Health Benefits of Black Garlic

Health benefits of black garlic
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Health benefits of black garlic

Black garlic isn’t a rare spice, yet many people haven’t heard of it or experienced its flavor yet. Nowadays, black garlic comes to be a favorite ingredient for many chefs and foodies around the world. However, black garlic is not only a yummy dish supplement but also a source of many health benefits.

We might think that it is growing in the ground like that. Indeed, black garlic is ordinary garlic whose cherries become black by fermentation under certain conditions in a completely natural way.

In fact, black garlic is a result of a non-genetic experiment with the use of fermentation of ordinary garlic cherries for a specified time under the high temperature. The result of this process is that the garlic stays white on the outside and its cherries turn black.

Fermented garlic is a rediscovered new and unusual aromatic food with a slightly sweet taste and neutral scent that delights all those who taste it.

Black garlic vs regular garlic

Let’s have a look at the benefits of the black garlic compared to the white ordinary garlic:

  • Fermentation in the black garlic produces more antioxidants than in the white one.
  • Black garlic is more effective than the white one.
  • The body accepts it easier.
  • The effect is ten times stronger as an antioxidant.
  • The sugar level is seven times higher in black than in the white one.
  • Black garlic does not have strong odor due to fermentation, comparing to regular garlic.

Black garlic throughout the centuries

Although you might be discovering black garlic for yourself just now, it has indeed been known for centuries in many cultures.

Garlic as a guarantee of the immortality

In some Asian countries, black garlic has been used for a long time. In Korea, there is a legend according to which gods had given humans black garlic as a guarantee of the immortality.

Garlic throughout history

It is widely known that the garlic has been used in Roman, Greek and Egyptian diets, and the ancient Roman writer Pliny described garlic as a cure for 61 illness.

Throughout history, healers used black garlic as a cure for asthma and the scorpion sting. During the Middle Ages, people believed black garlic to have a cure effect for the plague.

The reason why black garlic is so healthy

Basically, black garlic has all the bunch of health benefits of ordinary garlic. It is well known that garlic is helpful for maintaining the proper functioning of heart, clotting, pressure levels, reducing cholesterol levels in arteries, and even boosting testosterone levels.

Garlic contains such elements as allicin and diallyl sulfide, as well as vitamins C and B, selenium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and flavonoids.

The major difference between black and ordinary garlic is that black garlic does not have this strong odor due to fermentation. During its preparation, the process destroys garlic’s two main components of intense aroma: alliin and allicin. Although most allicin is connected to cardiovascular protection, experts say that in its fermented form, garlic also retains a large number of bioactive compounds that are beneficial for health.

How to make black garlic?

It is as simple as that, and you can make black garlic yourself: take any type of garlic, place it in a chamber for as long as two months. You should also keep a chamber humidified at a certain stable temperature. Also, here is an alternative way to cook black garlic in a rice cooker:

If conditions of the fermentation process are not proper, the garlic might not get enough black color or could be dehydrated too much.

The fermentation process should be completely natural without additives, preservatives or any other ingredient.

After you remove garlic from the chamber after 60 days (or just 14 days if cooked in a rice cooker), let it air dry a little longer. You will then be able to clean it easily and eventually you will get a simple recipe for a nice and healthy breakfast spread.

Garlic in the kitchen

In culinary art, this delicacy is increasingly popular. The black garlic is sweeter than the ordinary garlic and is not bad-smelling. It is also increasingly popular among chefs all over the world. Especially the cooks, who enjoy experimenting with preparation of rare savoury dishes as well as sweet desserts. Here is a Pappardelle Pasta recipe for you to try it out:)

Health benefits of black garlic

To all that said, we highly recommend consuming more of black garlic because it’s beneficial for your health. Moreover, black garlic can suit many different dishes and diversify your diet. Also, you may not even need to cook black garlic yourself as far as it’s available in many markets.

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