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loss of appetite
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Do you feel that you haven’t had any appetite lately? Have you always been a food person and suddenly your appetite has disappeared and the food doesn’t appeal to you? You don’t eat well and you feel more and more tired? Of course, a temporary loss of appetite does not necessarily mean that something serious is happening, such as when a person is suffering from severe depression or has temporary hormonal disorders. However, when the appetite problem appears for no apparent reason it may gradually deteriorate our health.

Food is the basis of our health. Therefore, if you notice that you are losing your appetite and your body does not respond as it used to, it is best to go to a professional to prevent the problem from getting worse. Meanwhile, we will help you identify 15 cases of appetite loss and what it signals us about.


One of the main reasons why the vast majority of people experience loss of appetite is constant stress and worry. Although many people quite oppositely would not stop eating as the anxiety causes them an uncontrollable appetite – there are also those who lose any cravings for food. It usually happens due to the release of adrenaline and cortisol that accelerate our heartbeats and slow down the digestive system as a result.

Stress affects both our emotional and physical health why I can't eat? why I don't want to eat?
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Therefore, if you have been going through a bad time on an emotional level recently, a loss of appetite is a totally common secondary symptom. However, try not to let your emotional condition affect your health. Things can or cannot be controlled by you, thus there is no point to stress over them.

You are getting slightly ill

An incubated flu or cold can make you start feeling weaker and diminish your desire to eat. If this is the case, you don’t have to worry because it’s something totally normal that happens while our body prepares to fight a virus. When we get sick our body starts releasing a chemical called cytokine, whose main function is to make our body rest in order to better fight this new disease that has invaded us. Therefore, we feel more lethargic and our appetite decreases.


Medications may influence on your appetite and cause a loss of appetite
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There are some types of medication that can also cause progressive loss of appetites. It is often observed in those taken to treat diabetes or in broad-spectrum antibiotics. It is something normal that you should identify quickly with your physician. That way, your doctor can change the type of pills you take and put an end to the appetite problem. They may also recommend a specific diet or vitamins to get you back on the track of wellbeing.

You are pregnant

Have you noticed lately fatigue and lack of appetite? Maybe you are pregnant and don’t know about it. During the first weeks of pregnancy, it is common to experience these symptoms, which could get longer and worse throughout the first trimester. Therefore, if you are pregnant and don’t feel very hungry, don’t worry, it is totally normal.


gastroenteritis influences appetite you may lose appetite due to poor stomach conditions
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Throughout the year our body can experience all kinds of changes. As such, our stomach can develop unpleasant gastroenteritis especially during the coldest months of the year. When our whole stomach is irritated it may surely influence the appetite. During such a time, we should better keep up a soft diet to return out stomach a normal condition.

Intestinal alterations

There is a wide variety of intestinal and stomach disorders that can produce a severe loss of our appetite, without meaning that we have a really serious disease to treat such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If we are patients of any of these disorders, sooner or later we will end up feeling that our appetite disappears. But don’t worry because with the right treatment you will be able to feel good again and recover your usual eating habits.


Currently, there are millions of people who admit to suffering some kind of anxiety disorder, which have the main symptom of the lack of appetite and sleep.


Migraine can cause appetite reduction I don't want to eat why I lost my appetite
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Migraine is a very common disorder in today’s adult population that is characterized by severe and prolonged headaches. This condition, in spite of having an effective pharmacological treatment, causes sleep difficulties and lack of appetite in those who suffer.

Hormonal problems

If we suffer from thyroid problems, such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, they can cause all kinds of symptoms, among which are usually recurrent headaches, lack of appetite or excess of it, sleep disorders, fatigue and uncontrolled weight gain. Therefore, if you are a person diagnosed with a thyroid problem and you feel that your appetite has decreased a lot, don’t worry because it is common in your disease. Thankfully, there are medications already and your health will be back to normal with the right treatment.


Did you know that people over the age of fifty need to sleep and to eat less? People in their twenties and thirties have an extra need for food and sleep that disappears as they grow older. Therefore, if you are at a certain age and you see that you eat less, it is something that happens to all of us and is completely expected.


When our body does not generate enough red blood cells in the blood to carry oxygen throughout our body, we are said to suffer from Anaemia. Fatigue and lack of appetite are the main side effects that this disease has.

Fortunately, it is a very easy disorder to treat once it is properly diagnosed based on a simple pharmacological treatment that will provide us with the amount of oxygen in our blood needed to return to a normal life.


Both types I and type II diabetes are very serious diseases that need lifelong screening and treatment. One of their main symptoms is a lack of appetite. So if you are a diabetic person and feel that you are not hungry later, you will simply have to tell your doctor at the next visit and find out the best way to remedy it.

Severe Eating Disorders

With the development of serious eating disorders, such as bulimia or anorexia, the main problem is that eating makes those people feel bad about their body and therefore they try to reduce their daily food intake at all costs. In this case, the lack of appetite is more of a problem than a direct effect of the illness, so we must cure this eating disorder to prevent it from seriously affecting our health.

Cancer and Chemotherapy

Unfortunately, cancer is one of those serious diseases that generate big rates of mortality worldwide. One of the main side effects of suffering from this disease is a lack of appetite. During the course of the disease, the patient will experience all kinds of terrible symptoms that will make his or her daily life change drastically. These symptoms can include a lack of appetite and progressive weight loss as the most common and difficult to remedy.

Serious brain injury

Have you recently hit your head and not seen your doctor? Do you notice that you have less appetite and do not know why? Maybe you have an untreated brain injury that prevents you from enjoying the food? In any case, it’s best to go to the doctor asap to get a thorough check-up and find out the source of the problem.

Although the loss of appetite is not the most frequent issue that occurs in our country and worldwide, malnutrition may turn out to be quite dangerous. Our bodies have to obtain a big range of microminerals and vitamins on a constant basis to activate needed hormones and to function properly. Therefore, when you lose your appetite and don’t get enough good food, many issues may occur and deteriorate your health as a result.

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