Awful Outcomes of Not Removing Makeup Before Bed

Not removing makeup before bed

Awful Outcomes of Not Removing Makeup Before Bed

At any age females want to look gorgeous and makeup helps with that task a lot. When you started using foundation, lipstick or mascara for the first time, you probably have warned about removing it before going to bed. We all know that leaving makeup on face before sleeping is harmful, and sometimes we just don’t do it. It’s all because of tiredness, laziness or forgetfulness. Maybe you still do not completely realize the outcomes of not removing makeup before going to bed.

It is strongly advised by dermatologists to always wash your face before going to bed, no matter how tired you may be. Does it cause adverse effects on the skin? Let’s find out more about the results of not removing make up and the right way to remove it.

What are the outcomes?

Dull complexion

If you forget removing your makeup before bed, the dead skin cells and oils will sit on your face all night, preventing the skin’s turnover process. Cleansing and exfoliating your skin regularly are essential steps to reveal new, healthy skin cells and allow the repairing process to occur. Without exfoliation you can’t obtain radiant and glowing skin.

You’ll get breakouts

Throughout the day, the skin and makeup are exposed to bacteria, dirt, and several other environmental factors. If you don’t wash your face, you risk clogging your pores which eventually leads to breakouts. Going to sleep without taking off the makeup for a long time, dirt and bacteria can cause chronic inflammation of skin. As signs of inflammation you can notice pimples, redness and irritation.

If you already have skin problems like acne or blackheads, the risk of damaging the skin increases twice. Your skin condition may worsen overnight.

It can lead to eye infections

Let’s now talk about eye makeup. If you leave a mascara or eyeliner for overnight, dust that stuck to lashes may clog oil glands, tear channels and pores around the eye. Not removing your makeup increases the chances of bacteria and harmful particles getting in your eyes. This can lead to discomfort, irritation, and eye infections. The infection of the eyes is characterized by rheumy, redness and itchiness.

The same thing can happen if not to properly remove all eye makeup. The smallest leftovers may get in the eye and damage eyelids and the surface of eyes. And after can follow swelling, painful irritation and watery eyes which will definitely lead you to the ophthalmologist.

You may develop more wrinkles

When dirt and makeup stay on the skin for too long, it causes oxidative damage. This makes your skin age faster, due to the breakdown of the skin’s barrier. Several studies prove that the simple act of not washing your makeup off eventually leads to premature skin aging.

Among all cosmetic products the most terrible effect has foundation and primer. When not removed these products not only make your bed sheet dirty, but also harm the skin cause ageing.

Makes your pores bigger

Sleeping with your makeup on leads to deeper, larger, and clogged pores, which causes acne breakouts and an overall worse complexion. Clogged pores inhibit the skin’s natural ability to strengthen and repair cells.

Besides, we all know that during the night when you sleep, your skin continuous to work. After the whole day with damaging makeup skin, finally, can regenerate and repair cells. With clogged pores your skin loses the great opportunity getting refreshed.

Chapped lips

It is hard at times to keep your lips smooth and moist, especially during the winter. Not removing makeup, especially lip products, can make your lips look rougher. If you don’t want chapped lips, which is highly likely, wipe your lipstick before bed.

It can lead to dry skin

Not wiping your makeup off leads to skin inflammations. When the skin is inflamed, it is likely to become more dry, flaky and irritated. Try your best to avoid skin inflammation, to keep your skin smooth and blemish-free. In addition, by preventing your skin becoming dry you prevent it from premature ageing.

Tips on removing your makeup correctly

Applying makeup has its rules and steps, similarly, removing makeup also has. Remember, sleeping with makeup harms your skin, but not removing it properly harms the skin as well. Do you need these problems? I’m sure, No. So, wear makeup only to emphasize your beauty, not to damage your skin. These small tips will help you to remove makeup without damaging your skin.

1-step. Start with lipstick.

It is better to start with removing lipstick before you smear it over your face. Take a wiper then put it between two lips and slightly press. Do it 3-4 times until more color comes off, then the rest wipe with wet wiper.

2-step. Eye makeup.

Eye makeup is a bit challenging to remove, especially when it’s water-resistant or waterproof. It is not advised to scrub your eyes, because it is very sensitive. Try using an oil-based makeup remover to effectively and gently get rid of stubborn eye makeup.

3-step. Face makeup.

For face makeup micellar water is an excellent remover. Micellar water is a very popular product these days. It is a soap-free, no-rinse, cleansing water and oil mixture. This is a nice product especially for those who have sensitive skin. To use, simply add a few drops on a cotton pad or cotton ball and gently wipe across the face. Keep doing this until there are no traces of makeup.

4-step. Remove residue.

To make sure that no remainder is left on your face do the second cleaning work. To remove the residue, apply a cleanser to your face and lather it. Then by pressing the clean wet cloth against the skin get rid of the remaining makeup on eyes and face. Finally, rinse your whole face with warm water.

As you can see not removing makeup before going to bed has awful outcomes and it results in numerous skin issues. When your skin is not in the best state, your appearance will also reflect that. That is why it is strongly advised to take off your makeup every night.

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