Acroyoga – The Best Fitness Practice for Couples

Acroyoga for couples

Acroyoga – The Best Fitness Practice for Couples

There are a lot of exercises and fitness workouts to do with your beloved person. But, have you tried to do acroyoga for couples with your significant other? It is the best way of expressing your love, truth, sincerity and an excellent opportunity to spend time together.

Probably you know yoga and you are familiar with acrobatics, so what happens if to combine these two. Exactly, it is acroyoga. Acroyoga focuses on acrobatic elements, mind-body connection of yoga and healing movements of therapeutics.

In daily life you spend most of your time working or studying and possibly you don’t have much time to spend with your beloved person. Of course, you may go to the gym together, but because of the difference in your physical abilities you can be involved in different exercises. Then, why don’t try to practice acroyoga together. It will help you and your significant other to strengthen relationship.


How to enjoy with your couple when practicing acroyoga

If you think that you are not in a good form for acroyoga, then leave this thought behind. To enjoy acroyoga you don’t need to be an athlete, gymnast or professional yogi. You will learn during sessions how to make your body strong and flexible. What’s more important than this is trusting your partner. This is fundamental and without trusting you cannot work in pair with your significant other.

In addition, acroga develops open communication between couples. Whether it is lifting or flying you need to give directions, share experience and support each other. You’ll feel yourself wonderful after learning to support and receiving support from your partner. It is a bright and unforgettable feeling that gives you energy and relaxation at the same time. You’ll feel as if you are and your significant other is a whole one.

During learning process communicate more, support each other more, try different poses, laugh, and enjoy the moments spend together.


Understand the acroyoga language

Like any kind of sport acroyoga also has its terminologies. These terminologies you’ll hear a lot during classes. Therefore, learn some basic acroyoga-related words that are essential to keep an effective communication.

Base – the person who is on the bottom and lifts the other partner. Base is like a pillar for doing different poses and responsible for keeping balance.

Flyer – the person who performs and receives lifts from the base. Flyer also needs balance and strength to complete practices successfully.

Spotter – the person who performs as supporter for base and flyer. Spotter aids the flying sequence and improves the performed pose.

Partner acrobatics – it is doing more difficult acrobatic yoga poses with partner. This kind of practice requires the presence of spotter as it is more technically complicated.

Partner flow – it is practicing acroyoga in pair in order develop better communication and compassion to each other.

Asana – it is a body posture or meditation pose that is used in yoga.

Metta healing – metta or loving-kindness healing is about a mental-emotional –physical healing therapy through befriending body.

These are not all terminologies, but they are the basic words that will help you to understand the acroyoga language.


Tips to make your sessions successful

1. Warm up. Any kind of workout should be started with warm up and acroyoga is not the exception. Warming up helps to prevent injuries and to complete practices more successfully. As a warming up you can do stretching exercises, dancing or jogging for a bit. Any exercise that boosts blood circulation and warms your body is ok.

2. Find a reliable spotter. When you are in a session with your beloved person you might prefer not to be distracted by other people. However, finding a reliable spotter is crucial for your own safety. Spotter will help you to comprehend the poses and do them in a right way. Make sure that you both trust the spotter and vice versa.

3. Open communication. Open communication is an integral part of acroyoga. You and your partner (base and flyer) and a spotter should communicate with each other to decrease the level of getting injuries. Moreover, it is important to make the session successful. Also, open communication gives a good opportunity to have fun during sessions and to learn expressing your sincere feelings.

4. Working within ability. Always assess your and your partner’s abilities. If you are beginners never start from technically difficult poses. First try simple ones and take a break after each set of sequences. Because after practicing you should feel yourself relaxed and satisfied, not exhausted. Don’t allow acroyoga session to turn into a nightmare. Honest self-assessment is a clue for safe and long-term successful sessions.

Poses for couples to do in acroyoga

Here are some popular acroyoga poses for beginner couples that you can practice together.
1. Front Bird pose.

Photo by Kireyonok Yuliya

Front Bird is a perfect pose for beginners. Whole bodies of both yogis are fully engaged. The flyer fully relies on the base while staying in a horizontal position. The base learns how to balance the flyer.

2. Bow pose. 

Photo by Kireyonok Yuliya

After Front Bird pose the flyer grabs her feet from the back and lifts the chest up. The base concentrates on legs and helps the flyer to lift the chest.

3. High-flying Whale pose.

Acroyoga for couples

The base uses feet to push up the flyer’s back while holding the ankles of the flyer. The flyer leans backward facing the opposite side of the base and gets support from the base’s feet.

4. Camel pose.

Photo by Kireyonok Yuliya

After Whale pose the flyer bends the knees and grabs her ankles while leaning backward. The base holds the knees of the flyer and pushes up while they are in a bended position.

5. Throne pose.

Photo by Kireyonok Yuliya

It is a fun pose and is more focused on balance. The base keeps both legs and arms in a vertical position while grabbing flyer’s ankles. The flyer slowly sits on the feet of the base. The base needs to control strength to handle with balancing the weight of the flyer. While sitting straight in the throne pose the flyer can play with arms and try different variations.

With acroyoga you can spend sweet moments with your significant other by bringing health to your bodies. Physical, mental and emotional connection helps you to strengthen your relationship while allowing to be in a good form.

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