What Does Your Bag Say About You?

what says your bag about you

What Does Your Bag Say About You?

What kind of bags do you possess? Surely, you have bags of different size, shape, material and color for different occasions. Bag is one of the most important accessories that can complete your outfit and define your style. However, if you think that your bag is just an accessory or means of carriage, you make a huge mistake. Bag is the part of you that distinguishes you from others and it can tell about you more than you can imagine.

Psychologists have already found how to identify women’s personality depending on clothes, hairstyle or favorite color. What interesting is that bags can reveal characteristic of the owner. Most of men claim that understanding women is very tough. Understanding women is difficult, yet a possible task. Here’re some tips for you. Dear ladies, let’s see what can say your favorite handbag about your personality.


Do you like to carry your favorite accessory in your hand, then you must be an elegant and stylish woman with open demeanor. Handbag is the most widespread bag among women for its comfort and functionality. It gives you a casual and at the same time a classy look. In addition, the way you wear your handbag can reveal some facts about you. If you like to hold it in your hand, probably you look up to punctuality, accuracy and independence. Also, those who like carry bag in the arm crook hook usually show by this their confidence and strong character.

Classic bag with short handle

what says your bag about you

Classic bag is an invariable accessory of real lady who is aware of her worth. She is active and practical person. For her following the latest trends of fashion is not interesting, but you will never see her in an old fashioned outfit. Demonstrating status and elegancy – what is important for her. She has resistant character and she is able to gain trust of people around her.

Tote bag/Shopper

Tote is a favorite bag of mothers for its size and spaciousness. At the same time she can carry cosmetics, phone, perfume, tablet, baby’s bottle, diapers and some toys. Besides that her hands are always free for baby. But if you are not a mother yet, then you might be opinionated and initiative person. You are goal-setter, always organized and ready for any unexpected situations. This bag is a perfect accessory for those who like travelling, or for those who run to fitness after work or just like reading books in a quiet place. Tote bag is also called a shopping bag. Therefore, with this bag you can anytime go to the supermarket for shopping and no need to ask for a plastic bag.

Shoulder bag

You like carrying bag on your shoulders? Confident for 100%: you like compliments. You like to be at the centre of attention and when walking you love when people notice you and turn heads. Leaving a good impression on people isn’t a big challenge for you, as you’re brave and confident. Also, we can call you a “multitask person”. Your arms should be free, so you can carry your coffee while talking on the phone. Shoulder bag is very comfortable if you like using public transport or you have busy lifestyle and still you want to look like a stylish woman.


what says your bag about you

Clutches got the popularity in the 1930s when women began breaking the social mores. At that period only brave fashion-mongers used clutches that were customized to carry small amount of items, like lipstick, money and handkerchief. Since that time not many things have changed. Today also you can see clutches on the hands of a party girl or a smartly dressed up woman. Clutch doesn’t allow to carry much stuff, and besides it demands to give up one hand. Usually very organized, sociable and outgoing women choose this type of bag. They know how to enjoy the life and they can be a queen of any party. Socializing, laughing and feeling young are all about them.


what says your bag about you

Backpack lovers are the most adventurous travelers. Both hands are free; all necessary items are near and always ready to achieve the next destination. Three words that can best describe them are – comfort, freedom and style. If backpack is your close companion, then surely you are not a party girl and you don’t care much about others’ opinion about your style. You are open-minded and you like laid-back lifestyle. In people you value reliability and sincerity the most.

Small bag on chain or belt

What can say a small bag on chain or belt about its owner? Woman who likes small bag is stylish person who prefers minimalism. She needs the bag only to carry necessities. When she heads out the door she needs only phone, keys, credit card and powder-box. It worth an envy to have an ability to go out with just few items in the bag. Moreover, ladies with small bags are distinguished by sharp mind. They always know what they want and thoroughly take care of their appearance. These features of her character make her attractive to men. The most popular bag of this type is Chanel 2.55 which was created in February 1955 by Gabrielle Chanel. Its unique shape and signature chain continues to allure women for several decades.

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