Difference between Foundation, Concealer, Primer and Corrector

difference foundation concealer corrector

Difference between Foundation, Concealer, Primer and Corrector

Foundation, concealer, and corrector – all of them are important parts of a perfect makeup. Their function is to even out the tone and make your skin look flawless. If you feel uncomfortable because of scars, dark circles or red spots, then these cosmetics can be your best friends.

Primer, on the other hand, is a base for face makeup. It is usually applied before foundation, to smooth your skin and prepare it for the makeup. Primer also helps to hold your foundation better, so that your makeup lasts longer. It is necessary, if you want your make-up stay put even in extreme weather, very hot and humid, or cold temperature.

Foundation, concealer and corrector have the same function: to deal with uneven skin tone. However, they are not interchangeable. Majority mistakenly think that one can substitute the other as they look similar. And that’s not surprising. Today, there are so many make-up products, and it makes it difficult for people to choose from.

After reading this article, you will learn how to differentiate foundation, concealer and corrector, and how to use them in a right way.


difference foundation concealer corrector

Foundation is a type of makeup which creates a uniform skin tone. As the name suggests foundation serves as a base on which the whole makeup is build.

Foundation comes in different tones and can be applied to any type of skin. This is a perfect makeup tool that helps to change skin tone or make it even.

How to find the right foundation for you? It is not difficult. Start with testing different colors of foundation that are near to your natural skin tone. Pick foundation and apply a few sample lines on your chest or on the back of your hand. Then go outside and check the color under the natural sunlight. Because room lighting may mislead you, so you’ll chose the wrong shade.

As you find the shade that perfectly suits your skin tone, stick to that brand and shade. In addition, you may choose the density of the foundation depending on the condition of your skin: sheer, light, medium and full.

How to use foundation?

Foundation is a base for your overall makeup, so you need to apply it your whole face. Sometimes it is needed on shoulders and neckline. You may use fingers, sponge or brush to apply foundation. Moreover, many professional makeup artists start using airbrush foundation, which comes on silicon or water based spray form.


difference foundation concealer correctorBasically, concealer does the same as foundation – covers the blemished skin. However, usually concealer is used after foundation to complete the makeup.

Concealer has thicker texture, allowing it to hide unwanted pigments, that foundation could not mask. It blends skin imperfections into surrounding skin tone.

In fact, if the skin is smooth and in a good condition, then for majority women foundation is enough. But if there are dark circles under eyes, red spots or marks then you can’t do without concealer.

Concealer also comes in different tones and it is thicker and more opaque than foundation. Since the foundation is more transparent, it can’t cover all defects of the skin. Even after applying two layers sometimes red spots, scars or marks are still visible.

Concealer can handle with this job perfectly. It can also easily hide birthmark and tattoos. For that you should chose concealer which is a bit lighter than your natural skin tone.

How to use concealer?

Once you’ve gotten your foundation on it becomes obvious where and in what amount concealer is needed. Upon your foundation put in tiny dab and shade it gently in necessary area. Remember, you shouldn’t put concealer on your whole face like foundation. Only on blemished zones. Therefore, container of concealer is much smaller than foundation has. Concealer can come in different forms: liquid in tube, stick or palette.

Color Corrector

correct color pallete shades

Many women have problems in distinguishing corrector and concealer. Many people think that if there is a concealer then no need for corrector, or vice versa. Let’s see is it really like that. In fact, no! Both of them have different purposes.

As the name implies, color corrector is best for covering unwanted face skin colors. For example, extreme under-eye darkness. Even the highest quality concealer drops short when battling with extreme dark circles. And that’s where corrector comes into play.

How to use corrector?

To use corrector in a right way you should just know the rule of contrasting colors. Have you heard about color wheel makeup chart? It’s all about which color neutralizes what.

For example, red contrasts with green, so you should use green corrector for red spots. For under-eye darkness, it is best to use yellow tone.  And for blue-purple bruises, use peach or pink color corrector depending on you skin undertone.

Color corrector goes under concealer and helps to correct all skin imperfections. Correctors usually come in the form of stick or palette which contains different shades. Once you chose the right corrector and remove imperfections you’ll look amazing.

Foundation, Concealer, Primer and Corrector. Which one should you apply first?

Foundation concealer correctorNow, when you have your primer, foundation, concealer, and corrector, you might be asking which one to use first.

In order to achieve a perfect make up always start with moisturizing your skin, and then apply a primer. As soon as primer creates a smooth base apply foundation on your skin.

The next step is using color corrector to neutralize unwanted colors on your skin and, finally, applying concealer to cover blemishes. And voilà! Your skin will appear flawless ! You can also use the following makeup techniques and tricks to cover acne, if your skin is prone to breakouts.

Foundation, corrector, primer and concealer – all of them may help you creating perfect makeup, so make sure to have all of them in your cosmetic bag.

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