Benefits of Sleep for Physical and Mental Health

Benefits of Sleep

Sleep gives us the rest that our brain needs and fills us with the energy for our day. Thanks to the benefits of sleep, we can keep our physical and mental health in a good shape. Thus, we should always try to get a proper rest. Otherwise, the lack of sleep may cause us to feel dreadful and sad, losing a focus and concentration. We may experience depression, and problems in sexual life. If you experiencing problems falling asleep at night, check out the 10 simple tips to fall asleep faster.

In this article we will look through the benefits that good sleep gives us.

Benefits of Sleep: Improved Memory and Learning

Due to the lack of a proper sleep, obtaining a new information becomes more difficult. Besides from difficulties of acquiring a new data, remembering the old one may also be a challenge.

Researchers explored the relationship between memories and sleep. According to those surveys, when we do not get enough sleep, the chances that our brain will store memories incorrectly increase. As a result, we may either lose those memories or obtain false ones.

Getting a good amount of sleep on the other hand, reduces the possibility of emerging memory losses. Moreover, good sleep contributes to processing of memories and creative thinking. Therefore, by obtaining required amount of rest, we can enhance our memory and learning process.

Benefits of Sleep: Reduced Stress

When we cannot get essential amount of sleep, our body may produce stress hormones called cortisol. As a result, because of higher levels of cortisol, going to sleep becomes even harder. This in turn, results in a high blood pressure.

Having a good sleep on the other hand, reduces stress levels, thus allowing us to control our blood pressure.

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Benefits of Sleep: Better Control of Body Weight

The lack of sleep is one of the reasons why you may be not losing extra weight. Researchers conducted a survey to find out the relation between short sleep and body weight. They discovered that if the amount of our daily sleep is low, levels of hormone leptin are reduced. On the contrary, levels of ghrelin are increased.

In short, leptin reduces our appetite, whilst ghrelin increases it. The high difference between levels of leptin and ghrelin boosts our appetite. Thus, we consume more food and gain weight.

That is why, it is important to have a good sleep, in order to control our body mass or to lose unwanted excessive weight.

Benefits of Sleep: Better Immune System

Good sleep ensures immune system to be strong, and increases its resistance to different illnesses.

Scientists examined the connection between the duration of sleep and body’s ability to deal with sicknesses. During two weeks of time, 153 adults with the age range of 21-55, have been participating in the experiment. For two weeks, participants of the research had to report the duration of the sleep they had. Moreover, they had to indicate whether they had enough rest or not during that period. After two weeks, all the participants were exposed to nasal drops that contained a rhinovirus. Researchers monitored participants before and after exposure, and came to a conclusion that poor and short sleep decrease the immune system of our body.

To summarize, when we have a good sleep, our body’s ability of resisting different types illnesses increases. A proper sleep helps us to maintain a healthy weight. It also enhances memory and concentration and helps to overcome stress.

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