Causes of Dull Skin

Causes of dull skin

Most Common Causes of Dull Skin

What does “dull skin” mean?

You could be suffering from dull skin if your skin appears to be darker than normal, flaky and less elastic. Try pinching your skin and see how quickly it springs back into place. If it takes some time, you will have a good idea of what is behind your dull skin. For instance, in this case, dehydration may be the reason behind your dull-looking skin.

Another quick test you can do is to pinch your skin to test the color. Do you end up with a slightly rosy mark? If the skin does not turn slightly pink/red-ish, it is a sign that not enough oxygen is reaching your skin.

Other symptoms of dull skin can include acne outbreaks and signs of early wrinkles.

In other words, if you have dull skin, it means that your skin is not as healthy as it could be. If your skin looks dull, the tips in this article will help you to improve the condition of your skin.

Why does my skin look tired and old? 

Dull skin affects all of us at some point in life. There are many reasons why your skin can look dull, and it is important to take an action as soon as you notice it.

Our face is certainly the most exposed to the environment. Throughout the day, organic waste such as sweat and sebum, cutaneous fat, accumulate there. On top of that, we use make up that is mixing with dust during the day. In short, there are many elements that obstruct the pores and are responsible for the lack of radiance.

When the epidermis is not regularly cleaned, dead cells accumulate and contribute to the grayish color and dullness.

Furthermore, dull skin is often the aftereffect of an unhealthy lifestyle. Fatigue, lack of sleep, the abuse of alcohol may also be responsible for the lack of radiance of the complexion of your skin.

Dull skin can also be linked to a bad oxygenation of the cells of the epidermis. The pollution of the environment you live in is absorbed by the respiratory system – it eventually ends in the blood system.

If you smoke, for example, the tars a cigarette contains are diffused in the blood and also contribute to give the skin dullness and greyish appearance.

Most common causes of dull skin: 

  • Clogged pores
  • Sun damage
  • A period of illness
  • Poor diet. Lack of vitamins
  • Dehydration
  • Environmental factors such as pollution
  • Poor skincare routine and wrong products
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Stress

How can I get rid of dull skin?

When you have identified the suspected culprit behind your skin tone problem, you can go ahead and start doing something about it. It is the time to make your skin brighter and younger looking.

Your skin hygiene matters a lot. One of the most important tips for having healthy skin is simply cleaning it daily. Pollution can cause dull skin and clog up pores. Therefore, the epidermis of the face must be cleansed in the morning and the evening, with a product adapted to the type of skin.

Once or twice a week, give your face a peel. It will clean the skin deeper, and eliminate dead cells that do not shed naturally.

Also, do not forget to moisturize your skin. The moisturizing cream protects and ensures the suppleness and the tonicity of the skin. Nowadays, there are many special serums and creams, that will help you to even out your tone and get rid of dullness. You can try something like Olay Natural All in One Cream, it has vitamins B3, pro B5 & E, lightens skin tone, reduces the appearance of dark spots, evens skin tone, hydrates and protects skin from harmful UV rays. However, before buying any products, make sure you’ve read the ingredients list and reviews.

Hormonal imbalances caused by chemicals in food and the menopause are also factors which can cause dull skin. Speak to a doctor, if you think you may have any problems with hormones.

Also, try to get enough sleep. Sleep acts as a real remedy for the skin. It allows the cells to regenerate, and to receive the necessary nutrients for their metabolism.

Clean the body from the inside

To remedy dull skin, it is necessary to improve your immune system.

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An accumulation of toxins in the body is a direct cause of oxidative stress (a large production of free radicals). To eliminate this overflow, you must consume antioxidants in large quantities.

These substances, such as vitamin E and vitamin C, exist in large quantities in fruits and vegetables and are true enemies of free radicals. By neutralizing them, these vitamins reduce the damage free radicals cause.


A lack of vitamin B and vitamin A is another common cause of dull skin. Vitamin B is used by the skin to boost microcirculation and bring life given oxygen to the other layers of the skin. Oxygen is what gives your skin a healthy glow and helps to prevent wrinkles. Vitamin A helps to brighten your skin and keep it in good condition.

You may need to adjust your diet and start to eat more skin-healthy foods such as avocados, grains, and fruits. Also, did you know that eating a small bowl of oats every day can do wonders for your skin? Oats are packed with magnesium and potassium – just like some of the most expensive skin care treatments.

Hydration is very important as well. Dehydration may cause serious problems and dull skin is one of them.

Detoxify the body by eating lots of fruits and vegetables; and do not forget to drink enough water.

Also, limit the use of alcohol and tobacco. Besides the fact that they are harmful to your health overall, the effects show up on your skin as well. They are catalysts for rosacea, pigmentation, and are also responsible for the dull, even greyish appearance of the skin of the face.

How to brighten dull skin at home?

You can easily make your own DIY homemade products to brighten your skin at home.

One of the best natural materials you can use is Himalayan rock salt. Blend the salt together with some papaya, and you will have a skincare treatment which can boost your skin color and health in a matter of days.

face-mask organicHimalayan rock salt removes dead skin particles from the skin, and the antioxidants found in papaya, feeds the skin. All you need to do is to mix the two together, leave for a few minutes, and then use as a natural skin scrub. Rinse off with cold water and you will soon notice the difference.

Another homemade purifying mask recipe includes baker’s yeast. Dilute a packet of baker’s yeast in warm water, let this foamy mixture sit for a few seconds and then apply to the face in a thick layer. Let dry and rinse.

Getting rid of dull skin may take some time, however, it is quicker and easier if you find out what actually causes your skin to appear dull. Hopefully, this article about the common causes of dull skin will give you some ideas.

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