How to Start Exercising After 50

Start exercising after 50

How to Start Exercising After 50

Being over 50 is not an excuse to not exercising, especially if you have never worked out before. It’s never too late to start becoming a healthier person and improve the quality of life. Working out at any age provides awesome benefits, but doing it after 50 it’s life-changing. If you think that you are already old to start training and you are not in a good form to do it, you are far mistaken. By reading this article you will understand that life can be changed for the better even after 50 if you start exercising.

Effects of workout on your body after 50

Exercising is very essential to the body at any age. Staying flexible becomes more important especially when you age. When you live an active lifestyle, you feel happier than those who are less active. Also, you can notice that you’re full of energy the whole day and sleep better at night. That all happens because exercising improves muscle strength and increases core stability. In addition, it improves cardiovascular health, which reduces the risk of diseases like stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure.

As people age they start to lose bone density. Working out stimulates bone cells to grow which build bone density, and make the bones less prone to break, and less fragile. Even those who walk with walking stick after several months of workout can start walking without it.

The brain enhances its function and as a result there will be fewer problems with memory. Furthermore, it improves the cognitive function which reduces the risk of certain conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. It has also positive impact on stress level and emotional health. By improving the balance the risk of accidental falls decreases and pain levels also reduce.

If you are already convinced about giving it a try you need to keep reading this article to learn great tips about starting to exercise after 50.

Talk to your doctor

It is obvious that when you start exercising after 50 is not the same as it is at the age of 20 or 30. It is important to have your doctor’s approval before starting your training, especially if you have any conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis or heart disease. Here are provided general rules to start exercising, but if you worry about your health condition consult your doctor for advice.

Find a personal trainer

A personal trainer is going to make a personalized workout plan for you after checking your medical history. Moreover, personal trainer will guide you through all the process of doing the exercises in the right way. In this case you can make more intense physical activities in a safe way. Besides, some exercises can be followed by some pain or injuries, at that time the instructor will tell you what to do. For example, how to prevent injuries and how to reduce pain level after workout.

Start by walking

If you are not experienced in working out the best you can do to start is walking. By walking you are going to prepare yourself for more intense activities. Start by walking just 15 minutes each day, and then gradually increase the time to 30 minutes. Once you feel comfortable with that start to do intervals, walk for 15 minutes, then jog for other 15 minutes, and finish running for other 15 minutes.

Always warm-up

This step is important because it significantly reduces the risk of injuries. Warming up before a workout increases the body temperature, the heart rate and prepares you for the exercise.
Even if you are not warming up every day you should consider stretching daily. Here are some exercises you can practice.
• Put your hands on the top of your head and gently drop the chin until it is touching your neck. Take 5 breaths.
• Circle your hips 5 times clockwise and 5 times counter-clockwise. Keep your stomach pulled in. The widest the circle the better.
• Balance on your right leg and bend the left knee back, with your left hand grab the ankle, keep the balance, and take 5 deep breaths. Then switch sides.

Choose an activity that you like

Working out doesn’t have to be a boring activity. You can also have fun while doing it. If you feel like an adventurous person you can try a sport like swimming or cycling. Besides, if you want to exercise and have a relaxing time you can take yoga or pilates classes. In addition, if you want to make new friends you can take group classes such as Zumba, aerobics, or step. Finding an activity that you enjoy makes workout easier. And very soon you will notice a huge reduction in stress and an improvement in your mood. Keep your training varied. If you think that you can get bored of every day routine, then experience yourself in different directions.

Don’t be afraid of lifting weights

Just because you are over 50 doesn’t mean you can’t lift weights. One of the most important benefits of workout is that you are going to build muscle mass as well as increase the strength. And the best way to do it is by lifting weights. If you do in the appropriate form and with the right weights it is a safe way to be healthier. But, again before doing it consult with medical practitioner and your trainer.

Try the high-intensity interval training

This type of exercise involves working of almost every muscle, and you are going to burn a lot of calories. It means you are going to lose weight. Don’t worry if it looks like it is too intense, with the right fitness instructor you can get all the benefits of it.

Exercises to avoid

People are built differently and some beneficial exercise can be dangerous for others. If you are over 50 it is better to skip some exercises like long-distance running, overhead press and leg press. Also avoid high-intensity aerobics, boxing and deadlifts. Running stairs and intense jumping exercises are also harmful for your bones and muscles. This type of exercises may worsen your health condition and lead to bad outcome.

After 50 starting is not too late

As you notice 50 is just a number and not a bound to your opportunities. You can start exercising at 50, 60 or 70. It is never too late to make changes in your life. Today is the best day to start exercising and become a healthier person. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still become stronger and more flexible while enjoying the process.

So, be healthy and enjoy every moment of your life!

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