How to Remove Calluses?

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Calluses on the feet are not only a medical problem but also an aesthetic one. They are dead skin, most often located on the big toes, on the toes and on the heels. The appearance of calluses on the sole is accompanied by severe pain when walking, and dry and cracked skin gives the foot a sloppy appearance.

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Women encounter them more often, as they often sacrifice convenience when choosing shoes, in favour of beauty and showiness.

Calluses: causes of occurrence

The causes of calluses on the legs depend not only on the wrong choice of shoes, although this is the most common source of the problem. Tight shoes with a sharp rise and high heels provoke a violation of the blood supply and the formation of densified areas.

Often calluses on the foot and on the big toe appear in people suffering from overweight – this is due to a lot of pressure on the foot. Since the uneven load on the foot also provokes the appearance of flatfoot, bone growths, and other types of deformations of the foot.

Scientists have found a correlation between the location of the calluses and the development of other diseases: if they form on the little finger of the right leg, then you should check the liver, the left – heart problems are possible. The appearance of calluses on the thumbs may indicate disorders associated with the thyroid gland, and on the heels – with the intestines or joints.

Treatments for calluses

At the initial stage, you can cure calluses on your feet yourself, as well as surgically at a special clinic.

Before treating calluses on the feet, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of their appearance:

  • change shoes for more comfortable;
  • consult a doctor if there are problems with joints or flat feet and other forms of deformity.

Get rid of calluses at home

Treatment at home allows the use of special creams and gels. Keratolytic (such funds are used for pedicure) is applied to hardened areas, the foot is wrapped with cling film, the product is washed off after a certain time (in accordance with the instructions), and the skin is treated with pumice. The procedure is repeated as many times as needed.

A calluses plaster will help get rid of corns at home, the surface of which is saturated with a special therapeutic composition. It is necessary to stick the plaster so that it is in contact only with the affected area.

Natural remedies

Treatment with natural remedies involves the use of simple products: these are onion and potato compresses, oil wraps, or compresses with propolis.

Onion or potato compresses

To prepare an onion or potato compress, it is necessary to make gruel from the vegetable, attach it to the problem areas, put on a plastic bag or wrap it with cling film and leave it on overnight. In the morning, the compress should be washed off, and the feet should be treated with a pedicure file. After that, you may use aloe leaves for the smoothing and healing effect of your skin.

Oil compresses

By the same principle, oil compresses will also help to remove calluses. To make them, you can use vegetable or olive oil, as well as any other oil.

Propolis-based compresses

The propolis-based recipe for calluses is designed for use within 7 days. In the morning, propolis is rubbed on a fine grater and applied to the damaged areas. It is necessary to keep such a compress for all-day (covering with a film and putting on socks), and in the evening you should steam your legs and process them.


Special foot baths to remove hardened skin remove calluses easily
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To remove calluses make special foot baths with the addition of soda and soap solution. After steaming, it is necessary to treat the skin with a pumice stone or a file and apply a nourishing cream. In the baths, you can add the lemon juice mixed with sea salt and starch, oats and flax seeds.

Laser removal

Laser removal of calluses is one of the most popular methods and it has its own following advantages:

  • unlike surgery, the procedure takes place without blood;
  • removal is painless (local anaesthesia is used) and quick;
  • one procedure is enough to completely remove calluses;
  • there are no restrictions on movements after the procedure.

For several weeks you will need to wear a bandage or insole to eliminate pressure on the treated area and avoid relapse. Laser calluses removal does not affect healthy skin and there is no trace left after its use. This method provides quick healing without the risk of developing inflammation or infection.

Note: people with diabetes mellitus, cancer, with damaged skin (wounds, cuts) should never use this method.

Removal of calluses with nitrogen

When removing calluses with nitrogen, liquid nitrogen is used – a substance without colour and odour. This method is recommended in advanced cases when a long root is present in the calluses. However, this method is quite painful, and there is also the possibility of damage to healthy skin. It is necessary to carefully follow all the recommendations of a specialist in care after the procedure to avoid inflammatory processes.

Prevention of calluses

It is difficult to get rid of calluses quickly, but it is much more convenient to try to prevent their appearance.

  • Wear shoes made of soft materials, choose them in accordance with the size and shape of your foot.
  • In order not to have to look for a remedy for calluses, regularly take care of your legs.
  • Change shoes – wear shoes with different heights, so that the pressure does not constantly apply to the same areas. You can also use special linings made of soft materials for areas with calluses.
  • Choose socks from natural fabrics so that the foot does not sweat.
  • Try to lose weight. The pressure of your weight leaves a mark not only on your feet but also influences the spine and overall health.

These very simple rules will help prevent the appearance of calluses.


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