Secrets to Look Gorgeous After 60

look gorgeous after 60

Secrets to Look Gorgeous After 60

It is hard to believe that Goldie Hawn is 74 years old. Many celebrities have aged well and Goldie Hawn is only one of them. To the list, you can also add Bette Midler and Jane Fonda as examples of celebrities that still look amazing. What is their secret? You think a lot of money and regular beauty procedures? Not exactly. Let’s take a closer look on how you can look gorgeous after 60 and believe, it’s not that difficult as you may think.


How to look gorgeous after 60

There are a few secrets to keeping your youthful looks. Not all celebrities have had plastic surgery, but they still manage to look great for their age. Looking good after the age of 60 does not have to be complicated and you certainly don’t have to resort to surgery.

Gray hair and wrinkles shouldn’t be excuse to reduce care about appearance. We all know that no matter what age, women always try to look nice and hear compliments about themselves. So, what’s stopping you from this? Even with gray hair and wrinkles you may look pretty, stylish and gorgeous.


Make sure you have a nice haircut

look gorgeous after 60

Picking the right hairstyle for you is essential. Don’t stay with the same style all of your life. Discuss your hairstyle with your hairdresser. Making sure that you have a haircut that looks good and suits your time of life is one of the reasons many celebrities still look good.

Although the hairstyle is important, you should also focus on your hair color. Do you really want to stay California blond for the rest of your life? Maybe you are for going natural? Remember, there are plenty of hairstyles for you if you proud of your silver locks. Once again, ask for advice from a qualified colorist.

By this age you might have enough experience to know what color or haircut suits you more. If you are not sure, believe this work to professional hairstylists. Depending on your age, head shape and hair condition they can choose hair style for you that can the best demonstrate your beauty. So, you’ll make sure looking gorgeous and stylish after 60 is easy.


Skincare products really do matter

look gorgeous after 60

The right skin care products matter as well. Many skin care products contain alcohol. When a product contains an excessive amount of alcohol, it is likely to do more harm than good. It will contribute to drying out the skin causing wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes.

As you age, you will need to change your skin care routine. Go for natural products that will help to improve your skin quality. Because with the age the skin becomes dry and sensitive as it starts to lose collagen and elastin. It’s time for you to choose organic products, skincare products that contain more collagen, antioxidants and vitamin E.

Never say you don’t need cosmetics because you are not young anymore. Your skin needs in care at any age. Here are some must-have cosmetics for women over-sixties:

1. Exfoliating cleanser.
2. Moisturizing cream.
3. Nourishing eye cream.
4. Serum with age-delaying ingredients.
5. Sunscreen cream.
6. Retinol with lower concentration.


Eat well, look better

What you eat plays a huge role. Foods that contain natural oils should be main part of your every day diet. For instance, cold water fish and avocados will help to make you look younger. Blueberries and broccoli are good source of antioxidants, while yogurt is rich in calcium. Also, nuts are very beneficial as they pack bundle of vitamins, unsaturated fats, omega-3, fibers and protein. Eat smaller portions to improve your digestion and make sure that your daily diet is packed with fruit and vegetables that top up your antioxidants.

Moreover, you need to reduce the consumption of several products that fasten ageing, contain much sugar or salt, and foods that are difficult to digest. These include alcohols, sodas and sugary beverages, caffeine, raw meat and eggs, oysters, soft cheese, unpasteurized milk.


Exercise is great

Exercise can help you look younger. Do not believe? But, that’s true! However, make sure that you choose the right kind of exercises. High impact aerobics can cause joint damage. Not only is joint damage painful, but it will cause you to walk awkwardly. Not walking in the right way will certainly make you look older.

The best exercise for the over 60’s include yoga, Tai-Chi, resistance training, and walking. Do them out in the fresh air and top up your oxygen level at the same time. Doing exercises regularly helps you not only look young, but also feel young. After trainings you will feel a burst of energy that may give you that feeling.

The Sun – friend or foe?

look gorgeous after 60

The sun is good for you as it encourages your body to produce vitamin D. Walking every day in the sun at least for 30 minutes breathing fresh air will provide you with enough vitamin D and oxygen. Also, you’ll be in a good mood for the rest of the day.

However, too much sun will cause skin damage. If you are a sun lover, use a natural sun lotion when you are out in the sun. It will help a lot when it comes to improving your skin quality.


Sleeping hours are important

Senior adults usually face problems with sleeping. They experience trouble sleeping or insomnia. And then at day time they feel apathy and easily get tired, which is not normal. American Academy of Family Physicians older adults need to sleep not less than 7 hours at night to feel rested and energetic.

Having enough sleeping hours is also important for your skin. It one of the ecrets to glowing and radiant skin. Therefore, if you have sleeping problems consult with the doctor, have a stroll before going to bed, read a book or listen to quiet music. In addition, avoid alcohols and caffeinated drinks 8 hours before sleeping time.

The secrets to look gorgeous after the age of 60 are not complicated and do not need to cost a fortune. Keep it simple and stick with using natural products. Never forget that eating the right foods and having a positive outlook on life will help a great deal as well.


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