Long-distance relationship – Tips to keep up intimacy

How to keep up intimacy in a long-distance relationship
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There are so many people out there who are in long-distance relationships and make it work. However, long-distance relationships are difficult and that is largely down to the lack of intimacy that a long-distance relationship has. While sex does definitely come into it, there is more to intimacy than just the physical side of things. It is all about keeping a connection alive with your partner no matter how far apart you might be. If you need to keep intimacy in a long-distance relationship alive then you are definitely in the right place, so just keep on reading.

What is intimacy in a relationship?

Before we look at the tips to keep intimacy alive in a long-distance relationship, first we need to look at what it is. Intimacy is all about the connection that you have and continue to grow, whether that be physical or emotional. Intimacy is really important in relationships because it gives the other person a sense of reassurance, and it also helps you feel close to one another. It can be hard to feel close to each other when you are cities or even countries apart, but it can be done.

How to keep the intimacy in a long-distance relationship

Sex is obviously really important in a relationship so let’s take a look where you can still have that sexual connection without being together in the flesh.

  • Send nude photos to one each other if you are comfortable doing so. Obviously, you should only do this with a long-term partner who you trust. This will allow you to fantasize about one another.
  • Have video chats where you talk about your fantasies and masturbate together. This is a great way to stay satisfied, having “virtual” sex with one another can definitely keep the intimacy alive. There are even “long-distance sex toys” where you can control the toy remotely for your partner even if they are miles away. These can almost feel like you are together for real, which fills the void until you can actually be together.

Intimacy is a lot more than just sex, and here are some other ways that you can both stay happy and healthy while in a long-distance relationship.

  • Overshare

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You need to be talking about everything when you are in a long-distance relationship and that doesn’t just mean your emotions. Talk about your day and ask them about their day. No matter how small details might seem, talking about everything will really help you feel closer to each other.

  • Communicate deeply

In addition to talking about the mundane, you and your long-distance partner should be talking to each other on a deeper level too. Talk about your hopes, your dreams, your fears. If you are having doubts about your partner or the relationship in any way, be sure to voice them. Jealousy and paranoia can be more apparent in long-distance relationships so it is important to talk about this and give your loved one the assurance that you need each other. It is also really important to compliment and tell each other how much you mean to them. Making one another happy should be the main aim, even if you can’t be together for real.

  • Have a countdown

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Those lulls between seeing each other can be really tough so it is important that you start planning another visit as one has ended. Have a countdown for future meetings and this will make the excitement grow with each and every day.

  •  Watch good movies together

You may have already experienced spending time watching good movies together with your loved one. It could have been funny going-outs with him/her together with many other friends to the cinema, or cosy evenings under a warm blanket when there were only you and him/her watching a movie on the notebook… If you haven’t experienced that, either way around – it’s a great time to watch a movie together! While you may not be able to watch it and be on a Zoom call during this time, you can start simultaneously and share your thoughts and emotions in the end. It is better to watch cosy romantic movies together, or any other of your particular liking. I think you will love the list that I have made myself:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Before Sunrise
The Notebook
Stranger Than Fiction

And I am sure there is much more that can be added to this list. Here is the list of best romantic movies according to the IMDB top 250. Let us know the one that you liked and tried to watch with your partner.

  • Try to arrange visits

Try to visit each other as often as you can. When you are together you will have the chance to hug, kiss, and be intimate with each other sexually. Talking in person with your love is also much more intimate than doing it over video chat or the phone. But… Definitely don’t stress out if this cannot be done as you planned, especially in such hard time as this.

  • Have future plans

The best way that you can maintain intimacy in a long-distance relationship is to have plans for the future. Will you eventually live together in one place? The answer to this if your relationship is a serious one should be yes. If you do not plan on being together permanently at some point, then maybe you need to reassess why you are in the relationship and if it is worth it.

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Hopefully, these tips for keeping intimacy in long-distance relationships have been useful. If you love somebody enough, it can be possible to survive a long-distance relationship but it cannot be one-sided, you both need to be putting in the necessary effort. Practice the tips that have been mentioned in this article, you will do a great in keeping up your relationship.

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