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Are you the kind of person who still believes that physics is everything? Do you hate your physical appearance because you think it’s the main culprit in never finding love? Would you like to lose weight and change your look so you can fall in love with someone and feel better about yourself? Maybe what you need is a second opinion to help you understand that appearance is not everything and that what is really important is found within us and in the attitude with which we face life and our personal relationships.

The key to being attractive is having a nice face, being at your ideal weight and wearing expensive clothes? Of course not, and whoever still firmly believes in these ideas is lost. Disney already said it in his movies, although many believed that they were just childish ideas from fairy tales: “There is no greater truth, beauty is inside”. And so it is, friends, beauty is an attitude, a kind word or a selfless gesture; not a fur coat and boots of hundreds of dollars.

The key to finding true natural beauty is to have the right mindset and nothing else. If you hold this belief firmly, you will understand and be able to find true love in the most unlikely places. And that is precisely what we are going to try to explain to you next: the best ways to be more attractive when you are not too handsome, nor have too much money. Next, we are going to give you a series of essential tips that will make you change the way you see yourself in the mirror.

Do you want to discover the secret of true beauty?

Read on!

Speak with firmness and attitude

Sometimes the most important thing is not to be able to talk non-stop and have a fluent conversation, but to know how to say something with each of our words and transmit a clear message that makes others listen to us carefully and take a real interest in us. There are really attractive people who will call your attention and make you want to have dinner with them, but later when you sit down to talk to them they have nothing interesting to talk about.

Those people who are really true to themselves and who have a firm attitude towards life are the most attractive, and those who after several dates will manage to conquer the other person by their magnificent personality and by the conviction of their ideas. Therefore, bet on your ideas and make them heard loud and clear because possibly that will be your best weapon of seduction.

Be authentic

Another big mistake we all make when we are meeting new people is to invent a new image of ourselves because we have the mistaken belief that as we will not please others. Not only will this make us feel bad inside, but it will also cause us to fabricate false relationships based on our own lie, which is even more harmful and always goes wrong in the long run.

Be authentic with the person you admire Be yourself Don't be afraid to be yourself Don't be afraid to be authentic Be weird
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No one likes to fall in love with a person who doesn’t really exist, because when they discover the person who is really hiding behind the mask the deception is enormous and that relationship ends up failing without even having started in earnest. Don’t obstruct your true self for fear of not liking it, because you will be deceiving yourself and others, and what is worse, you will never really know if that person loves you or the false person you have created for them.

Be authentic, no matter if being yourself is being too shy or too much fun, because the most important thing is to never stop being true to yourself. This is the best way to attract others and really conquer them. Don’t forget that.

Listening is also attractive

In a world where everyone seems to want to speak and have a strong voice of their own capable of reaching a wide audience, the art of listening to others and keeping silent while someone else opens their heart to us is in clear decline. Globalization and the use of social networks to communicate with the world has made conversations increasingly superficial, shorter and less humane. This makes one person capable of listening to another person an event and makes that person who speaks feel a real interest and affection for his or her partner and faithful listener.

For example, if you have a date with a woman in a fancy restaurant and you spend the whole night talking about the successes of your work, how do you think she will feel? She will probably never call you again and feel that she has wasted her time having dinner with a conceited person who only knows how to think about himself and doesn’t care what happens to anyone around. However, if during that dinner you both talk about different topics and share your opinions and ideas about them, the result will surely be very different from the previous one. We all are the human beings and we incline for someone who will listen to us and with whom we can identify within this great world of madness.

So, if you really want to look like someone attractive, make an effort to be someone who listens to others from the heart. That quality will earn you a lot more points than any pretty face, believe me.

Looking in the eyes is sexy

I’m sure you’ve been looked at directly in the eyes and felt intimidated. That’s because looking directly into the eyes is something really attractive and difficult to achieve, and those who do are undoubtedly much more attractive just for the sake of achieving it.

Looking into the eyes is sexy Eye contact as a way to become more attractive eye contact with your lover
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So, try to practice with all the people around you and try to keep your eyes on them as much as you can (without looking crazy, of course), look directly into the eyes of those people you want to conquer and with whom you want to have conversations beyond words. This way you will be twice as attractive, and what’s better: you won’t have to use a single word for it.


It doesn’t matter if you are a shy or an outgoing person, smiling has always been and will always be an infallible method of seduction. When we smile we manage to create a very powerful bond of connection with those around us. Something that cannot be explained in words but that really works when you are trying to connect with a new person. By smiling you show yourself to be kind, sincere and demonstrate that you are not afraid to show yourself in a natural way, which is really necessary to become more attractive.

Smiling is one of the best ways to magnetise people Smile to attract people
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Through a text message or a virtual chat, we cannot transmit the warmth and affection that a smile and a tender look in person transmits; that is why it is so important to see each other face to face and show each other as naturally as possible. Therefore, don’t forget to smile when you feel like it, because even if you don’t believe it, you will be becoming much more accessible and attractive.

Be positive

There is something that many of us miss when we are looking for a partner: complaining about our life or appearance makes us dull and inevitably less attractive. Those who think positively and embrace all that is good in spite of the difficulties are more attractive people, and those who spend their days angry at everyone become a grey and blurred version of themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t born with a seductive angel face or if your body isn’t very toned, because if you complement all of that with a positive attitude and an open mind that tries to improve every day, those around you will see you as much more attractive.

Being more or less attractive is an attitude, so if you really think you can achieve something you will eventually do it. And the same thing happens in the field of love relationships: if you think you can be perfect for that person and that he or she likes you, with the right attitude he or she will end up getting it and will fall for your charms.

Feel that you are attractive and you will be

Being attractive is believing that you are You are beautiful, Believe in your beauty
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In the end, despite all the advice we can give you, the only way to be really attractive is to truly believe you are. Those who believe in their true inner beauty and are not afraid to show themselves as they are, are ultimately the ones who are most attractive to others.

Beauty is something we have to feel like part of ourselves, just as we can feel that we are intelligent or funny, be attractive and believe that we are can completely change the way others look at us. If you are not doing it yet, you definitely should (it doesn’t require much!). Bet on yourself and everything will be fine.

Be open and not afraid to let yourself be known

If you want to start being more attractive you will have to dare to open yourself to the world and all the new opportunities it has to offer. Those who are open and willing to accept change are what end up succeeding and connecting with those around them. Be open and sincere, without fear of appearing too transparent or innocent, because originality will be your best weapon to conquer the world. Don’t forget that!


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