Fall in USA: Awesome Places to Visit This Year

Fall in USA

Fall in USA: Awesome Places to Visit 

Around 27% of Americans say fall is their favorite season. A little less stifling than summer, but less harsh than winter, fall is the perfect season to go exploring. The trees are beautiful, the sunsets are miraculous, and adventure is just a little more magical. By traveling in fall, you avoid the summer crowds and get to see a different side of America’s iconic beauty spots.

If you’re wondering where to travel this fall, here are the best places to see in USA during fall.

1) Yellowstone National Park

Which colors come to mind when you think of fall? Browns, oranges, yellows! Which is why the mind instantly leaps to Yellowstone National Park: perhaps the USA’s most beautiful destination. Most tourists come in the summer, which can spoil the experience. You have crowds to deal with and high hotel prices.

Come in fall, however, and everything changes. The best time to visit this awesome place is September-October months. You get to experience the true peace and tranquility of Yellowstone National Park, as it should be. The weather will be a little colder, so wrap up, but Yellowstone transforms into a magical paradise from September onwards. There may be some snow, but imagine the views as you cuddle up by the wood fire and lookout the window from your mountain lodge.

Moreover, you can visit Bridger Raptor Festival in October, which is free for the public. Since 1991 every year people come to Gallatin National Forest to participate in the festival. However, Bridger Raptor Festival 2020 is cancelled for the known reasons.


2) Lookout Mountain, Georgia


Georgia is a hidden gem for mountain lovers. Lookout Mountain is just one of many which seems to be millions of miles from the rest of civilization. As the name implies, you get some pretty spectacular views on the trails here. There will be footpaths lined with the crunchiest of leaves, taking you up to a place known as Rock City.

Rock City is a lookout point with a 90-foot waterfall and some of the best views in the USA. Looking across at seven states, you’ll get to see fall in all its glory. The long hike is worth that unbeatable view. Watch as fall spreads over the trees that line the East Coast.

Besides that, if you look for peaceful place where you may picnic with family while enjoying the natural attractions, you can find it in Lookout Mountain. It is Lula Lake – awesome place for relax. Also, if you come here in November definitely go to Rock City’s enchanted garden for light extravaganza. It is really amazing!


3) Hudson Valley, New York

Fall in USA

Nowhere is fall more pronounced than in the Northeast. This is the place to come to see the true beauty of this season, which feels a world away from the summer and winter months. If you’re heading to New York, then you just have to spend some time at Hudson Valley. There’s really nothing like it.

The bright reds and yellows will blow you away and you’ll find an atmosphere of fall-obsessed locals. During Halloween, you can join in the Jack O’Lantern Blaze. Walk through 9000 expertly crafted pumpkins and soak in the fall festivities!

Unlike New York City, Hudson Valley is a place where gathered history, culture, natural beauty and delicious food. Therefore, National Geographic Traveler has recommended Hudson Valley as the one of 20 must-see destinations in the world.


4) Telluride, Colorado

Fall in USA

Known primarily as a ski resort, it might sound strange to go to Telluride in fall. However, by coming before the tourists do, you’ll more or less have the place to yourself. If skiing isn’t your thing, then coming in fall allows you to relax and enjoy the sheer beauty of this part of the country.

Try to attend the annual Halloween Horror Show if you can. This is a local Telluride tradition designed to scare and amuse visitors. It really helps you to get into the true spirit of fall. The perfect colors of the foliage lining the mountains is truly a wondrous sight, no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Besides in Halloween local Historical Museum holds trick-or-treat and haunted house event that allows the visitors to experience unforgettable adventure.

Moreover, Telluride is one of the best destinations in USA for sport-lovers to visit during fall. Fishing, hiking, cycling, playing golf are among many other activities you can enjoy there.


5) San Diego, California

San Diego is an extremely popular tourist resort, but it can get too busy in the summer. Try going a bit later in the year to enjoy cooler temperatures and fewer people. It will still be hot enough to laze around on the beach, but you can also visit the hiking trails in the Torrey Pines nature reserve. Fall is the ideal time to be among the trees, after all. In the fall months San Diego also offers plenty of events, including the International Film Festival and the Pacific Beach Fest.

In addition, San Diego is one of the awesome destinations for family trip. If you want to make kids happy, ring them to Oceanside Adventure to watch whales and other marine mammals. They’ll love it. Also, you can spend a great time with your family in San Diego Zoo Safari Park exploring amazing world of wild animals.

Do not miss your opportunity to enjoy great trip where you can spend time with close people exploring new destinations. Fall is the best time for that – great weather, no scorching sun and no chilly cold.

For many people, nothing quite beats fall. It’s a time for those who would prefer to avoid people and connect with nature. It’s a chance for peaceful relaxation and natural exploration. Head to any of the five magical places listed above to experience the best places to see in USA during fall. You’ll get to see a completely different side to America’s most beloved tourist destinations.

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