Why Aqua Aerobics is the Best Workout

Aqua aerobics is best workout

Why Aqua Aerobics is the Best Workout

Aqua aerobics or known as water aerobics is the action of high-energy aerobic exercise in a shallow setting of water like a swimming pool. The exercise usually takes place in a vertical position and does not involve swimming even though you are in a swimming pool. Aqua aerobics provides mostly resistance training and aerobic endurance. By reading this article you will know what makes aqua aerobics the best workout.

Types of water aerobics classes

Before taking about types of aqua aerobics classes, let’s find out what aqua aerobics is. Water aerobics is like any other exercise of aerobics but is different due to the fact that you are going against the weight and restraint of the water. The exercise is focused on cardio just like land aerobics, but the actions from being underwater pump more blood to your heart. Water aerobics is not only a type of resistance training but is also a type of strength training as being in the water uses different muscles than on land. There are common forms of aqua aerobics that you can find for different level intensity workout:

Aqua circuit – Aqua circuit exercises are mainly directed to build muscle tone. Besides, it also includes cardiovascular exercises, so you can call it a mix of cardio and strength exercises.
Water aqua – It is simple aqua aerobics exercises. Invigorating workout with the low impact on joints. It is suitable for any level of swimming ability.
Deep water aqua – Deep water aqua includes exercises similar to simple water aqua, but with more intense workout. It takes places in the deep end of the pool, so you need to be a confident swimmer.
Aqua zumba – It is also called “pool party”, combines elements of water-based fitness, Latin-infused dance movements, music and pool. It is helpful in building muscle tone and burning up calories.
Aqua yoga – aqua yoga is the adaptation of the classic yoga in the water. Starting from breathing exercises to different poses you are more relaxed. Therefore, in aqua yoga you may get a better stretch in each pose.

How to find aqua aerobics classes?

It is most likely easy to find a place to sign up for classes. All it takes is a quick minute to research online to find a website that offers all sorts of aqua classes. You first have to be sure that there is a swimming pool located near your location. Big cities often provide classes at many different locations, so if you live in a well-populated city, finding a class should not be difficult. With wide variety of choices it wouldn’t be difficult to find the most appropriate one with the suitable location, working hours and monthly fee.

When choosing classes pay attention to whether the instructor is qualified or not and if necessary ask for certificate. Once you find aqua aerobics class, make sure you prepared comfortable swimsuit, towel and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Also, if you want you may bring your water shoes, gloves and goggles for classes. As for equipment like pool noodles, dumbbells, hydro discs or kickboards you don’t need to buy them. The pool provides with all necessary equipment you may use during classes.

Health benefits of aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics is best workout

Aqua aerobics and its health benefits provide more than just the normal exercise you would expect. Aqua aerobics provides an all-over workout that strengthens and activates different muscles while you are fighting against the water. Being in the water adds support to your body and puts a lot less stress on your joints and muscles, unlike land aerobics. The pressure of the water puts less strain on your heart as more blood is pumped to your heart. Also, blood moving all around the body is more than usual.

The water prevents overheating and the body is prone to more exercise as the water allows the body to remain at normal temperature. Due to the lack of gravity in the water the body is capable to a wider range of motion . The benefits of aqua aerobics provide the improvement of one’s cardiovascular and respiratory system. In addition, aqua aerobics is perfect for lowering stress level. Calming effect of the water coupled with the enjoyable exercising in a good social atmosphere will positively influence your mental wellness.

Also, if you think about, you can’t get hurt in water right? There are the cramps that come by occasionally, but you are prone to less injury as participating in a land exercise. The health benefits that come with aqua aerobics are not limitless, but they do improve so much within your body to aid in the long run.

Fitness benefits of aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics is best workout

Water aerobics is the perfect way of combining gym aerobics with great benefits of water. Unlike the land aerobics, aqua aerobics is suitable for all people regardless the physical shape. As you know water has a buoyancy force, which means that people experience less weight when they are in the water. Here are some great fitness benefits of aqua aerobics:

1. For everyone. It is suitable for people of all ages and physical shape.
2. Increases calorie burn. Water has 12 times more resistance than air, so water requires more effort to do even simple movements. In a water aerobics class you may burn 400-500 calories per hour.
3. Best for losing weight. Due to the water resistance you can burn calories and fat faster than in land aerobics or other gym workout. This is especially good for people who suffer from excessive weight.
4. Less injuries. According to gravity rule if you fall on the land, you’ll most likely injure yourself. However, in the pool there is a minimal risk of being injured, as water will not allow you to. Water will support you because of an upward force it has.
5. Helps build strength. Workout in the pool demands fighting against the push of water. Constantly exercising in the water helps to improve muscle tone, strength and stamina.

After attending several aqua aerobics classes you will notice a big difference in your overall fitness and health.

Who it is best suited for?

Aqua aerobics is best at all ages, usually for adults though. There is a large majority of seniors who use aqua aerobics to increase their exercise and help with health issues, especially their hearts. Pregnant women also can enjoy aqua aerobics exercises, as the water makes the movements more flexible and has the calming effect. Moreover, you may attend classes with your children and even babies. Any sort of aerobic is allowed for anyone and everyone that is permitted to exercise unless stated otherwise.

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