The Most Beautiful Medical Tourism Destinations

Medical tourism destinations

The Most Beautiful Medical Tourism Destinations

People used to travel to another country for its historical buildings, exotic nature, for holiday or for some sport event. These days medical tourism also becomes very popular. This is because some countries outperform the rest in high quality medical service, variety of medical treatment and in availability of specialized doctors. If before people mostly travelled to developed countries like the USA, the UK or Germany, now it’s different. Today Eastern and Southeastern countries are in trend among tourists. In this article we’ll focus on the most beautiful countries among popular medical tourism destinations.

While some tourists chose the country with close culture, others focus on cheaper price or high quality medical service. According to statistics popular treatments include dentistry, cosmetic surgery, weight loss, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) , cardiovascular disease and organ transplantation. In this article you can get familiar with healthcare system of India, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico and Turkey, and find how they attract millions of tourists.


Medical tourism destinations

Thailand is Asia Pacific’s top tourist destination and Bangkok is the most popular city. Regular tourists go there for its exotic locale, while patients mainly look for oncological, heart disease treatment and plastic surgery. Also, orthopedic and rehabilitation treatments are widespread. Only in 2016 and 2017 over 30 million tourists came to Thailand and this rate is growing year by year.

What attracts tourists more in this country is the considerably low prices for medical services. Just for comparison, heart valve replacement surgery in USA costs $170,000 and in Thailand it is 10 times cheaper, $17,200. However, low price does not mean that they provide lower quality service. Private hospitals like Bumrungrad International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital are known for high-class standards and facilities. Most of the private hospitals are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Organization for Standardization. That means it is guaranteed that you’ll get the best treatment and service at those hospitals.

Moreover, in Thailand you can receive treatment package for your medical tourism. With treatment package you can get several medical procedures instead of one and the price includes hospital and medical bills. Packages are usually offered for plastic surgery and dental treatments.


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India is a country with extraordinary culture, rich history, amazing food and of course, with top-notch healthcare infrastructure. Except historical buildings and colorful events  what attracts tourists all around the world is affordable prices for medical treatment and procedures. Comparing to medical services in USA or UK you can gain saving from 65% to 90% in India. India is the only country with the lowest prices and high standard facilities.

What’s more, in 2015 India was in the third place among the most popular medical tourism destinations and is growing by 30% each year. India is among the top preferences when talking about orthopedic and cardiovascular treatments. Coming to the quality of the providing services, this country is famous for its top-class doctors and hospitals equipped with the latest technologies. India has 28 JCI accredited hospitals. For tourists it’s preferable to chose private hospitals due to their close collaboration with travel agencies and hotels.

Medical India Tourism provides treatment packages to orthopedics, neurology, organ transplant, cardiology and more. Besides modern treatments you can also find packages for Ayurveda and yoga as well. Moreover, you won’t face problems with communication as English is an official language in India.


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If you want to enjoy a wonderful trip in tropic nature and receive high quality treatment, then Malaysia is an ideal destination for you. Interestingly, medical tourism sector is promoted by the government which makes this country unique in this list. Malaysia is a multicultural country where world-class standards meet with affordable price. Prices are not as low as in India, but still much affordable than in USA or European countries.

In addition, Malaysia is a winner of many prestigious world awards. Among them Medical Travel Destination of the Year (2015-2017), Best Country in the World for Healthcare (2015-2017), Hospital of the Year (Malaysia) – Sunway Medical Centre and many others. It is popular medical tourism destination for success rate in cardiology and fertility spheres. This is also an excellent place for dentistry and vision treatment.

Malaysia has more than 70 internationally accredited private hospitals. Rooms in hospitals look much like in a hotel; all are luxurious and equipped with modern conveniences. Medical staff is professionally trained and fluent in English. One important point is that tourists from USA and Europe do not need visa and they can stay there for 90 days.


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Another beautiful medical tourism destination is Mexico. With about 1.2 million of medical tourists Mexico is positioning in the second place right after Thailand. This country offers to travelers visiting ancient Mayan ruins, enjoying tropic beaches and attending famous museums. However, Mexico is more popular for well-developed healthcare system.

According to data from Medical Tourism Association, majority tourists travel to Mexico for medical purposes. And 80% of those tourists are Americans and Canadians due to its convenient located destination. Furthermore, the price of medical treatments is lower than in USA for 30-50%. Among popular medical treatments are cardiology, organ transplant, plastic surgery, diabetes and dental treatment. Most preferable destinations by foreign travelers are Mexico City, Quintana Roo, Baja California, Puebla, San Luis Potosi and Yucatan.

Big hospitals and clinics are equipped with modern technologies and have high-class facilities for patients. With English-speaking professional specialists you won’t face language barrier there.


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Famous medical tourism destinations in Turkey are Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. There a large number of JCI accredited healthcare institutions including public, private and university hospitals. Ministry of Health of Turkey controls the medical service in country. To attract more medical tourists the Ministry of Health provides 24/7 interpreting services in English, Arabic, German and Russian languages.

Good geographical location, warm climate, amazing archeological establishments and rich cultural heritage makes Turkey of the demanded travel destinations. Quality of medical services is high-class despite the low prices. That means you can combine your medical treatment with the trip exploring the country.

The leading medical treatments are orthopedics, internal medicine, eye diseases, skin and venereal diseases, neurology and organ transplant. Like in other countries in this list except Mexico treatment packages are available in Turkey also. Treatment packages may include several medical procedures and surgery as well as accommodation and travel cost.

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