Waxing or Sugaring: Choose Your Hair Removal Method

Waxing or sugaring hair removal

Waxing or sugaring hair removal method?

Hair removal is one of the most scrupulous topics. Ladies all over the world try to choose the hair removal method that they consider less traumatic, painless, fast and cheap.

Removing your unwanted hair with a razor may seem quick, painless and budget. However, the disadvantage of traditional shaving is that it makes the hair grow back quicker, because the razor only cuts the hair above your skin. Depilatory cream is also an option, however, the chemicals in the cream may irritate and harm sensitive skin. Also most of the depilatory creams have an unpleasant odor. Removing hair with lasers is effective as well, but can be very expensive and requires you visiting a professional. To use epilator devices your hair has to be at a certain length, as it is not easy to grasp the hair for an epilator if it is too short.

Therefore, more and more people nowadays prefer other hair removal methods like – sugaring and waxing. Although, both of these methods are pretty similar, they have differences.

This article will demonstrate difference between waxing and sugaring hair removal method, and will help to identify the most suitable method for you.


The term “waxing” refers to all methods of hair removal from the root using wax. Wax is a sticky substance that can be either hot, warm or cold.

Despite the temperature of the wax, the working principle is the same. To remove unwanted hair, you spread wax across the skin and place a cotton strip over it. Then, you press the cloth into wax and wax onto the skin. Next, you rip off the cloth along with hair and wax from the skin.

Cold wax is usually applied directly to the skin and then removed. Whereas hot wax is applied and removed using special cloth strips.

Hair removal using hot or warm wax is more popular, because heat causes the hair follicles to open up a little bit, making it easier for the hair to come out.

Waxing offers you two options, professional waxing, and DIY waxing. Waxing at your home is a lot cheaper than the professional waxing.

The results usually last up to four weeks.

Due to its effectiveness, waxing has been a preferred choice for hair removal for centuries. It is believed that Cleopatra started this trend with honey and oil. Being hairless was considered as a good hygiene for women back then, and later this practice was adopted by the Romans.

Advantages of Waxing Procedure 

  1. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes due to the fact that a large surface of the skin can be processed immediately.
  2. The skin is perfectly clean after waxing as the wax perfectly captures even the shortest hairs, removing their roots.
  3. Regular procedures may cause hair become thinner, and easier to remove in the future.
  4. The skin may appear brighter after waxing, because it strips off the outermost layer of skin, where the dead skin cells may accumulate.
  5. There is a wide range of waxes to choose from.
  6. Waxing costs cheaper than sugaring.

Disadvantages of Waxing Procedure.

  1. Hot wax application may cause burns on the skin.
  2. Most women face the problem of ingrown hair after wax depilation.
  3. Wax residues can be removed only with oil, otherwise you have a chance to get glued to your jeans.
  4. Waxing hair removal defines removal from large surface of the skin at once, which can cause quite strong feelings of pain.


Sugaring is a more natural and alternative to waxing. In fact, sugaring is a caramel mixture, based on water, sugar and lemon juice. The procedure happens as follows: small balls of sugar paste are rolled on the skin against the growth of hair, and then sharply pulled.

Comparing to the wax hair removal, where the wax adheres to your skin and consequently pulls your skin as well; sugar paste only attaches to your hair and therefore, pulls only the hair. The results usually last the same as after waxing – up to four weeks.

Advantages of Sugaring

  1. Sugar depilation is usually less painful than waxing.
  2. There is practically no ingrown hair after sugaring.
  3. You can easily clean your skin after sugaring procedure. While waxing requires oil wiping, sugaring requires you to cleanse the skin with just warm water.
  4. The composition of the sugaring paste consists of only natural ingredients. Due to that fact, the probability of allergy or skin irritation is negligible.
  5. You can prepare a sugar paste at home and save your budget.

Disadvantages of Sugaring

  1. Sugaring hair removal takes more time than waxing. In order to obtain the desirable result, you need to process small areas of skin (from 3 to 5 cm) at a time. Whereas waxing can process larger areas faster.
  2. Sugar hair removal contributes to the destruction of skin cells in processed areas of sensitive skin. Some experts do not recommend sugaring hair removal in sensitive areas as bikini, groin, armpits.
  3. Practice shows that sugaring does not always remove all hairs from the first removal, so you have to re-process some skin areas.
  4. Professional sugaring procedure costs more than waxing.

To sum up all advantages and disadvantages of waxing or sugaring hair removal. Every person has different skin type and wishes according to which they should choose a suitable hair removal procedure.

Price is another important factor to consider while choosing the method of hair removal. Sugaring at the salon costs more than professional waxing.

The cheapest way is perhaps DIY waxing or sugaring at home. However, a professional waxing will usually take less time than when you do it yourself. It also may be a little bit complicated to DIY waxing or sugaring at the beginning, but it gets easier after several times for sure.

The results of both waxing and sugaring last for about the same amount of time. But the main differences between waxing and sugaring hair removal methods are in this article.

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