Chocotherapy: A Pleasing Treatment


Chocotherapy: A Pleasing Treatment

Therapy can be healing, relaxing, pleasant and also it can be delicious. This description is about chocotherapy. Colossal benefit to your skin coupled with good aroma of cocoa beans will bring to your body unforgettable pleasure.

Treatment with chocolate becomes popular in spas day by day thanks to unique features of cocoa powder. This product is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oligoelements; therefore, it is an excellent skin-care product. Chocolate therapy was first developed by an Italian skin care institute. Specialists carried out researches and proved positive effect of chocolate on skin. Chocotherapy usually comes in a form of facial mask, body wrap and soothing massage.

Benefits of chocotherapy

Chocolate contains vitamins A and E in excessive amount, so it can promote blood circulation, moisture, revitalize and nourish the skin. Cocoa powder itself has anti-ageing properties, while cocoa butter hydrates and tones the skin. Moreover, chocolate is known for its benefits in reducing cardiovascular diseases.

Because of high content in caffeine chocolate therapy helps with excess weight and cellulite also. One of the most important aspects is that it can be applied to all types of skins.

Chocolate has an amazing smell that stimulates the production of endorphin and serotonin. Both hormones help to feel happiness and to improve the mood. During the therapy you can relax your body, calm your mind and dispose of fatigue, which helps you to take the maximum pleasure from the process.

Facial mask

Younger looking face. One great benefit of chocolate mask is that it creates youthful appearance. Chocolate is rich in antioxidants and amino acids which protects the skin from lines and wrinkles. Chocolate promotes cell growth and hydration; as a result your skin becomes elastic and soft.

Protection from the sun. Harsh rays of the sun can seriously damage your skin, especially in hot seasons. Skin redness, premature ageing, pigmentation and severe sunburn are possible damages. Fortunately, chocolate contains flavanols. This component helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Reduce pigmentation and dark spots. Dark spots and pigmentation are one of the main concerns women of all ages. After the therapy with chocolate mask you can see that pigmentation and dark spots become less. That’s all because of free radicals in chocolate, especially in dark chocolate.

Glowing face. Minerals and Omega-6 acids in chocolate help to refresh your skin. By removing toxins and dead cells from your skin, it makes your face look with healthy glow. Additionally, chocolate mask helps your face look brighter and more radiant.

Either you go to spa or make at home, the first thing you should do before applying chocolate facing is cleaning your face. Next step is scrubbing. With small amount of scrub gently massage your face about 5 minutes to remove dead skin cells. Finally, put chocolate mask on your face and leave like that for 15 minutes and then you can rinse it off. Undoubtedly, you will be happy with the result.

Body wrap

Chocolate body wrap is an excellent treatment to take care of your skin. Here are some benefits that you can get from chocolate wrap on your body:

Re-mineralizes and nourishes your skin
Improves blood circulation and enhances skin healing
Eliminates fats and cellulite
Provides energy to the cells
Stimulates cell renewal
Detoxifies pores of the skin
Provides relaxation and well-being

As the name suggests, in this treatment your whole bode will be covered with chocolate wrap. Spa centers offer their customers different types of chocolate wrap:

Dark chocolate with coconut oil
Cocoa with sunflower oil
Cocoa and almond oil
Chocolate with honey
Chocolate and clay
Cocoa butter

When you go to the spa salon you’d better ask the spa therapist to choose the most appropriate chocolate wrap for you. Depending on your skin type and problems the specialist will recommend you the best option.

Body wrap treatment goes on several steps. Like in facial mask, first your body needs cleaning. After, comes scrubbing. When you body is completely exfoliated it is ready for chocolate wrapping. Therapist covers your whole body with warm chocolate and wraps you up with cellophane or foil. Then, covers you with heated towels or blanket and you will lie without movements about 20-60 minutes enjoying the therapy. In the end, wash it off.

Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage is a luxury pleasure for your body and mind. Beyond relaxing and taking care of your health, you can also enjoy the smell of rich chocolate. Just imagine lying back and relaxing while the therapist applies chocolate mixture to your skin. Then with gentle movements start massaging and your skin immediately flushes out impurities, as the cocoa is absorbed into your body through pores.

When the therapy ends you will feel euphoria, as if you have been in paradise. You will experience overall feeling of indulgence and wellness. Your skin becomes smooth, soft and glowing. Moreover, your whole body is hydrated, moisturized, refreshed and nourished. For sure you will never regret for taking this fantastic treatment.

In cold days of winter let your body feel exotic delight with chocotherapy!


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