Your Sleeping Position Can Identify Your Personality

Sleeping position and personality

Your Sleeping Position Can Identify Your Personality

What’s your favorite sleeping position? Some people like lying on back, while others prefer sleeping wrapping the pillow with arms. But do you know that your sleeping position can reveal your personality? Studies show that the way how the person sleeps can give information on what kind of person he or she is.

Actually, there are numerous sleeping poses, but we’ll talk about 6 common positions. Let’s find out your favorite sleeping position and what it can tell about your character.

1. Yearning dreamer

The person sleeps on the side and the arms are stretched out like trying to yearn for something.

Yearner is one of the common sleeping positions and the sleeper sleeps on the side and arms look as if want to reach something. People who like this position usually are open-minded yet with complicated character. With unknown people and new friends they are a bit suspicious, do not reveal themselves so fast. Once they become close, yearners turn into open and inviting person. Moreover, for these people it’s difficult to make decision as they are careful and deliberate. However, when they come to one conclusion they stick to it and follow the chosen path. They can be very good friends.

2. Stomach-sleeping

Sleeping on stomach with head turned to one side and with free arms.

Stomach-sleeping is less popular position, as many find it uncomfortable for tight sleep. Scientists also recommend not to sleep on stomach due to possible back-arching, neck pain and backache. Especially pregnant and breastfeeding women will suffer more if sleep on stomach.

But still there are people who like lying in stomach-sleeping position and they are usually very sociable people. These people are initiative and have good leadership skills. Stomach-sleepers tend to be responsible and like making plans to avoid unexpected surprises. They always try to succeed both in personal and professional life.

3. Skydiver

A person sleeps on the side while sticking the knees out.

Calm and optimistic people are usually are the lovers of this position. They are reliable and flexible, so they can easily adjust to any situation. Skydivers are responsible people, yet don’t much worry about the future. Optimistic people – this is the best description about them. Despite the obstacle they face they can overcome it with the smile on their face.

Furthermore, not only the position of your legs and arms, but the side you choose to turn also matters. According to researches mainly people who work in marketing and healthcare spheres like sleeping on left side. Whereas, those who like right-side sleeping mainly work in manufacturing sector and are heavy smokers or coffee lovers.

4. Starfish

Sleeping on back sprawling out over the bed by spreading limbs in a carefree manner.

Do you like sleeping on your back comfortably by giving freedom to your legs and arms? Then you likely have many friends and you don’t like to be in the center of attention. Starfish position lovers are usually supportive people and always ready to give a hand to friends who are in need.

Studies show that this “starfish” is common position among males. Based on the age category they are typically younger comparing with the other position sleepers.

5. Fetal position

Side-sleeping with knees curled towards the chest and holding arms near the face.

This sleeping pose is called “Fetal” because the person curls and takes the position as a baby in the womb. This position gives the person the feeling of safety as trying to protect himself or herself from the problems around. Not surprisingly, this is the most common sleeping position with 41% of sleepers adopt it at night.

This sleeping position tells that the person has soft, shy and sensitive personality. They may look tough from the outside, but they have very soft inner. This is according to the report from Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service.

Fetal-sleepers usually have talents in activities demanding creativity like painting, dancing or writing. Also, this position is favored mainly by women.

6. Stargazer

A person sleeps lying on back with arms in the head or pillow.

In stargazer position person looks like stargazing at night. People usually take this position while having a nap not in mainstream sleeping. Stargazers like lying with their arms under the head or the pillow. Experts have identified that back-sleeping and snoring have the positive link. So, back-sleepers usually snore at night creating inconveniences to others.

Stargazer-sleepers are very optimistic people and good friends. People whose favorite style is stargaze have usually bright personality, they love the life and try to enjoy every moment. Moreover, these people are ambitious too and sometimes have very high expectations.

7. Freestyler

Sleeping in different variety of  positions during night.

Freestylers do not prioritize one particular position and during night they may change their sleeping pose several times. Almost 10% of the population sleeps this way and majority are females.

If you consider yourself as freestyle sleeper, probably in the morning you wake up feeling fresher than other type of sleepers. According to observations of bedding specialists freestylers move more due to switching positions and this positively influences the body circulation. During the night joints do not stiffen and because of this a person feels fresher.

Sleeping position is also a part of the body language that helps to identify personality traits, character specifications or even the working sphere. Are you a starfish sleeper or a fetal sleeper, whatever position you choose the quality of your sleep depends on the place you sleep. So, get matrass and pillow that not harm your health and can create comfort with your sleeping position.

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