True Causes of Sagging Breasts

sagging breasts
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What are the main reasons for the breasts to sag? Is it possible to lift up breasts without surgeries? What are the myths and truths about taking care of breasts?
We tried to make deep research to find out the answers to these questions and would like to share this information with you. Hope this helps you to make your breasts perkier and more beautiful. ❤️

Breasts sagging process is a natural change in a woman’s body, yet sometimes it happens earlier due to some particular factors, and it is undoubtedly something most women would like to avoid. Just as with any other kind of dysfunction or disease, it is crucial to understand the real reason behind breasts ptosis (a medical term for fallen breasts) and work in a correct direction towards improvement. Luckily, there are several effective ways to improve and prevent breasts from sagging. But first of all, let’s try to reveal true causes that make our breasts sag.

Main causes of sagging breasts 

Breasts ligaments tend to lose their elasticity and stretch out as a result. Therefore, whatever it is that weakens the elasticity of the ligament comes to be an underlying reason for the saggy breasts.


Wearing/Not wearing a bra

There is a study by professor Jean-Denis Rouillon conducted in 2013 that claimes bras to make breasts sag. Jean-Denis Rouillon spent 15 years on his research, but his study was never published. The conclusion that we have today of bras weakening the breasts muscles comes from the radio interview he made once, but no other data, however, support professor’s claims.

Therefore, answering the questions – whether or not bras influence on breasts ligaments and make them sag? The answer is no. At least, there is no supporting evidence for that. And it applies for both wearing or not wearing a bra.


According to research from the US National Library of Medicine, breastfeeding does not significantly influence the changes in our breasts. In fact, more significant changes to your breasts appearance may occur during pregnancy, when breasts get heavier and fuller, thus stretching out the ligaments. Breasts may also sag more with each pregnancy.


There is no specific age identified that women start to have their breasts sag. You can find a young woman in her early twenties having saggy breasts while one in her late forties having perky breasts. Therefore, age does not necessarily matter when it comes to sagging of breasts. This occurs when the ligaments and skin on the chest that is responsible for shaping breasts fail to work. Therefore if these ligaments fail, your breasts will sag.

What are the REAL causes of the saggy breast?

So, the weakened breasts tissues problem appears as a result of various processes in the body. There may be no unequivocal conclusion, and some factors may go hand-and-hand with each other. 

Collagen deficiency

As far as collagen is a form of protein, the lack of collagen affects the connective tissues in the body. Collagen builds a protein-based connective tissue to the skin and the skin under the breasts remains firm if there is enough collagen. Therefore without it, your skin’s support system will not be able to hold the breasts.

Oestrogen deficiency

Oestrogen is a hormone that is found all over the body, prevailing more in the female body. It is responsible for the various changes that occur in the breast for teenagers and pregnant women. It helps to make the breasts firm by strengthening the ligaments and tissues under the breasts. Therefore if the body is producing low Estrogen levels, then the breasts will sag.


This is a fascinating and realistic reason why breasts sag. Every day gravity is working towards pulling you down. This makes the breasts involved too. The breasts will be working towards the remaining firm. Due to this strain, the tissues, skin, and ligaments under your breasts become loose and are pulled downwards.


One can gain hereditary genes from the family that will play a big part in the size of your breasts and the shape as well. It will also determine the body weight and how strong the ligaments will be. This is, therefore, another factor that would make you have sagging breasts.


This is also one of the factors that play a significant role when it comes to the beauty of your body and breasts in particular. Smoking gradually makes the skin lose its elasticity and tissues weaken.

Other factors

There are other factors that may cause the breasts to weaken their tissues. Among them are:

  • High body mass index. It basically means that getting fitter will help to keep the breasts in tonus.
  • Larger breast size. It may also relate to genetics.
  • Menopause
  • Rapid weight loss followed by weight gain (or vice versa)

Uplifting solutions for saggy breasts

Now when you know what causes the breasts to sag, you know what direction to follow to heal and to prevent the issue. There are quite a number of breasts uplifting solutions.

Take a healthy diet

If you want to uplift your sagging breasts, having a balanced diet would be the first step to make. This will also be complemented by having enough water each day to keep your body hydrated.

Practice good posture

Having a poor posture will give gravity an even better chance to pull your breasts downwards. When standing or sitting, ensure that you use the right posture. This means that your back should be straight, with the shoulders leaning backwards. This will help much in supporting your breasts and giving them an uplift.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes the skin to sag. Therefore if you quit smoking, the skin around your breasts will gradually pull back together, and with the right physical exercises, you will be able to bring your breasts back to shape.

Pectoral muscle workout

The breasts do not have any muscles. Therefore pectoral muscles workout means that you will be working out the muscles beneath the breasts. It will give your breasts a natural uplift and firmness. There are many other exercises that one can go through like the butterfly curls.
Watch the video and follow the exercises on a regular basis. I do believe it will bring you a fruitful result!

Final thoughts 

Having a firm and strong breasts makes a woman very confident. Although it may take time, you can always try to make the situation better than it is. To help maintain the appearance of your breasts at any stage of life, make healthy lifestyle choices. Include regular physical activity in your daily routine and maintain a healthy weight and try to be conscious of your health each time.

Of course, there are some technological solutions that can help return the breasts to the perky state in a short time (for those who want to do the uplifting quick and without delay). However, we do encourage you to make yourself stronger through natural ways and your body and health overall will pay you off!


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