The top 5 highest-paid fitness models in the world

highest-paid fitness models

The top 5 highest-paid fitness models in the world

Being a fitness model and fitness influencer has become highly sought after in recent years. As more and more people join social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it’s become more popular to not only follow the accounts of fitness influencers but become one yourself.

Is fitness model a real profession?

Yes! Being a fitness model can be a real profession and a lucrative career. Fitness models usually work for fitness companies, athletic clothing and gear manufacturers, supplement companies, etc. Here is the article on How to Become a Fitness Brand Ambassador or Influencer.

With a passion for fitness and a quality camera, even just your smartphone, you can become a fitness model. Your mom might not understand your choice at first, but as she sees you flourish in your new profession, even she will begin to see the benefits of your choice of career. As you’ll see below, the earning potential in this industry is very real.

To start a fitness modelling career, both female and fitness models should be lean, fit and with firm muscle tone. In fact, in order to become a fitness model, you do not have to necessarily have extremely rippling muscles; you have to be fit.

In addition to a fit body, fitness models also have to have good skin, nice hair and overall attractive healthy look. They have to be likable to potential consumers and clients.

How do I become a fitness influencer?

If you enjoy working out, are in great physical shape and look good in photos, you almost have everything what it takes to be a fitness influencer. That’s right, by doing what you’d be doing anyway, exercising regularly and snapping selfies, you could have a very successful career as a fitness influence.

Another important thing you need here is a passion in what you are doing and the desire to influence other people to lead the lifestyle you have.

It is certainly a highly competitive industry. However with some hard work and dedication, you could become one of the top highest-paid fitness models in the world.

The best way to get started is to post photos of yourself online. These could be photos of you demonstrating your workouts and showing what you eat on a daily basis. You could also enter a fitness competition and document that journey.

Here is some additional information on how to become a fitness model and influencer: How to Become A Fitness Model?

So, now that your interest is piqued, who is the highest paid fitness model in the world? Here are the top five, along with their earnings.

The top 5 highest-paid fitness models in the world : 

5. Anllela Sagra ($3.8 million)

With more than 11 million Instagram followers, Anllela hails from Colombia. She posts photos and videos of her workouts.

4. Jen Selter ($4 million)

With a subscription fitness plan that earns more than $1 million per year, Jen has more than 12.6 million Instagram followers. She earns almost $20 000 per Instagram post promoting beauty posts. Jen also has deals with sport nutrition brands.

3. Michelle Lewin ($4.5 million)

Michelle, 32, hails from Venezuela. She’s a body-builder who is paid up to $10 000 for a single Instagram post. Michelle has more than 14 million followers across her two accounts. She has her own brand of supplements and range of workout equipment.

2. Sommer Ray ($5 million)

22-year-old US-based Sommer has almost 20 million Instagram followers. She earns more than $25 000 per Instagram post and attracts up to 500 000 likes per photo. Sommer has deals with fashion, food, energy drinks and beauty clinics brands.

1. Joe Wicks ($15 million)

Worth a whopping $15 million, Wicks is one of few men on the list of highest paid fitness models and is worth more than three times that of the woman in the number two position. He has written several books and has a daily subscription service.

As you can see, being a fitness model is a legitimate and potentially lucrative career. Now, get to the gym and do those squats and lift those weights.

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