Why to look for your hidden passion?

Finding your hidden passion is rewarding, discover your talent
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Imagine you are drinking coffee and someone out of blue asks you: what is your hidden talent, or a hidden passion?

Can you start answering that question in less than three seconds? If not, you need to take some time and at least think about that.

Our society is composed of incredibly talented and diverse individuals. Each person has a different background, various skills, their own passion and dreams, and he/she is undoubtedly unique in their own way. However, most people may not even suspect their talents until… they feel unhappy with what they are occupied with on a daily basis.

Why it’s important to discover your true passion?

So, talent is not your ability to do something, but it’s rather your true interest to do things that you are passioned about. And true means that you will still keep going regardless of whatever obstacles, while your passion will multiply your effort.

If you have a talent, that’s great. Talents are like a multiplier. You may even call them an engine that drives you to your goal. But today, I want you to consider the word talent a bit differently.

You may have heard that debate that we as children might have had pressure on us to do certain things at school, even if we didn’t really like to do them. Later, we would become busy adults trying to make money for the living. Why would I think about drawing if I need to get more qualified to get promoted?

Hidden passion, if you find your passion it will bring satisfaction happiness into your life.
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But how do you know if your amateur cartoon would not be watched by a professional animator who could welcome you to work with them and pay you even more than you earn today? Or imagine sharing your best recipe with others by opening your own café?

Would you think that it’s rather late to start thinking about your passions and desires? Right? Wrong! Most probably, it’s just the right time. Because now you have a seatbelt which is your current occupation. Additionally, you have enough experience and therefore are truly ready to do what you wanted to do for so long.

I would sincerely recommend you never regret your childhood or youth spend towards achieving what you have now. On the contrary, consider this time as a test that assessed whether the passion you had was a true one.

How can I understand what is my hidden passion?

I personally believe that it is very individual and understanding what your passion is, comes through different and sometimes very unexpected sources.

I notice very often that for many this source is movies, while for others it is people that they admire. If you haven’t found your passion through these sources, then it’s time to ask yourself a few questions and answer them sincerely. For the beginning, try out this quiz.

Also, we suggest you this two-step practice to discover yourself better.

Step 1: Write down all you ever thought you are good at

Don’t be shy even for a moment, write every single task you ever did and people praised you for doing well. You once entertained a group of people for half an hour with a fun story? Good, write that down. Once you wrote a great article and your teacher was all positive? That’s another one. You manage your money better than your colleagues and have better savings? That’s quite rare, and it should most probably go onto the list.

If you work enough you will probably have a long list of small achievements that you earthier forgot or never cared to review as potential.

A common thing that hinders our potential is that we often think all other people are capable of doing what we do. If you are a good speaker, there is something you need to know: most people prefer to visit a dentist rather than talking in front of a large crowd! And this is just one example, list all thing you did great before, or you have the willingness to do at any cost.

Step 2: Looking for patterns

If this is your first time listing your ideas like this, be aware that may take longer than you thought. You may need to take some time to recall everything that used to spur you.

After revising your list as much as it satisfies you, it is time to find patterns. Categorize your ideas at a couple of groups:

  • What you are interested in doing
  • What brings you the most money
  • Skills that you need to improve
  • What you haven’t done for years

Keep in mind you don’t need to close your list, you can carry your list with yourself and write down new stuff that seems interesting to you.

Talk with people you know

hidden talents how to identify my hidden passion
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Finally, if your list is too short it’s time to ask your friends and family for help. Try asking them what they can say about your abilities and talents. They may notice things that you don’t see. For example, it is because of my grandma who always used to praise me for the drawings that I inspired me to draw many pictures and find satisfaction in it.

Set your mindset

Passion helps us keep going, but practice makes it perfect, how to discover my passion
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Once you discover your passion and talent, you may start to develop your mindset on what is moving you forward. Setting the mindset means understanding that potential only is not going take you that far unless you concentrate and practice. Practice until you become fluent, skilful and better overall from the time you began.

Finding a hidden talent and passion is never easy but always rewarding. If you find it, your self-esteem and public image will grow dramatically. No matter how stuck you are in everyday life, finding just a little bit of time every now and then to polish and improve your skill based on your passion will pay you off hugely in the end.


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