How to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s

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If there is one disease that continues to increase its incidence due to the exponential growth of the population’s life expectancy, it is Alzheimer’s. This neurodegenerative disease is feared by all since unfortunately it still has no cure. When it is diagnosed the patient has hardly any opportunity to fight it through any medical treatment. Despite having such devastating consequences for both those who suffer from it and their families, there are currently many ways to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s or at least delay its effects.

One of the main causes of the appearance of Alzheimer’s is to lead a life plagued by bad habits, such as sedentariness or smoking. Bad habits promote the atrophy of our cells and facilitate the appearance of the disease. Therefore, the best way to start fighting this disease is to change bad habits and start introducing healthier ones.

We are going to give you seven tips to help you start preventing Alzheimer’s today and become a healthier person.

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How to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s


Eliminate tobacco

Apart from Alzheimer’s, tobacco is the cause and the booster of most serious human diseases. So, it is not surprising that it is at the top of the list of things we should stop doing to effectively prevent Alzheimer’s.

In addition, several studies have shown that smokers who smoke more than one pack per day are 50% more likely to suffer from dementia. So, if you are a smoker and have a family history of the disease, your chances of getting Alzheimer’s are too high to take the risk.

Get moderate exercise

By this, I don’t mean you should join the gym tomorrow and lose 20 kilos, no. It’s just a matter of introducing a moderate exercise routine into your life that will keep you active.  An active lifestyle helps you release endorphins – the happiness hormone that keeps us up from illnesses.

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If you have never practised sport, the best thing you can do is to increase the time of your training gradually. This way, your body will get used to the sport and will not suffer so much. It is as bad not to do sport as to try to do it at an intensity that exceeds our possibilities. Otherwise, you could end up being injured or suffer a heart attack if you are overweight, for example.

One of the best ways to practise active lifestyle is to walk daily or take trips to lakes or mountains on weekends. This not only helps you keep up good health, but also becomes an amazing habit to enjoy the scenery and breath more fresh air.

Taking care of the heart is taking care of the brain

As we have seen, one of the main risk factors for the appearance of Alzheimer’s is bad habits. They, in turn, are the ones that cause diseases such as type 2 diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.

Diseases such as those multiply a person’s chances of ending up with Alzheimer’s in addition to bringing forward the age at which the disease would eventually develop. Generally, healthy people tend to develop dementia after the age of 80. However, a person with health problems can advance it to 65 or 70 years of age.

Exercise your brain daily

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It is as important to exercise our body as it is to exercise our brain. If possible, it should be done on a daily basis. Experts explain that the best defence against dementia is neural activity. Therefore, one should always try to make the brain always do something. This can be learning new things like a new language, reading, doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, doing puzzles, writing, doing math, etc.

Eating better

Although there are no official studies that certify the influence food can have on the appearance of dementia, it is known for certain that some types of foods do protect our organism because of their antioxidant power.

Therefore, a good way to start improving our diet and strengthen our neurons against the passage of time is to start eating apples, grapes, red fruits, carrots, strawberries, legumes of all kinds, fish, tomatoes, citrus fruits and pumpkin.

Be more sociable

Social activities help keep up mental health socializing as a way to protect yourself from Alzheimer's
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A fun and healthy way to keep mental illness out of our lives is to socialize. Make friends and spend more time with your loved ones. Preferably outdoors and away from our work environment so that the feeling of well-being is complete.

Being with friends and having long conversations keeps our brain alert and feeling better, so if you’ve been at home for a while immersed in your work, you might want to turn off your computer screen and call your best friend for dinner. Your brain will thank you and so will your mood.

Protect your head

Head trauma may weaken the neuronal set head injuries can trigger strokes and Alzheimer's
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Some studies show that people who had suffered severe skull trauma during their lives are more likely to develop dementia. This is due to the fact that our brain is sensitive to external shocks. That is, a micro-crack the skull’s tissue can end up degenerating into something more serious and weakening the entire neuronal set that keeps it active.

Therefore, if you are a biker, a sportsman or work in a high-risk position, don’t forget to always wear a good safety case to protect yourself from any blow. In addition, head injuries can also trigger strokes which greatly increases the risk of ending up with Alzheimer’s.

At the bottom line…

Here are seven healthy living tips that experts say will help you more than halve your chances of getting Alzheimer’s. However, remember to try to apply them gradually and not to make it too disruptive to the rest of your daily life. It’s all about protecting your brain, but you should not concentrate on it too much. Otherwise, you could generate the opposite effect with greater stress and fear of developing a disease.

Prevention must be exercised in a healthy way and to the extent that it makes us happier, and not the other way around. Remember that.

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