7 Tricks to Make the Aroma of Perfume Last Longer

Make the aroma of perfume last longer

7 Tricks to Make the Aroma of Perfume Last Longer

How you feel when someone says you that you smell great? Awesome, right? First of all, it’s pleasant to know that you have a nice smell, secondly, you can leave a good impression about yourself. But what to do if aroma of the perfume does not last long?

Why aroma of my perfume doesn’t last long?

Make the aroma of perfume last longer

Before leaving home, you apply your favorite fragrance and after an hour you can’t notice it. If you can’t notice the fragrance, it’s not a problem. Your nose just gets used to the fragrance and others can smell it. The real problem is when others also can’t smell it.

Maybe it’s time to change your perfume or maybe you use it in a wrong way. With these simple tricks you can make aroma of your perfume last longer.


1. Where do you keep your perfume?

One of the mistakes that makes the fragrance evaporate fast is keeping in an inappropriate place. In the humid, light and warm place your perfume loses its quality and the fragrance becomes less intense. So, bathroom is the worst enemy of perfume. Make sure that dressing table where you keep perfumes is far from heating system and direct sunlight.

Also, not all perfumes have the same aroma resistance. For example, eau de cologne is the least resistant. Then comes eau de toilette, then eau de parfum and the strongest is perfume.

2. Better do it after having a shower.

Make the aroma of perfume last longer

That’s true, the best time to apply perfume is right after taking shower. You may wonder, won’t it evaporate until you get ready to leave home. Experts claim that after having a shower the skin is moisturized and in the best condition to lock in the scent. After shower skin gets hydrated and becomes a great base for the scent. Moreover, on bare skin the perfume smells best and the fragrance lasts all day.

3. Dry skin or oily skin keeps aroma longer?

Surprisingly, the oily skin can hold the scent better than dry one. If you want the aroma of your favorite perfume last longer, first use oil-based moisturizer on your skin. You may use unscented body lotion or Vaseline and then spray perfume. On moisturized and oily skin the scent sticks like a glue.

If you’re not sure that the fragrance may last till the end of the day, it’s better to carry in bag travel mini version of perfume. It’s don’t take much place in your bag plus it can be your secret to be odorous the whole day.

4. Use products with the same fragrance.

Another trick to keep the fragrance longer is using products with matching scent. Applying your perfume in combination with perfumed body lotion, perfumed shower gel, shampoo or hand cream with the same scent can really make your scent last longer. Nowadays many popular brands offer the set of perfumed products with matching fragrance. Whether your favorite brand is Burberry, Miss Dior or Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel  you can find set of products with the same scent to maximize your fragrance.

5. Best places to apply perfume.

You need to know not only how to apply, but also where to apply your perfume to maximize the effect. According to experts, the best places to apply perfume is pulse points. Pulse points on your body are:

   Inner elbow
   Nape of the neck
   Back of knees

In pulse points the temperature is a bit higher and this helps to the fragrance last longer. The scent likes the heat, so target pulse points and nice aroma will follow you throughout the day.

6. Don’t forget about hair.

Do you know that your hair also is one of the best fragrance holders? Spray your perfume to your hair at the distance of 30 sm, this way the aroma of perfume will last longer. If you are afraid that alcohol in perfume can damage your hair and cause dryness, there is another way to add extra scent. Spray perfume on your brush before running it through your hair and your hair also will be scented.

Another option for you is using perfume fragranced hair spray. It prevents your hair from getting damaged and makes it fresh and light fragranced.

7. Why you shouldn’t rub perfume?

Probably you several times have met women how they rub places where they applied perfume. Maybe you also have done this. Remember, never do this if you want your perfume aroma last longer. Usually ladies rub wrists and neck thinking that rubbing helps to make the scent more intense. That’s a big mistake. When you rub wrists, you create a good opportunity for the fragrance to evaporate even faster.

After applying perfume don’t rub that place, instead slightly dab. However, it’s better not to touch at all.

As final word, with these simple tricks you can let yourself and others enjoy beautiful fragrance of your perfume as long as it is possible.


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