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Losing Weight with Fun? The Solution Is Dancing

Dancing and losing weight

Losing Weight with Fun? The Solution Is Dancing

You have been trying to lose weight for a long time without success and you have tried all kinds of diets that have not helped you at all? What you need is to start practicing a complete sport that will allow you to have fun, make new friends and do not starve. What wonderful sport am I talking about? I’m talking about dance. An artistic discipline that besides being very beautiful to watch, also has multiple benefits for our mental and physical health. Have you ever thought about the combination of dancing and losing weight, having fun and becoming more flexible?

There are still many who believe that to lose weight you have to suffer and go hungry, but no. Dancing is also a sport, with which you will also help your body to burn calories every day.

Below, we will explain all the secrets on how to lose weight by dancing and start feeling better with your body.

Dancing and losing weight: is it possible? Keep reading!

Can I lose weight by dancing?

The main question everyone has when it is explained that dancing is a sport is “can we really lose weight by dancing for a few hours a week?”. And the answer is – yes. Dancing moderately or intensely can burn as many calories as riding a bike for an hour.

There are several international studies that have found that dancing is an effective sport that tones our body and makes it burn a large number of calories per hour. This is because dance is an aerobic activity, like cycling or running, in which we work a large number of muscle groups in an intense and coordinated way. Therefore, the more you dance and the better you do it, the more fat you will burn and the more work your muscles will do.

Are all dancing styles good for losing weight?

The statement that dancing slims down is totally true, however, it must be qualified that not all types of dance work in the same way and help in losing weight. The number of calories we burn while dancing will depend on the type of dance and the frequency.

Ballroom dancing

For example, if we go twice a week to do ballroom dancing, we will spend around 230 calories per hour, as it is a much quieter dance with fewer combined movements. Compared to another sport, dancing a waltz for an hour without stopping, is like taking a brisk walk during that same time. Other types of ballroom dancing – tango, rumba or samba – have similar effect on your body. After starting dancing ballroom dances you can notice how you lose weight after couple of months.


Dancing and losing weight

On the other hand, one of the most dynamic dances and the one that burns more calories is Zumba, spending up to 650 calories during one hour session. Moreover, its effect is almost the same as an hour of intense cycling or jogging. It is really a fun way of workout and actually you won’t feel like you are working.


An intermediate point between these two dances is the ballet, since it is more classic but requires a great physical preparation and involves the movement of all muscles. The practice of ballet for one hour has a caloric expenditure of approximately 450 calories, so if you like the more conventional dance this style could be yours.


If you are looking for more intensive type of dance to lose weight very quickly, then pay your attention to hip-hop. Hip-hop demands intense movements of each body part and especially, waist and hips. It not only helps to get in a good shape waist and hips, but also makes the entire body fit and flexible. With one-hour hip-hop dance class you can burn about 465 calories

Belly dance

Dancing and losing weight

If you consider that hip-hop is too intense for you, then try belly dance. It is an exotic dance with relaxing effect helps to burn fat in tummy, hips and back, and makes you buttocks and abs. For this dance you don’t even need much space. Professional instructor, beautiful music and hip scarf with golden coins, these are what you really need. While enjoying oriental dances at the same time you can lose 320-360 calories depending on the intensity of movements.

Frequency and diet are important?

Studies show that in order to start noticing the results of th session you need minimum of three dance sessions per week. In addition, each session should last at least one hour, so you can see the visible changes in your body. When you start dancing for the first time it is better to start with 30 minutes and gradually increase the practicing time.

Besides the frequency the right eating plan is also very important. If we start dancing to lose weight, we should also complement our dances with a much healthier diet. Actually, you may eat variety of meals and no need to starve. But, if you want to achieve effective results you need to follow diets in which proteins predominate and no hydrogenated fats.

Which is better: dancing indoors or outdoors?

There is no much difference in dancing indoors and outdoors as long as you follow the instructions. If you have friends to practice with or you want to make new friends dance studios or ballroom classes are better choice for you. If you have enough empty space at home to dance without distractions, go for it! For individual dances at home you can find online or DVD classes with complete instructions.

Whether you decide to go to studio or dance at home, each way you’ll experience tons of joy. After the workout you’ll feel a bit exhausted, but also refreshed and positive. The amount of time needed for you to be in a good form depends on your willing and your efforts you put on dancing.

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