Don’t Be Afraid of Taking Risks

Fear of taking a risk

How often do you make risky decisions? Through our life several times we have to make serious decisions. Sometimes they are really risky: for our life, finance, health or relationship. In most cases decisions that are made at right time lead us to success in future. However, because of fear the taking a risk we may lose great chances in the way to our dream.

So, how to overcome that fear? How to know that you are not making a mistake? Does it worth to take risk? What to do if you failed? Questions are a lot. Let’s discuss together on this topic and find out why you shouldn’t be afraid of risk-taking.

Why some people afraid of taking risks?

Why are some people afraid to take risks and others not? There are many reasons as to why some may feel this way. Maybe you’re afraid of failing, or being different than others. Or maybe because of past experience you don’t want being disappointed.

Actually, the root of this fear is – uncertainty. When people cannot control the outcomes, they start losing confidence. At that point the fear takes control over your emotions and making decision becomes even more difficult. Also, if you are uncertain or don’t know what will happen next, you won’t be able to make an educated decision. Many do not wish to leave their comfort zone, and so they never take that chance to become successful in life.

Many have the fear that something will go wrong, and the disadvantages will weigh on your mind heavier than the advantages. Underestimating yourself will cause you to retreat, and to never take that risk. If you don’t have enough information, you might decide that the risk is not worth going through with and decide to let it pass you by. But in reality, this risk could’ve changed your life for the better, and possibly increased your quality of life. You may even look back and see it as a loss of opportunity.

How to overcome the fear?

Try to tackle your biggest fear. Whether that is getting on a scary rollercoaster, or applying for a new job, just go with the flow. If you don’t at least try, nothing good will ever come out of it. If you start out with smaller risks, you will develop more self-confidence and will be able to better understand what you want out of life before taking bigger risks. Try talking to new people, or set a goal to make a new friend. Muster up the courage and take that last step! Be more confident and overcome your fear of taking a risk.

What can you do to determine if a risk is worth the consequences? First of all, learn to evaluate the risk. If the bad outcome is obvious then leave your idea for the next time. However, if it is what you really want never give up, just wait for the next opportunity.

When the outcome is uncertain, you should gather as much information as you can and make a list of the pros and cons of each decision. Evaluate each choice and choose which option is right for you. Be realistic about what could go wrong. If you do not have enough information on the risk and the consequences for each choice, it may be better to map out the possibilities for each. Remember to have confidence in yourself and your decision making.

What to do in case of failure?

Taking risk doesn’t mean that you should be bold and doing everything without proper thinking. It means thinking carefully, scaling possibilities and making reasonable decision. But what to do if you fail even after proper analysis?

If you end up failing, there are a few things you can do to cope. First, accept your failure as normal. It isn’t a one-time thing, you will fail more than once in your life. Identify where was your mistake and next time don’t do that. Besides, everyone has failed at least once in their life, even celebrities’ who are known for their successful lives. Use it as a learning opportunity to better yourself and make better decisions in the future. Know that you can and will get over it.

Risk and Success

Behind any success lies risky decisions and many mistakes. If you look at the history of any successful person, all of them made several mistakes, faced different problems, made serious decisions and had to sacrifice something. One great example is the co-founder of Alibaba and the richest person in China – Jack Ma. He got rejections many times, he experienced himself in different jobs, he took a risk with everything he had to start a business. However, he failed twice, but he hasn’t given up and every time he tried to overcome obstacles and now you can see the outcome.

In of the interviews the actor Bryan Cranston told: “The riskiest career decision is to go into this career. You have to be a risk taker of some degree to be able to say, ‘Alright, I’m throwing it all out there. Whatever happens, happens. I want to be an actor.’ ”

In my personal life the riskiest decision was about getting married. At that time, I didn’t know whether to get married or not. Is that person really my destiny? Am I not making a mistake? This kind of questions were in my mind. Eventually, I made an important decision. I never regret for this, because now I have kids and I’m happy with my family. If there are some cases in your life that demand risky decisions, then take a chance. You’ll never know what will happen if you don’t try.

The final word

Fear is the one reason why we are afraid of taking a risk. It ties us down and becomes a trap if we don’t break the cycle and continue to let it repeat itself. So how can you break this cycle? If you want something very much you’ll definitely overcome your fear. If you still afraid of a taking risk then your desire isn’t that strong as your fear. Don’t let this happen.

Remember that everyone makes mistakes at one point in the life. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss an opportunity or make the wrong decision. Build your self-esteem and take chances for self-improvement.

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