Facts About Micellar Water You Need to Know

Micellar water

Facts About Micellar Water You Need to Know

What do you use to remove makeup and clean your face? If you do it by rubbing wet wipe or rinsing with water, immediately stop it. This way you not only damage the surface of the skin, but also do not clean deeply enough to remove all impurities. Try micellar water once and you’ll love it forever.

Why micellar water?

The famous micellar water can be defined as a product that seeks to fulfill its purpose as a makeup remover. It is composed of micelles, a chemical that seeks to envelop the dirt and oil produced by the skin and eliminate them in a fast and effective way. Micelles are chemical structures that work on the principle of emulsion. What this does is that they can dissolve insoluble compounds.

It is known for providing a deep cleansing of the face and eliminating all impurities that exist in the skin and makeup residues on a commercial level. All this in one step will give us the benefit of yielding time when it comes to facial care. For this reason, micellar water, due to its practicality and simplicity, is an excellent alternative to other types of skin products.

In addition, the rapid popularity of micellar water by consumers is the best evidence of its operation and optimal performance. However, not everyone is yet aware of the benefits that this beautiful skincare product offers.

What you need to know about micellar water?

To make the correct use of micellar water and take full advantage of all its benefits for the skin and make all its properties work correctly, a series of straightforward tips should be investigated and followed. This product stands out from the others for being practical and easy to use, so its use will not represent any inconvenience for you.


The first recommendation we give you is to save money. With this product, it will not be required to have multiple skincare items with the same functions as this product. Micellar water is an excellent all-round, multi-functional cleanser that covers a broad spectrum of use. Before using for areas such as the face, eyes and lips, it is unnecessary to spend a fortune on similar products.


The second would be that you do not rub the product. It is prevalent that when we remove the makeup, we rub the product against our face, which causes friction and irritation. With micellar water, it is not necessary to rub the areas where it will be applied. Because the mechanism of action of the micelles is to drag dirt and makeup with them without leaving any trace. This makes the skin receive even more care and don’t get irritated.


As a third, we must remind you how to use micellar water. Follow a specific order to cover all areas with the product without forgetting any and that they remain clean equally. It is best to start through the eyes and eyelashes, then move towards the lips and finally clean the rest of the face with the cotton.


Fourth, to make micellar water fulfill its correct function as a makeup remover, it will not be enough to use a few drops on the cotton only. It is necessary to use a generous and adequate amount of micellar water. So that the micelles effectively sweep away dirt and makeup, and our face is left without any trace of impurities. Also, just applying a couple of times a day is enough to fulfill all its functions. In this way, it is possible to save a lot of money, replacing other more expensive products that perform the same miracle water functions.

Famous products in the market

One of the facts about micellar water is the trend towards new beauty standards has led to more and more hygiene and personal care items. The big brands seek that these are economical and comply with what they offer. Thus, trying to access a more comprehensive consumer profile with a product that, although it is not a wonder, fulfills its purpose. This is a compilation of the different micellar waters on the market.

Micellar water
Source: garnierusa.com

Garnier Skin Active

The product of this brand has numerous micellar waters, but there is one of them that stands out above all for being the favorite of women: its All-in-one Micellar Water, since it removes makeup, cleanses and tones in-depth, and it is suitable for all skin types. Not to mention that it has an acceptable price in the market and has a great variety depending on your skin type.

Source: lorealparisusa.com

L’Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin

L’Oreal’s micellar water made up of purified water, extracted with an advanced purification procedure, combined with micelles that capture impurities and glycerin that hydrates and softens the skin, achieving effective cleaning.

Source: bioderma.us


The pioneer of the micellar water industry is Bioderma. The cosmetics laboratory was the first to develop commercial micellar water since 1991. They continue to produce their product with the same safety and quality as then, keeping the way to clean the face sober and without traces. It is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin since it is unnecessary to rub the product on the skin.

Micellar water
Source: neutrogena.com

Neutrogena Hydro Boost

It is designed to work as a makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer for the skin. Works great on dry, sensitive skin. It has novel elements such as hyaluronic acid that help regenerate the natural barrier of the skin. Also, it helps to protect and avoid the loss of water and nutrients.

Nowadays beauty industry is developing in a fast pace so every day you can find something new. Famous brands also now offer micellar cleansing water with different functions – skin brightening, hydrating, mattifying; waterproof; for oily, normal, dry and sensitive skin. Depending on your needs you can buy a product with formula that perfectly fits you.

Do not forget that it is essential to remember that there are several types of products. And the ideal is that you make a wise choice so that you can take advantage of the benefits that the micellar waters offer.


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