, Eyebrow Tinting methods
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Secondly, remember that you will need to repeat this treatment every 3 to 6 weeks depending upon how quickly your hair grows.

Finally, do not pluck, wax, or thread your brows for a week before you tint them as this leaves pores open and increases the risk of infection or irritation to the skin.

Home Tinting. Is it Possible? Is it Safe?

Tinting is most often done in salons, especially when lightening the brow hairs, due to safety concerns. After all, when lightening the brows you are applying bleach to the hair (which is not recommended, to be honest). But for those looking to go darker, there are now many home tinting kits which claim to give salon results at home, and which, most importantly, claim to do so safely.

Of course, there are always risks. Some risks of brow tinting are:

– Irritation of the skin
– Infection
Bleach burns (if lightning)

In very extreme cases, getting tint in your eye could result in blindness so it’s very important that you employ good, safety centred practices. This means completing a patch test, using petroleum jelly to protect bare skin, do one eyebrow at a time, and use a clean mascara wand or spoolie for application (as well as observing development times carefully).

How to Tint at Home

eyebrow tinting at home, safety measures for eyebrow tinting
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If you’re set on tinting your eyebrows at home, we have some advice as to how you can do it safely and effectively.

1. Pick a good tinting kit! Check reviews and do your research to get the right colour for you from a reputable brand.

2. Clean your eyebrows with good micellar water to remove dirt, oil, and make-up then let them dry completely.

3. Brush your brow hairs with a clean mascara wand or spoolie to arrange them and get an idea of what the boundaries are.

4. Protect the skin around your brows with petroleum jelly or any other barrier cream to prevent the tinting gel from irritating your skin.

5. Read the instructions fully and carefully to ensure you mix and apply the formula properly.

6. Pro-tip: use a fine-edged make-up brush to shape your brows when applying the gel (once you have tinted your brows you can pluck any hairs which fall out with your desired shape).

7. Allow the mixture time to develop.

8. Clean the tinting gel from your brow with a cotton pad and water, or, if needed, a diluted solution of water and shampoo. Be careful to avoid getting any of the mixtures into your eyes.

Finally, remember, if you are doing each brow separately, to give both of your eyebrows the same amount of time to develop otherwise you will have mismatches shades (no-one wants that). Now go and get your dream brows – you deserve them!

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