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Many people, after reaching some age, think that no further radical changes can happen in their lives. But it’s a pure misconception, however, and it puts quite serious limitations in pawing the path to success. Any given age gives particular privileges that you can leverage. At our teenage years, we most probably have a fresh brain and more time, us compared in a mature age. However, being young, we may not know what we really want to be in life and thus studies may not be that effective. Adults, on the other hand, can choose consciously the topic and work on it till they succeed in it. But it requires faith and perseverance. It’s never too late to start life from scratch so far as there are at least a few reasons for this. 

  • We live here and now

stagnation, perseverance, progress, regression
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Think about it for a moment. We do not live tomorrow, in a month or a year; we live now. You should appreciate every moment of your life because no one knows what might happen. How many of us live in the present, not thinking about the past or worrying about the future? 

The past is very important, as it teaches us a lot and gives tons of valuable knowledge. But it won’t be such if we constantly live in our memories. What is crucial is to make an analysis of certain events and situations once and move forward. Thus it will help you avoid certain mistakes in the future. Therefore, it is worth turning the page and starting life from scratch. Your age does not matter here. In fact, the maturer you are, the more likely you experience the paradigm of reversing your vision of life.

  • You can change everything but in small steps

Not many of us can transform their entire lives. Only a few persons can sell everything, abandon everyone, and go to a desert island. However, each book begins with the first line. So you can drastic changes in your life, but gradually. Do not think that if you always dreamed of art, then having bought an easel and paints, you will draw a masterpiece. However, visiting art school, and gradually mastering various techniques will make you capable to create something amazing one day. You need to be patient and improve yourself, awaiting for the wonderful changes to you and all that surrounds you.

  • No one can predict the future

stagnation, perseverance, progress, regression
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Even the best fortune teller in the world cannot predict – who exactly you will be in a year, five years or ten years. But should this bother you? It’s much worse to live your whole life without trying to make at least one of your dreams coming true. No one is safe from fails, but even if you lose in the future, the pure experience itself is so much worth trying. Not only you will be sure that you have done everything to change your life, but also you will learn new things, meet interesting people, be a mentor to someone who really needed to meet You! There are so many things out there to try.

  • Even if you have lost everything, you still have the willpower

One wonderful woman once said if you are knocking a door, but they don’t open it for you, then break it out! It is a woman who survived several chemotherapies and lost her breast. The husband left her with two children and with no money. It’s Marion Luna Brem, who today is one of the most influential people in the United States. Therefore, it is never too late to write a new chapter of your life. Everything will depend on willpower and your determination.

  • Life from scratch makes you self-improving

Do you know how the botanists define death in textbooks? It is a lack of growth. If a plant stops growing, it dies. Something similar happens to us. If people stop to improve themselves, they degenerate. Attempts to establish a new life cause a mighty process of personal growth as you will master entirely new knowledge and skills. This way you can reveal the true potential and achieve success.

The process of self-improvement does not have any limitations. You can gain new experience and talents at the age of forty, sixty, and even seventy. The main thing is to have enough courage, confidence, and willpower.

  • You can leave a great legacy

Have you ever thought about what would you leave after yourself? What will your children and grandchildren remember about you? Will they take an example from you, or vice versa, remember you with a mixed feeling of shame and relief? What we can leave to our descendants is one of the greatest gifts that we have. And it does not have to be something material. You can start a new life and become a source of inspiration for many people.

These people found success later in life

If you think that you cannot start a successful career at forty, then read about these inspiring persons.

McDonald’s founder Ray Croc, sold paper cups until he was fifty-two years old. He had diabetes and arthritis, problems with the gall bladder and thyroid gland. Besides many diseases, he had no money and was almost deaf. Ray was a well-known businessman, but his early business ideas never succeded. When he needed the cash to buy out a McDonald’s distribution license, not a single bank gave him a loan. He mortgaged the house and the car. Another 30 years he lived earning $600 million.

Harland David Sanders, founder of KFC came up with the idea of ​​cooking fried chicken for visitors to his gas station at the age of 40. Colonel Sanders started working at the age of ten, tried many jobs, and at twelve he left home because of his toxic relations with the stepfather.

Joan Rowling, author of Harry Potter, until the age of 31, was a single mother with almost no income. The idea of the novel came to her in 1990. Over the next seven years, she lost her job and divorced her husband, and lived in poverty until she published the first novel of the series in 1997. She is now the best-selling author in the UK, and in five years has gone from living in poverty to multimillionaire status.

Only you can decide whether you want to start life from scratch or just make some small changes. But if you have a chance to become better, do it without any doubts. You have only one life, and it is never too late to live it as you always wanted.

never to late to progress, overcome stagnation, regression
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