Eggshell as source of calcium and minerals

Eggshell as a source of natural calcium and minerals, eggshell powder consumption
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Every time when we cook something to eat using eggs we receive eggshells as a waste. Few people ask themselves what it can be used for? What do we know about it? Let’s try to analyze the chemical composition of a shell and have a look into the past if there were any ways our ancestors used to make use of it. We are to decide is an eggshell a food waste or a source of natural calcium and microelements for our bodies.

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In our days, it’s no surprise for anyone to know that the lack of calcium, especially in the bones, is one of the most common metabolic disorders. Eggshell is an ideal source of calcium, which our organism absorbs with ease. From ancient times, healers have used the power of eggshells in their various therapeutic operations.

So, what is a calcium deficiency?

Some of few examples are when children’s teeth don’t grow well, or rickets develop. For elderly people, a lack of calcium in the body is accompanied by the curvature of the spine, brittle bones, and teeth deterioration.
In addition, people who suffer from calcium metabolism disorder are more susceptible to colds and allergic diseases, herpes on the lips, and decreased resistance to radioactive actions. Calcium metabolism disorders sometimes lead to anaemia. Pregnant women are especially sensitive to a lack of calcium in the body.

Why eggshells are better than calcium supplements?

It’s quite often that attempts to correct calcium metabolism disorders with drugs such as calcium chloride, chalk or gypsum proved ineffective. The reason is that human bodies don’t absorb drugs as effective as we may expect.

As long as eggshell comes to be one of the natural sources of calcium, it is one of the most important minerals for the human body. It is extremely important to ensure that the child receives this mineral and in a proper amount from an early age. However, if we want to get an expected effect we should know how to take eggshells in properly. So, to make a correct conclusion concerning this unique and at the same time outstandingly popular product we need to have a precise glance at its chemical architecture.


The basis of the eggshell is calcium carbon dioxide, accounting for 90-95%. If we compare calcium from eggshells with calcium synthesized artificially the first one is much safer and easier to be absorbed as it is balanced by nature itself. It is also important to admit that the eggshell in its composition is similar to human bones and teeth. Therefore it is especially useful for young children whose bodies actively grow and require minerals constantly. It also contains water, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, organic compounds in various proportions and around 1% of amino acids. Most of these substances
are easily digested by the human body.

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The useful properties of the abovementioned elements for the human body are really extensive. In certain cases, the consumption of eggshell powder can strengthen the bones, promote growth and development of the skeleton, prevent digestive system failure, help regulate the pressure, resist allergies and strengthen immunity. Neither we should forget about silicon and molybdenum which also take part in eggshell chemical composition. These elements are extremely important to our body for a normal course of biochemical reactions.


The experimental introduction of shredded chicken eggshells into the food showed their high therapeutic activity. Specialists observed no side effects including bacterial contamination. Here we should admit that we are talking about chicken eggs! The shell of duck eggs is amenable to insections what makes it not suitable to use.

It is especially useful to add the eggshell powder into young children’s meals as the most intense process of bone formation requires an uninterrupted flow of calcium into the body. The eggshell powder included in children’s nutrition prevents rickets and anemia which usually develops in parallel with rickets. In addition, eggshell components promote the activation of hematopoiesis in bone tissue.

Studies carried out on this issue have also shown the accelerated healing effect of eggshells consumption in orthopedic diseases such as congenital hip dislocation or osteoporosis (bone softening). Both children and adults can benefit from shell therapy for nail and hair brittleness, bleeding gums, constipation, irritability, insomnia, hay fever, asthma and urticaria.


So, let us discuss how we can make eggshell suitable for consumption. To tell the truth, the method of its preparation and consumption is very simple.

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First of all, you should wash the shell with warm water and soap, then rinse it well. In most cases, the shells of chicken eggs do not require special sterilization. However, if you intend to give it to small children, you should put the eggshell in boiling water for 5 minutes. The eggshell powder becomes less effective if you cook from the boiled eggs as some useful elements simply get washed out. At the same time, the process of boiling reduces the risk of salmonellosis. As an alternative, you can apply microwave drying instead of boiling for disinfection.

Next, you need to grind the shells. You can do it with a mortar, blender, or coffee grinder. The smaller the particles, the better the absorption of calcium from this product. The final output is a powder from the shells which can be given to children.

Next, we make the natural calcium, containing in the powder active and ready for consumption. For that, pour about 20 grams of lemon juice or citric acid into the powder. Then mix it up well. As a result, you receive easily digestible calcium citrate.


An average dose for an adult is 1.5 to 9 grams daily, depending on age. Some individuals take it in with their morning meal. Others recommend taking it in twice a day, on a course basis lasting two weeks or several times a year in particular cases.

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When you give the eggshell powder to little children, under three years old, you should be twice careful. Pediatricians recommend giving no more than 1 gram of powder a day for little kids. It is also vitally important to control the intake of vitamin D during calcium saturation. Otherwise, the substance in its pure form will be useless for a child.

Elderly people should undertake egg-shell therapy at least twice a year. It may help to prevent spinal diseases, dental caries, and osteoporosis.

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What’s more, the eggshell powder is an excellent withdrawal of radionuclides. It can be effectively used in areas of radioactive contamination. Regular use of eggshell products prevents the accumulation of nuclei strontium in the bone marrow.




You should find a glass jar with a tightly closed lid to store the prepared powder. Don’t store the powder in plastic bags, as it can absorb extraneous odors. Be aware that many experts recommend using pharmacy preparations to prevent calcium deficiency because the shell of eggs can sometimes be a source of infections if not disinfected properly.

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