Volume, Length or Curl: Tips to Choose the Right Mascara

Tips to choose mascara

Volume, Length or Curl: Tips to Choose the Right Mascara

Can you imagine a complete makeup without beautiful eyelashes? Of course, no! Long, thick and fluttery eyelashes – that’s what makes your eyes expressive. However, when it comes to choosing a mascara, the task becomes a bit difficult because of a wide variety of options. Whether your goal is to achieve super-long lashes, volume or curled lashes, the result will depend on how right your choice is.

Choosing the right mascara is a simple yet a tricky task. Here are some tips for you to take into consideration to go in a right way while choosing a mascara.


Types of Eyelashes

One of the most important tips to choose mascara is to identify the type of the lashes you’re working on.

Long lashes. If it’s about long lashes, the best option is a ‘curling’ formula. In this case, this formula prevents your eyelashes from getting stuck to one to another.

Short lashes. When it comes to short lashes, it may seem struggling to choose a type of mascara. The right thing to do is to find one that has a skinny wand with densely packed bristles. This type of mascara perfectly fits for short lashes for its lengthening effect. Yet again, it prevents the sticking process.

Straight lashes. Usually, women that have straight lashes find it hard to curl them. Especially when you want your lashes look naturally curly. Firstly, you will have to use an eyelash curler before putting the mascara on. After that, use mascara that has the ‘curling’ formula within.

Short lashes in one corner of the eye, and long in the other corner. Or damaged lashes. This may seem quite challenging, but it’s actually pretty easy. The main thing to do is to look for mascaras that are approved by a bio organization. These types of mascaras have natural botanical ingredients that not only make your lashes beautiful and nicely done, but also help them grow back as they should be.

Thin lashes. Possessors of thin lashes aspire only to one thing – extend the volume. If you are seeking the volume, then pay attention to those mascaras with wand which have lots of bristles on it.


The formula of mascara

When buying mascara most of us forget about formulation of it. Similar to wands the formula within the mascara also diversifies according to the purpose of usage, namely for volume, length, color, curling, or thickening.

The most common type of mascara is based on oil in water formulation with soluble polymers. The advantage of this type of mascara from others is in versatile formulation. Besides, they provide good application and dry rapidly.

Waterproof formulations based on water in oil or anhydrous emulsion. Therefore, they tend to dry much slower than other types. Moreover, it requires an oil-based cleanser to remove waterproof mascara from lashes.

Thickening mascaras include wax that helps to provide extra volume to lashes. While curling and lash lifting formulations contain water soluble/dispersible and oil soluble polymers.

Next time when you choose mascara don’t skip the determination of its formulation in order to make sure that you are making the right choice.


The shape of a brush

There is a variety of mascara brushes, in order to fit in each type of eyelashes. If you use the right mascara, but with the wrong brush, you won’t get a great result.
Brushes are made to fulfill women’s (and some men’s) desires, such as increasing the volume, length and curl of the eyelashes.


Volumizing mascara

             Tips to choose mascara

The best option for extending the volume of lashes is the straight brush with many bristles. Straight mascara brushes are very easy to find and use. Most of women are choosing this type because it is handy and cheaper than other types of brushes. Usually, these types of brushes are popular, because it’s easier to reach the short lashes with just single application.

Another option is an hourglass-shaped brush. Because of its shape the hourglass brush allows you to create over-sized and intense lashes. Comparing to traditional wands these types of brushes are perfect for those who want to apply several coats.


Curling mascara

Tips to choose mascara

Image: Maybelline New York

If you are trying to add drama and curl to your straight lashes, then the curved wand is the best fit for you. Women use curved mascara brushes to achieve a nice curl within their eyelashes. However, the application techniques are much complex than for the one mentioned above. That’s why the first attempt may seem discouraging. It requires some time to get used to applying your mascara with the curved wand brush.

Lengthening mascara


Thin brushes with short bristles are the great choice if you’re focusing on making your lashes super long as they provide smooth coating from root to tip.

Apart from this, pointed and cone brushes also help to make your lashes appear much longer than they naturally are. Pointed brush is very comfortable in applying mascara to lower lashes, while cone brushes are perfect in coating corner lashes.

Tips to choose mascara
Image: Maybelline New York


Comb mascara brushes are usually used by make-up artists or people who apply mascara every day. Those types of brushes are small, flat, and mostly made out from plastic. They are suitable for women who have short lashes; unfortunately, comb brushes don’t add much volume to your eyelashes, but only excessively length.


These are several tips to choose mascara for your lashes. They will help you find the best mascara and application brush that suits you, without spending much time and effort. Make the right choice, amaze everyone with your wonderful eyes and always be on the top.

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