10 Simple Ways to Add Volume to Thin Hair

Adding volume to hair

10 Simple Ways to Add Volume to Thin Hair

Do you have problems with adding volume to your hair? That’s true – you cannot achieve expected results with thin and flat hair. With voluminous hair any hairstyle and haircut will look gorgeous.

With age, hair loses in volume as it grows thinner and grows slower. Although you can’t avoid it, there are tricks on how to enjoy volume and when it’s not naturally your day. There are numerous tricks, products, supplements that can give your hair volume – and we really need it!

These tips are a bit of a miracle solution, and we’re sure you’ve never heard of some. Explore them below.

10 simple ways to add volume to thin hair:

1. Regular Haircut

Regular haircut refreshes your hair. You may be losing this length, but at the same time it eliminates cracked tips that make your hair lifeless and difficult. And then instead of vibrancy, most often it just sticks to your face.

2. Medium Long Hair

Hair slightly shorter than the shoulder is one of the tricks for volume. Namely, this also visually resolves the burden of long hair. With proper hairdressing, the very tip of the head can give the impression of density and volume for the entire hair. This trick helps even when it naturally lacks fullness. With medium long hair you can use one more trick. While brushing your hair pin up upper layer hair and back-brush the rest. Use hairspray for back-brushed area and then let down pinned up upper layer hair. With this technique you’ll give your hair sizable volume (Unfortunately, it is a complete nightmare to comb it out).

3. Bob or Lob

Adding volume to hair

Bob and lob hairstyles are designed for people with less volume because they act compact and “full” while emphasizing key bones and shoulders. Did you know that when this length grows to the shoulder, the body just somehow raises the hair up? Well, natural volume booster! Use curling iron to create loose waves and voilà! You will look stylish and very feminine. It’s not surprising why many celebrities with thin hair chose exactly these hairstyles.


4. Short Hair

Adding volume to hair

It is a myth that long hair gives a density and that by cutting a lot of hair we cannot get volume. Conversely, long hair adds a weight to your thin hair and pulls it down. One of the most voluminous hairstyles (and naturally, we do not count extensions!) is a good short hairstyle in layers. Especially, if the inside of the hair has a shorter layer that supports the upper and the longer and gives the hair a sense of depth. Don’t afraid of having your hair cut short. Even with short hair you can create wonderful look.

5. Layers

Adding volume to hair

The best way to give your hair a density is to have a good layered hairstyle. When the hair is cut “upstairs”, it gains momentum on the go and has depth, which immediately gives visual volume. This volume will look even more pronounced on the hair over your shoulders with some carefully designed “sunburst” strands. Hairstylists also admit that having layers inside the hair visually adds some more volume. This trick really works in dealing with fine hair.

6. Zigzag Hair

The famous “crimpers” hairstyle does not have any smarter equivalent in Croatian than zigzag hair. In any case, you probably wore it 10-15 years ago, and it worked in a specific way with irons. This kind of hairstyle gives that crazy volume right from the root of your head, the kind of thing you can rarely do and maintain. We really believe that it is only a matter of time before this hairstyle goes back in style. If you do not want to style it a good option is to make irons with just a few inner layers and then try to cover them with blown hair – tricky but doable!

7. Messy Hair

Adding volume to hair

Messy hairstyle is perfect for hair of any length. Whether you prefer soft waves or blond hair, this minimal dose of texture will already give your hair volume. You can make them using figures or thicker braids, and later thicken and fix them with hair foam, hairspray or any kind of salty spray. Whether it is a casual style or you’re preparing for an event you can create nice look with messy bun, ponytail or loose hair.

8. Proper Use of Products

It is easy to overdo it with styling products, and then there is no benefit to them. Always read how a product is used and strictly follow the instructions. For example, if you have normal hair, you have enough foam the size of a golf ball. And you only want dry shampoo on your scalp and after spraying you have to rub it to activate it. Dry shampoo refreshes your hair, absorbs oil and helps to volumize fine hair. Make sure to use volume-products on damp hair. Once the hair dry, you won’t achieve expected result.

9. Upside down drying

Do you want a natural volume in your hair? When you dry your hair with a dryer, tilt your head forward and dry it from above. When you dry hair this way the roots automatically lift up giving your hair natural volume. This will make your hair stand up slightly from your head and make your hair thicker. In the end you may straight the lower part of your hair with flat iron. As you can see, not only with wavy and curly hair but also with straight hair you can get voluminous hair.

10. Deep Splitting

Whenever you make a deep splitting, one side of the head looks straight and the other is bursting with volume. Of course, this is a visual trick, which can be further enhanced by putting the volume product at the root. Drying the hair in reverse from the partition (so that you add extra volume to this “higher” part of the hair) and then tuck the other part of the partition behind your ear and you secure the hairpins.

Don’t be sad if you have thine and fine hair. With the small tricks provided above you may add volume to your thin hair and look fabulous any time.

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