Best Ideas for New Year’s Eve Date to Make Your Day Unforgettable

New Year's Eve date

Best Ideas for New Year’s Eve Date

New Year’s coming and with that excitement and delight too. New Year is the time for miracle and magic that we wait for whole year. What is the best thing you can do at New Year’s Eve? Of course, it is a romantic date with your beloved person. Having dinner at a restaurant, going to Times Square or having fun with fireworks – these are the traditional things that can couples do on the date. Let’s move away from traditions and look for other options that you’ll love. Here are some ideas for you for New Year’s Eve date to make your day unforgettable.


1. Dress up and dance

New Year's Eve date

How often do you wear evening dress or glitter gown? New Year is the best time to dress up. In daily life most of us prefer wearing comfortable casual clothes and minimum makeup. So, bring changes to your life on that special date and do your best to look gorgeous. Evening makeup, beautiful dress and high heels – all of them are must-have tools on that day.

Make your significant other stay charmed with your appearance. Be a queen and a king to each other, forget about all your problems and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Pleasant music and slow dance will add more romanticism to the atmosphere. No need to feel uneasy even if you don’t know to dance, at least try. If not to try at New Year, then when?


2. Moonlit boat ride

New Year's Eve date

Moonlit boat ride might be unusual to meet New Year’s Eve, however it is perfect to enjoy each other’s company. If you want to avoid urban noise, gossips and daily problems at least for a while, why not to ride on a boat. You are alone with your beloved person, around you quiet water and above you moon with stars. It is one of the best ways to arrange a romantic date.

Prepare warm blanket, hot coffee and some snacks. You can have a deep conversation, you may share your thoughts and wishes. Moreover, together you can make plans for your future life or even do a proposal. I’m sure it would be an unforgettable date that you’ll remember for a long time with smile.


3. Time to cook

“Cooking on a date?” you ask? Yes, exactly cooking. Even if it sounds strange, but you can’t imagine how great it would be. You can cook your favorite meal together and have fun during the cooking process. With cooking you not only spend time greatly, but also it is a good chance to know better each other’s eating preferences. Moreover, you or your partner can improve cooking skills. And, finally, after all your efforts it’s time to enjoy your meal. Put on the table roses and light the candles if you want to add romanticism to your dinner.


4. Riding bike together

Time for couple riding a bike! Put on your warm sweater, hat and scarf and go ahead to the most amazing ride. Take with you backpack to carry a camera and some hot chocolate. Either you ride separately or together still you may enjoy those wonderful moments. What can be better than romantic ride into the sunset.

It is a good workout for both of you, besides it is an ideal type of activity to stay positive. Long road, cold wind, darkening sky and mutual support – all of these helps to drive the romantic attraction and improve the relationship between you. In addition, during the breaks you may warm up with something hot and also take photos or video of beautiful sunset.


5. Skate on ice rink

New Year's Eve date

Winter without snow and ice is not winter, isn’t it? So, why not to arrange a New Year’s Eve date on ice rink. Skating on ice holding hands together is so romantic. Hugging each other time to time while skating for sure won’t allow to feel cold. But, anyways put on warm clothes and scarf and better if it will be pair outfit. Not only you can enjoy your skating moments, but also let others watch a cute and romantic scene.

Skating together with your significant other is way more interesting and funnier than just walking around. Therefore, even if you don’t know skating, give it a try and make your date unforgettable.


6. Have a game night

Don’t like going out on a bad or cold weather? Don’t worry, even indoors you may have great time with your beloved person. Ask how? – Prepare a lot of snacks and beverages and have a game night. Invite your friends and play together to have more fun. There are a lot of options for you: board games, role plays or computer games.

If you want to spend the night only with your beloved person, you may create different game conditions only you can do like love confession. Even at home with minimal expenditure you can have an amazing New Year’s Eve date.


7. Camp out in nature

New Year's Eve date

If you want to enjoy the whole beauty of the winter nature on New Year’s Eve date go camping to the countryside with your second half. Walk around together hand in hand breathing fresh air and, in the evening, build up a tent. It is so romantic sitting beside the campfire cuddling in the warm blanket and looking at starry sky.

Enjoy each other’s company while drinking hot tea and roasting marshmallows. Also, to make the night more fascinating you may sing a romantic song in a guitar, your beloved person will love it. Not always you’ll have such a great opportunity to date in nature, therefore, take advantage of a mild winter and don’t miss the chance to camp out together.


8. Funny photo session

Want to add some bright colors to your life, then arrange a funny photo session with your partner. New Year’s Eve is a great time for that. If possible wear funny costumes or pair clothes, or you may do a thematic photo session. In a studio with professional photographer and corresponding decorations you will get high quality photos. Also, you may hold a photo session outside and get nice photos with snow, trees, city lights or fireworks. Give room to your fantasies and make your date unforgettable.

In stead of professional photographer, you may also ask help from your friends. A warm friendly atmosphere will help you to relax and have more fun. Funny photo session is one of the best ways to be closer to your significant other and express your love.

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