Best Casual Fragrances for Men Under $100

Fragrances for men

Best Casual Fragrances for Men Under $100

Apart from the appearance what charms women in men most is their fragrance. Your chosen fragrance can express your maturity, elegancy, trustworthiness or your confidence. Majority experience difficulty in choosing cologne that can best express their self, others do not think about it much, just pick the scent they like and stick to it. Actually, there is a strong link between scent and a place. And not everyone can associate the fragrance with the occasion in a right way. So, there are casual fragrances for men that are perfect in any situation.

Choosing an appropriate fragrance for each occasion is about to leave a good impression about you as a person with sophisticated sense of style. Night colognes are associated with romantic dates, banquets and other events. Day perfumes are good for work, meetings with friends or going to sport.

Fragrances are categorized according to olfactive families and notes. Understanding olfactory families helps to choose the right fragrance to the right season and occasion depending on notes. In perfumery world there are thousands of notes so far.

However, there is also an ideal fragrance that can perfectly match any occasion. If you can arrange a limited budget for fragrance then casual fragrance is ideal for you. Here we prepared casual fragrances for men that are under 100$.

Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme

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Acqua Di Gio cologne by Giorgio Armani is one of the best fragrances for men ever. It was first released in 1996 and still in the list of the most popular men colognes. Ocean breeze and citrus notes will give you aquatic freshness and delight, especially in summertime season. Top notes of this fragrance are orange, lemon, bergamot, lime, jasmine and neroli that give citrusy scent. Heart notes: sea notes, lavender, peach, rose, freesia, calone, nutmeg and coriander. And finally, the base notes that make the fragrance complete are oak moss, cedar, amber and musk.

Price: $66.22 for 100 ml

Terre d’Hermes

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If you are looking for masculine fragrance to demonstrate your maturity, elegancy and professionalism Terre d’Hermes is created just for you. It is one of the long-lasting men colognes with strong woody spicy notes. Citrus notes come at the top and pepper, patchouli, geranium come as middle notes. Its base notes contain cedar, vetiver, benzoin and oak moss. Citrus freshness and woody notes make the cologne suitable for office, date or any other occasion.

Price: $80.99 for 75 ml 

Hugo Boss Bottled

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Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss is for the modern men to demonstrate masculinity and strength. With its not too strong woody fruit aromatic scent it is an ideal choice for wearing every day. Your colleagues, clients and friends will like it for incredible combination of freshness and elegancy. This perfume features fruity notes of apple, plum, bergamot and cinnamon at the top, and spicy heart notes with vanilla and mahogany. Base note gives woody aroma of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver.

Price: $84 for 100ml 


Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

Fragrances for men
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Very masculine bottle and unique charming scent – that’s all about Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male cologne. It has spicy sweet fragrance which makes the cologne best for fall-winter seasons. Head notes of pear, bergamot, mint and lavender give sweetness and freshness. Spicy middle notes with cinnamon, sage and coriander denote youth and energy, while base notes with amber and cedar shows warmth. Ultra Male cologne you can also use as sporty casual cologne.

Price: $78 for 125 ml 

Paco Rabanne 1 Million

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First release of 1 Million by Paco Rabanne was in 1967 and the creators took the inspiration from famous singer Françoise Hardy’s gold outfit. This cologne is to look for a million and to demonstrate youth, energy and charisma. Its fruity-spicy scent can’t give you a luxury image, but still you’ll definitely leave a good impression about yourself. Head notes for 1 Million include blood orange, grapefruit and mint, while spicy head includes rose, cinnamon and nutmeg. As base notes you can smell white leather, oak moss and Indian patchouli.

Price: $69.62 for 100 ml

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

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Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue is mainly associated with sport activities and trainings. It is the right choice for daytime casual fragrance and better to wear it in summer-spring seasons. This cologne will give you a unique blend of scents with cucumber, melon, orange at the top and basil, sage, geranium in the middle. These are followed by base notes of various woods. For men who love refreshing fragrances Polo Blue will become the favorite.

Price: $65.97 for 125 ml

The One By Dolce & Gabbana

Fragrances for men
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The fragrance that equally loved by men and women, The One by D&G, is classic and masculine cologne. Women adore it for spicy and aromatic scent and describe it as “sexy”, while men admit its concentrated tobacco accords. D&G The One has strong woody oriental amber fragrance which best suits for evening occasions and business meetings. The perfume opens the bitter grapefruit and fresh basil notes which mixes with coriander scent. These scents then give way to the heart notes of ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and neroli. Meanwhile, the base includes cedar, ambergris, tonka bean and guaiacwood. For its strong musky fragrance, The One is assigned for men over thirty.

Price: $56.64 for 100 ml 

Sauvage By Dior

Fragrances for men
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Sauvage by Dior is for strong, authentic and bold men who strive for freedom and independence. The cologne helps to express their true self and it will not go unnoticed. Long-lasting fragrance, citrus freshness and spicy accords make this perfume favorite of millions. Men and women equally love the aroma notes that start with Calabrian bergamot, pepper and mint, then comes lavender, geranium, pink pepper and patchouli. And finally, the base notes consist of cedarwood, labdanum and ambergris. Sauvage can perfectly match your day time meeting as well as evening romantic date.

Price: $95 for 100 ml 

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Cologne

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The brand Lacoste is famous for its high-end sports wear and accessories. L.12.12 Blanc Eau de Toilette is well-known fragrance of the brand and it is for modern, confident, elegant and yet stylish men. The fragrance belongs to woody floral olfactory family. Its clean and refreshing scent comes with rosemary, grapefruit, cardamom and cedar leaves at the top. Floral notes come at the heart with ylang-ylang and tuberose. The base notes give you warm woody scent of cedar, vetiver and suede accord (leather, musky, woody). Fragrance notes make L.12.12 one of the best casual fragrances ever. You can wear it for work, gym or for meeting with friends; wherever you go, you will show your masculinity and confidence.

Price: $32.12 for 100 ml 


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