Exercises For Children to Grow Taller


What factors show that your child is healthy? We do not think about going to doctor when a child has a good appetite, sleeps well, active, smart and of course, grows in normal pace. So, what if the child is shorter than his peers? Will the height go to the normal at teen age or should parents help their children to grow taller with nutrients and exercises that stimulate the growth? Healthy eating, vitamins, exercises and sport – all of these are extremely important at any stage of growth, so do not wait until you notice the difference in height.

We all want to create a happy future for our kids. Surprisingly, height plays an important role in people’s lives, it can even impact their salary and happiness. Studies have found  that taller people earn more than shorter ones, as with every extra inch their annual earning can be increased by $800. Moreover, those with above average height are more happier and feel more satisfaction than smaller people, it is according to researches of Angus Deaton, a Princeton economist.

Any parent would want their children to grow tall and strong. It’s not only a sign of good health but also good parenting and good genes. Yes, both nature and nurture are important. Good genes are just as important as how parents raise their kids. And since we have yet to have any control over our own genetics, let’s look into how we can influence our child’s vertical growth through physical exercises.

How effective are exercises to grow taller?

All type of exercises and sports are beneficial for children. Some help to grow muscles, some to strengthen joints, others positively influence the brain. As for exercises to grow taller, usually they include stretching exercises and workout where legs and arms actively take part. Height-boosting exercises work effectively on children at any age, but with the coming of puberty the effect slows down. At the age of 16-17 boys and girls usually reach their maximum height. Until that time your children have all chances to add some inches and become stronger.

You can see better results if you continue exercises along with balanced diet and make sure that your kid gets enough sleep.

Here are some exercises and physical activities that can help your child’s body grow taller.

#1 Stretching

Exercises to grow taller

Let’s start with the easiest exercise to do. Stretching exercises can have a significant impact on your child’s height. Starting it from a young age will give your child flexibility and space for growth. Stretching can help elongate one’s spine while improving posture.

One simple stretching exercise is to make your child stand on his toes while reaching up simultaneously. Another stretching exercise is toe-touching. While letting your child sit on the floor, make them reach for one toe while their legs are far apart for a minute and then the other toe for another minute.

#2 Skipping and Jumping

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Skipping and jumping may look simple but it actually involves the entire body working together, especially the legs actively work. The body actually stretches as you jump and skill so it promotes vertical growth. It’s also an excellent cardio workout that would benefit one’s heart and keep one in good shape. Jumping on trampoline or with rope gives children mass of joy and makes the long muscles stronger.

#3 Jogging

Exercises to grow taller

This is another full-body exercise that has a range of benefits. Jogging strengthens your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles and bones. It also helps increase one’s growth hormones. Actually, there are no side effects of jogging neither to children nor to adults. Therefore, encourage your kids to jog every day and better do it early in the morning. Make it enjoyable by jogging with your child in the local park.

# 4 Swimming

Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises for body that pushes it to its absolute limits. As a growth exercise, your body gets stretched forward as you move through the water. This strengthens the spine as well. It also tones your muscles when you exert force on the water that likewise exerts an equal force on you. Swimming helps your child to lose extra weight and to be in a good shape. Moreover, swimming for a long time strengthens all muscles in the body and improves blood circulation and that stimulates the body growth. Arms, legs, shoulders and spine are the body parts that actively work in the water, so in turn these parts become stronger and gain muscle weight.

And, most importantly, no child would ever say no for some time in the pool.

#5 Hanging from bars

Exercises to grow taller

This is a fun activity that your child can do at the park, playground, or a jungle gym. This age-old would involve hanging on to monkey bars or anything similar and swinging between bars from one end to another. This assists your child’s spine’s flexibility as it elongates during growth.

For added benefit, you can also dare your child to do some pull-ups and chin-ups to strengthen their arms and strengthen their back. Alternatively, you can also teach them to hand using their legs bending at the knees.

Despite the age of the child, 3 years or teenager, hanging on bars will surely help everybody to add some inches to the height.

#6 Yoga

The ancient practice of yoga is all about stretching and muscle strengthening which are important during growth. Particular poses, or yoga asanas, are very effective, specifically the Chakrasana and the Surya Namaskar.

Chakrasana involves lying on one’s back then arching your back upwards to form a U-shape for as long as possible. One’s arms should be used to support and balance the body.

Surya Namaskar, or Salute to the Sun, involves 12 different poses or asanas that stretch out your arms back leg muscles.

Growing tall is not only the hope of every parent for their child but every child’s as well. Many of the activities and exercises above that promote growth can be done at any stage of your child’s growth until before it slows down during puberty. But in order to see its full benefits, help them develop these activities and exercises into habits that become regular parts of their daily or weekly routine. And finally, growth may be important but the time you spend with your child is the most precious of all. Don’t just watch them do the exercise. Do it with them.


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