What’s the Right Electric Razor for Your Man?

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The face of a man holds many secrets. However, one secret a man cannot hide from his face is his facial hair. From full and bushy, to patchy and scraggly, the facial hair of a man, or even lack of facial hair, defines them. Their decision to look a certain way, line-up, trim, or sculpt, is a conscious decision they make. What you may not know is, although they may choose to shave a certain way or with a certain frequency, finding the right electric razor is hard, damn work!

So, if you’re looking to give your husband/boyfriend/crush a small gift he may enjoy, or if you’re sick of hearing them complain about their razor or facial hair every time they exit the bathroom (forgetting to clean up the small hairs that now coat the bathroom sink), here are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect razor for your man.

Because, remember, like every man is different in their own right, every face is different, too.

Skin: Rough vs. Sensitive


For rough skin choose an electric razor with web shave capabilities and 3-5 razors
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The rough-skinned male suffers from dry skin, itchiness, and redness. Although they may not get the ever-popular knick or cut that other men receive from their shaves, a man with rough skin can feel uncomfortable with a razor that’s not fit for their skin type. If your man has rough or dry skin, it’s important to find a razor with some sort of lubricating element to it. Many razors today come with gel or moisturizer elements included. This man is also fortunate that his skin type does not limit you to choosing a razor based on a number of blades or blade-rotation.

Choose an electric razor with 3-5 blades, choose an electric razor with circular (rotary blades) or cylindrical (foil blades) rotation: either way, as long as the razor allows for wet-shave capabilities and some lubricating elements to it, your man will have a much better shave than the morning prior.


for sensitive skin choose electric razor with minimal blades and dry-shave capabilities
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The sensitive-skinned male, on the other hand, suffers from oily, easy to knick skin, often leaving them with small dollops of toilet paper on their face to stop the cuts from bleeding. It can be embarrassing – especially on a morning, they find themselves running late and have to the train with toilet paper on their face – and also painful. For sensitive skin, it’s always best to choose an electric razor with dry-shave capabilities. This leads to a more controlled shave. You also want to focus on an electric razor with minimal blades – 2-3 for instance. Also, look for an electric razor with easily replaceable blades – the blades wear down over time which can cause more bumps and cuts. Make sure that they offer easy replacement options so your man can always have the comfortable shave he needs (and avoid the toilet paper bandaids in the process).

Density: Thick vs. Thin


a powerful motor high speed electric shaver for the thick beard
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The caveman beard – it’s thick, it’s full, but gosh, is it a pain for a man to work with when he’s shaving. Thick beards provide a dense shaving environment for their hosts. A man with a thick beard needs above all else, a power. The electric razor you choose should have a powerful motor and operate at high speeds. The speed is necessary to cut through the coarse forest on his cheeks and chin, otherwise, the blades can get clogged, or even tangled, which offers your husband or boyfriend an extra jolt in the morning as he plucks the hairs from his face to release himself from his razor’s grasp. A thick beard also needs sharp blades. The sharp blades mixed with the speed offers the cutting power he needs. Look for long-lasting or easy to replace blade options on the electric razor packages/descriptions.


medium power and limited blades for thin beard
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On the flip side, the thin-haired fellow grows his facial hair in patches. It can be an even, spaced-out growth, or an uneven, patchy display. Regardless, a man with less dense or thin facial hair requires specific grooming principals from their electric razor. For this man, look for electric razors with medium power and limited blades. This man will not need the same powerful option a thick-bearded man will, which is a benefit, as it will save you a bit of coin during your search and purchase. They will still require enough power to shave the hairs, instead of plucking them from their face. Slow, less powerful razors can be painful, especially if your hubby only shaves once a week (we’ll get into that a bit more, next).

Grooming Tendencies: Constant vs. Infrequent


The constant “gardener”, if you will, shaves his face regularly. It is part of his morning routine and everyday ritual. This does not mean that he is clean-shaven, it just means that every morning, he uses a razor, and thus the right electric razor for him, is one that can match his frequency. For him, a razor with long battery life is the key. Look for electric razors with portable charge stations that can fit easily in your current bathroom layout (next to the sink for instance).


Infrequent shavers may not appear to require as much battery life, however, due to the fact that they may only shave now and again, they may not actively charge their electric razor. Because of this, choose a razor similar to the constant groomer. Find an electric razor with a prevalent, portable wireless charging station. Something that can be considered decorative (just like your toothbrush holder or soap dispenser). Finding an electric razor with this capability centres the razor in the bathroom, creating something of familiarity that your man will recognize. Meaning, that when the razor’s off the charger, he’ll notice. This way, the next time he shaves, the electric razor will be right in front of him, charging away.

Type: Stylish vs. Rugged


Lastly, does your man pay close attention to how his facial hair is formed? Does he trim and align? Or does he just grab a razor, look in the mirror, and wing it? Either way, no matter what electric razor you choose for him, make sure it comes with amenities.


Trimming attachments and different blade levels offer flexibility for the user. They can either shave the same style, every time – or change-up their facial hair, sometimes going for a quick, short-shave for that clean-cut look. Other times, electing to be more artful with their facial landscape, turning beards into goatees.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the tools you need to choose the right electric shaver for your man, head to the mall or your favourite online retailer and get him the best razor for the face you adore, and the face that deserves a tailored experience. Whether it’s a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or you’re just sick of him complaining – he will surely be appreciative of the effort you’ve put into making his daily routine more comfortable. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of knowing that that skin you’re rubbing tenderly or cupping with affection, is just another item off the checklist of improving the man you care about!


Bonus: have a look at this video, hope it complements your knowledge of how to choose a perfect electric razor for your man!


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