How To Keep Inner Calm During Pregnancy

Keep inner calm during pregnancy

How To Keep Inner Calm During Pregnancy

Having a baby is a miracle that a woman waits for the whole nine months. For future mother as well as for baby in a womb it is inevitable to monitor the health during the whole period of the pregnancy. You would probably think how the inner calm might play an important role in this long-lasting period. The answer is – the baby and the mother are connected not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Researchers have already found out that the psychological state of the mother will directly influence on the health of the baby. When mother is happy and feels inner calm, the baby will also grow without any problems and will not cause any harm to mother’s body. Keeping positive attitude and tranquility helps pregnancy go smoothly and minimizes pain during labor.  Also, after giving birth inner calm contributes the healthy sleep of the baby.

It is not a secret that a pregnant woman becomes more sensitive to everything surrounding her, so she may easily get stressed, sad, nervous, she might become anxious and fearful. Being not able to control one’s emotions may lead to serious outcomes like high rate of blood pressure, increased heart rate, and low level of hemoglobin. In turn, all of these bring extra pressure to the body of the future mother and she may constantly feel weakness, sickness, insomnia and low appetite. When pregnant woman feels depressed can result in smaller weight baby, premature birth or stillbirth.

Mental state of the mother impacts the baby even after giving birth. Many mothers complain that their baby sleeps bad and cries a lot, and the fact is that, this happens mainly with mothers who constantly have been feeling stress during pregnancy. But life doesn’t go smoothly every time, every day people face different problems and try to overcome them. So, what to do in order to stay calm and keep inner peace? Here are some ways to achieve inner calm during pregnancy:


Meditation helps keep inner calm. Hormonal changes in pregnant woman’s body can lead to emotional instability. Meditation helps to reduce stress and brings relaxation to the body and mind. Also, studies show that meditation helps to boost two very important hormones, Endorphin and Dopamine, which are also known as “natural painkillers”. They not only reduce the need for anesthetic drugs, but also help to provoke easier labor.

Prenatal yoga classes

Prenatal yoga is one of the ways to relax and keep inner peace. Through learning how to breathe in a right way and taking different postures your body will get prepared for labor and your muscles become more flexible, which is helpful during childbirth. Moreover, after attending prenatal yoga classes you can notice several changes:
1. Reduced stress and anxiety
2. Reduced nausea
3. Decreased back pain
4. Better sleep
5. Staying fit and avoiding overweighting
6. Mental concentration


Massage is a wonderful way of relaxing. After having a gentle massage you can feel the relief of stress and relaxed muscles. It helps to get rid of tiredness in the body and increase the mobility. After massage of neck, shoulders, back, head and foot, especially with aroma candles, you will sleep tight like a baby. However, make sure to take massage from a professional massager, because not all types of massage are allowed during pregnancy.

Classical music

Classical music positively impacts the brain and relieves tension. When you listen to a good relaxing music you start to forget about all your problems and slowly get into a state of deep inner calm. It also helps your baby to relax and feel happiness. Babies start hearing at 18th week and they will hear everything that you hear. Babies also like calming music and moreover, respond with intense kicks to loud sounds.

Outdoor walk

Try to walk in the fresh air every day for at least 1 hour. Oxygen helps to improve blood circulation in the body and relieves tension. It would be better to go to the mountains or the sea more often, as the air is much cleaner there. Also, green color and water are known for having calming effect that is helpful for relaxation of body and mind.

Spending time with close people 

If someone asks who you take the strength and support from, majority will answer “from people we love”. Of course, for everybody it is important to feel the love and care of the family, but for pregnant woman it is twice more important. The presence of close people helps the pregnant woman to feel tranquility and stay calm. In particular, support from the husband plays a tremendous role. Future mother worries about changes in the shape of her body, increasing weight, baby’s health and future pain during giving birth. However, feeling the love of her friend and family is the best cure to all her worries.

It is not that difficult to keep inner calm during pregnancy. Sometimes  only enjoying every moment of your life is enough. Inner peace shouldn’t depend on people or outer circumstances, pregnant woman should learn to control her emotions and mental state for the good future of her baby. Methods that were mentioned above will help pregnant woman to keep inner calm.

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