Beauty Injections – Types, Costs and Side Effects

Beauty injections

Beauty Injections – Types, Costs and Side Effect

It is difficult to find a woman who is for 100% satisfied with her appearance. If some don’t like the form of nose, others are not satisfied with the contour of lips, and some want slow down ageing process. Today cosmetology and dermatology are developed to the high level, so you can make corrections with minimal surgical invasion. In other words, beauty injections can solve many facial problems in the hands of the professional cosmetologist without involving surgical operations.

You decided to take beauty injection but don’t know which type is the best for you and how the process will go on? Then, with this article you can find answers to many questions that may interest you regarding beauty injections.


Types of beauty injections

Beauty injections can give you more youthful and refreshed look. Depending on the function we can divide them into 3 groups: Botox, dermal fillers and vitamin injections. Although they share a common name, they work very differently. Botox you can use only for wrinkles. You can’t use it for correction, augmentation, restoration or scar removal.

However, dermal fillers can complete these tasks. They can also be helpful in eliminating visible ageing signs. And vitamin injections help to make your skin healthy, relaxed and refreshed.

Now, let’s analyze each of them in more details.



Botox or Botulinum Toxin is a purified form of bacteria and treatments containing it, they are also called neurotoxins or neuromodulators. Once the facial surgeon injects botox in the skin, it paralyzes muscles near the injected area. When muscles are paralyzed this restricts the movements which may cause wrinkles.

Botox can soften the skin and even remove wrinkles. However, this injection you cannot apply any area of the face where there are wrinkles. Usually, botox works on dynamic wrinkles that are caused by muscle movements, and is not suitable for fine lines and sagging skin. The most common botox treating areas are forhead, place between eyebrows and crow’s feet near the eyes.

You can see the results of the treatment within a week and it has minimal side effects. Although the process takes just a few minutes, the effect will last for 3-4 months. After you will need another injection to maintain the good condition of your face.

Side effects

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) considers botox as safe medical treatment, however, nothing is guaranteed from side effects. Everything depends on the quality of a session and how your organism will react to particular elements. Here are the possible side effects:



        Rash, itchiness

        Pain, bleeding

        Headache, nausea

        Vision problems


Dermal fillers

Unlike botox injection, dermal fillers do not paralyze the muscles. As the name suggests dermal fillers fill the necessary area with different natural and unnatural fillers, or soft tissue fillers. Dermal fillers are used to reduce wrinkles, correct the contour, increase the volume and remove the scars. Depending on the type of the filler we can divide them into several groups.

Hyaluronic acid filler

The most widely used dermal filler is a hyaluronic acid filler injection. First of all, hyaluronic acid in its natural form exists in our organisms and it’s responsible to keep moisture in cells. We know that with the age the skin becomes dehydrated, that means hyaluronic acid decreases in amount. This leads to skin dryness, wrinkles and flabby tissues. When injected in necessary area hyaluronic acid spreads evenly over the skin making wrinkles or other cosmetic issues less visible.

Besides, this filler demonstrates immediate results just in few seconds and the effect may last up to 18 months. Researches show that in repeated session it stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the body.

Side effects

This filler has rare side effects, but anyways you should be aware of them. They are redness, itchiness, bruises, allergic reaction, or numbness.

Collagen filler

Another widely used filler, collagen filler, belongs to the type of unnatural or synthetic dermal fillers. Collagen has an important role in the way we look, as it helps to make the skin elastic and resilient.

Before a liquid collagen was extracted from cow and the risk of using it was high. Because in many patients it caused allergic reactions and the effect of this filler wasn’t long-lasting. Due to innovations in cosmetology and dermatology now collagen fillers are with synthetic collagen and have lower risks. In addition, these days collagen fillers can give you more natural look when injected than before. However, the effect of this beauty injection doesn’t last long comparing with other fillers. It is a temporary material that can last for up to four months.

Side effects

As collagen is synthetic filler there is a probability of it causing an allergic reaction. Other side effects include redness, skin rash, scarring, swelling or bleeding. These side effects may go away in two weeks.

Synthetic fillers

This group of synthetic fillers is different from other injections with the contents. They are made in laboratories and these substances are not related to any natural elements found in the skin. Polylactic acid (Sculptra) and Polymethyl-methacrylate (Bellafill) are the types of synthetic dermal fillers.

Synthetic fillers have long lasting effect and usually when the effect lasts long the occurrence of the side effects is high. Polylactic acid lasts for 2 years and it stimulates the skin to produce more collagen. Polymethyl-methacrylate filler has even longer lasting effect, actually, it is the only semi-permanent dermal filler.

Side effects

When synthetic filler is injected you may notice bruise, redness and swelling. In the worst case can happen nodules under the skin, pain and asymmetry of the face.

Radiesse injection

Radiesse is a mineral-like substance that exists in bones and a medical terminology for it is Calcium hydroxylapatite. This filler gives back to your face “V” shape by providing volume and contour. What is V-effect? As years go through skin becomes less elastic and moisturized which causes wrinkles and sagged skin. As a result, face loses its natural shape and its where Radiesse filler can help you.

This injection can restore tissues and return the natural contour of the face. Moreover, it stimulates the production of collagen that improves the regeneration ability of the skin

Injection zones for Radiesse include cheeks, eyebrows, nose bridge, nose and mouth wrinkles, sank mandibular outline and chin. Injection has a temporary effect and it can last about 18 months.

Side effects

If you take an injection in certified clinic and from an experienced specialist, you won’t face any problems. However, sometimes may happen side effects like redness, allergic breakout, bruise, infection or sores.



Have you heard about revitalization? Biorevitalization is a type of beauty injection that is based on hyaluronic acid. After injection the skin becomes toned, refreshed and young. The treatment boosts the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin cells, so you can achieve the expected results after 3-5 sessions. The interval between sessions should be two weeks, later if you want repeated session do it after 6 months or a year.

Biorevitalization injection contains various vitamins, macro elements and minerals and it comes with different brands. Your doctor or cosmetologist will recommend you the right option depending on the characteristics and condition of your skin.

The coverage area for includes face oval, chin, around nose and mouth, and eye zone. After the injection appear small papules in the place of needle trace and very soon they will disappear.

Side effects

Possible side effects for biorevitalisation are allergy, redness, inflammation or infection. However, usually this treatment is painless and have minimal side effects.

 Costs of beauty injections

The cost of beauty injections depends on the type of drugs, chosen medical establishment and the experience of the dermatologist or the cosmetologist. If the cost suspiciously low, better avoid those kind of place. Because the establishment with certified specialist and the high quality medical service will not offer you low prices.

Here is the average cost for beauty injections based on statistics from ASPS 2019 per syringe:

Botox – $408

Hyaluronic acid – $652

Collagen filler – $350

Polylactic acid – $878

Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres – $855

Radiesse – $690

Biorevitalization – $250

The cost of the overall session may be different as it will include consultation, testing and more than one injection depending on the skin problem.


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