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Dating Your Best Friend. Pros and Cons

Dating Your Best Friend

Dating Your Best Friend. Pros and Cons

Best friends are always there for each other and they understand each other the best. You can have fun, visit places together and most importantly pour your heart out in front of your best friend. Having a best friend feels so good. However, if you get romantically involved with your best friend, things might get complicated. If you remember the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, you know what we are talking about here. It is always better, to be honest about your feelings with your best friend.

According to different studies, a majority of best friends eventually end up in a relationship. Relationships with your best friend can be the best thing or the worse. It depends on how you two handle the new relationship. Here, we are going to look at the pros and cons of
falling in love with your best friend.

Advantages of Dating Your Best Friend

Having your best friend as your partner has a lot of positive sides.

First of all, you already know each other very well. Usually, in a relationship with other people, we try to act and show our best sides. When you are with your best friend, there is no hiding games.

Dating Your Best FriendYou know each other’s darkest secrets and the worst sides. Therefore, there won’t be any compatibility issue when you are in a relationship.

You may be able to sacrifice more for one another. You will truly care for each other, and the laughs will be louder when you are having fun together. In the time of need, the two of you will always be beside one another, as it was before.

Most of your days will be full of joy. There will be fewer fights and even if they happen, the intensity of the fights will be less. Your partner will know how you feel and will always be aware of your likes and dislikes. It can feel like a match made in heaven.

Disadvantages of Dating Your Best Friend

Now, for those of you who think that dating your best friend is just perfect. Dating your best friend can be risky as well.

The thing is that you might feel happy for a few years, but later things might not work out. In that case, you may lose not only your partner, but also your best friend.

Dating Your Best FriendIn fact, the relationship you have with your best friend is different than that with your partner. You need more private space when you are in a romantic relationship. You don’t always want to be an open book for your partner. But if you have a relationship with your best friend, then you may lose that privacy.

Another problem is that when you had difficulty in other relationships, you used to turn to your best friend for comfort and support. But now, as your partner is your best friend you have no one to turn to for that advice.

When you start dating your best friend, your partner may suddenly become possessive, dominating, or perhaps more jealous. You may think that this wasn’t the case when you were just friends. It can be a huge problem in the relationship as it is something that you had not expected. The friendship may start fading away, and the relationship may turn bitter.

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Also, dating your best friend might lack romance in the relationship as you didn’t see each other from that angle before. So, your sex life may not be that spicy.

Moreover, when your best friend becomes your boyfriend or girlfriend, you start relying on that person all the time. When you cannot find them in time of need, the frustration level can be higher than before.

Dating Your Best Friend. Conclusion

Dating your best friend may seem to be the best thing that can happen to you. There will be more closeness, trust and love. However, before diving into such a relationship, give it a serious thought.

You should remember that pure friendship and romantic relationship are two different things. People act differently in these relationships. Therefore, when your relationship status changes from a friendship to a romantic relationship, you or your partner’s attitude towards each other may change as well.

You should talk to your friend and discuss your future goals, family and other plans before taking your relationship to the next level. After all, best friends are hard to find, and there can be nothing worse than losing one.

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