Why is it better to use natural organic beauty products?

natural organic beauty products

Why is it better to use natural organic beauty products?

When it comes to taking care of not only your skin appearance, but also your skin health, using only natural organic beauty products is the best.

More and more people say that commercial products for the skin cause unwanted side effects because they consist of chemicals that are carcinogenic.

Based on recent statistical research, more than nine different products for skin care are used by an individual each day. Unknowingly, they will expose the skin to 126 chemicals every day.

So what exactly does organic mean? In simple terms, organic means innate purity. Organic beauty products are formulated using organically farmed ingredients, without using without the use of herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Natural organic beauty products do not contain controversial chemicals, parabens or phthalates. Natural organic products do not contain synthetic colors, dyes or fragrances.

Cosmetic products labeled with organic claims must comply with both USDA regulations for the organic claim and FDA regulations for labeling and safety requirements for cosmetics.

Many organic beauty products contain substances from purely natural sources. These sources include flowers, herbs, plants and minerals.

Why is it better to use natural organic beauty products?

The skin, as you know, is the largest organ in the body and works hard to protect you every day. It regulates body temperature and prevents germs from entering the body. By using organic skin care – lotions, scrubs, body washes and organic hair care – shampoos, conditioners, masks, your skin is not the only thing that benefits, but also, in fact, your overall health may improve. The new natural lifestyle will make your life better and more satisfying.

Here are some reasons why you should switch to natural products.

No Chemical Irritants

Natural skin care products do not contain any chemicals or other reagents that can irritate the skin and cause unwanted side effects.

Even people with sensitive skin usually can use natural beauty products, whereas chemical products can sometimes irritate the skin, cause redness and also affect the smooth texture of the skin. It is always good to avoid cosmetics that contain harsh chemicals because they can cause unwanted side effects over time.

No Carcinogens

According to the recent study, many beauty and skin care products are made of chemicals that contain carcinogens. When you apply such beauty products to the skin, they are easily absorbed in the body, and these chemicals are powerful enough to cause cancer of different types.

No Dandruff

Hair products with chemicals or irritating dyes can easily irritate your skin and scalp and cause dandruff. Moreover, it can create hair loss and other health problems that can sometimes be worse than the benefits it offers.

Petroleum-based polymers and synthetic chemicals can cause several complications over time. While cosmetics with natural ingredients do not cause side effects in most cases.


Beauty products with toxic chemicals can affect the various vital organs of the body, including the liver and kidneys. Researchers recently discovered that non-toxic beauty products could affect body organs without the user’s knowledge.

However, beauty products made from natural ingredients are completely safe and usually do not cause side effects. You can use organic beauty products in the long term without having to worry about carcinogens or harmful chemicals.

Ecological Friendlier

The manufacture of artificial products for skin care can have a negative impact on the environment. Heavy chemical beauty products put chemicals in the air and water. Think about it, if you use skin care product that contain harsh chemicals, you are not only harming your skin, but also may damage the nature, when the chemicals drain out of your bathroom.

No Strange Surprises

Parabens are commonly used in synthetic cosmetics to prolong their shelf life. However, these are synthetic and have the potential to alter the body’s hormones. Many harmful side effects of parabens are still unknown.

Harmful Ingredients in Skincare ProductsOn the other hand, natural health products use natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract, which does not harm the body. Studies have proved that parabens found in common cosmetics can have dangerous long-term side effects for the body.

Opting for organic cosmetics can help you avoid the toxic effects of parabens, like DNA damage, hormonal disturbance and accelerated ageing of the skin.

Protects Your Senses

Artificial perfumes use certain chemicals to cover other odors. As a result, you may have a chemical to cover another chemical, and all of these chemicals can cause headaches. Natural products smell like their natural ingredients, not like a chemical cocktail.

Unlike chemical products, most of natural products are ayurvedic and have no artificial smell. Therefore, you can easily use this product on the entire skin and obtain a flexible and durable results.

Better for the Aging Process

If you use chemicals, your skin is more prone to wrinkles and aging. In this case, you should place the best natural composition to look younger longer. If you check out the faces and the hair of those people that use natural product you will notice that their faces look kind of glowing from the inside. That is because of the natural healing of organic skin and hair products they use.

The Most Harmful Ingredients in Skincare Products

‘Who said alcohol?’ asked the dermatologist who my friend was consulting about her dry flaky skin. The look of horror on his face was easy enough for both to see. My friend anxiously tried to snatch back the list of skin care products which she had handed to him, but he was busy going through it muttering the odd word of disapproval here and there.

The use of alcohol-based products is the worst skin care advice you can have. In fact, alcohol is going to do more harm than good. It does not matter if you are suffering from acne or wrinkles, the use of alcohol should be strictly limited. Put a bottle of a top skincare product containing alcohol in front of a dermatologist, and he or she may say that you can as well use paint stripper.

It is not only alcohol containing skincare products which will get on your dermatologist’s nerves. The other harmful ingredients in skincare products are parabens. Once again, even top skincare products can be packed with parabens. Unfortunately, very few of us know what they are, where they have come from, and what harm they can do.

Parabens are derived from the petrochemical industry and act as preservatives. They can be found in our food and in many skin products. Parabens have made their way into almost anything we come in contact with on a daily basis. Despite the claims of major skincare producers that they are natural, parabens are not a natural substance at all. They are microcrystals which stay on top of your skin and wreak havoc, especially when used in suntan lotions. We are quick to blame the sun for the increased rate of skin cancer.

Avoid Both Alcohol and Parabens in Skincare

It does not matter if you have oily or dry skin. When you would like to improve the quality of your skin and make it naturally healthier, you better stop using the products containing both parabens and alcohol.

Alcohol will further dry out the skin and go on to cause minor skin tears. A wrinkle is a skin tear which has been caused by the natural loss of collagen in the skin.

Both parabens and alcohol speed up the loss of collagen in the skin.

Shopping for natural organic beauty products

how to choose natural organic beauty products

When buying natural organic beauty products, always be sure to read the product labels carefully.

Many cosmetics companies will do everything possible to attract you and make you buy the products. They might even say that your product is organic and natural, even if it isn’t the case. Just shop at legitimate organic stores to make sure that what you receive is 100% safe and natural products.

Read the ingredients of each product and conduct a product search online and read the reviews when possible. Also, if there is a “natural” or “organic” certified seal, be sure to investigate the company’s criteria for labeling its products as such.


When using natural organic beauty products, you have less chances to poison yourself. All the harmful chemicals found in synthetic skin care products can accumulate and eventually manifest themselves as allergies, rashes, inflammation and diseases. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, use a completely organic products every day for your skin.

Sometimes pure organic skin care products may be a bit pricier that the ones that contain chemicals and cheap preservatives. However, the few dollars you spend on natural products will give you more benefits than the cheap brands which just want to sell you stuff.

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